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  3. German is a hard language to pronounce, from the individual sounds to those crazy long compound nouns. Even individual words can feel like a straight up tongue twister! But don't be intimidated. You can master the hardest German words to pronounce—and in doing so, you'll become much more comfortable with German pronunciation in general

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German words look very scary because we write them all together, but they're pronounced just like compound words in other languages. E.g. Waschmaschine breaks down into Wasch and maschine which you can probably guess means washing machine. Even though the words are smooshed together, you're still pronouncing separate syllables German is (in)famous for its long words. Speaking properly in German gives a lot of satisfaction, but it is undoubtedly a hard language to learn for foreigners. This time we propose a list of ten of the hardest German words to pronounce without making mistakes. There aren't many phonetic rules in German, but the fact [ Pronounced (Roentgen) While getting an x-ray can certainly be a nightmare for anyone, just having to pronounce the German word for it, röntgen, is bound to cause any non-native speaker a few sleepless nights. In this case, you can blame Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the doctor who patented the process in the late 19th century If you have a friend who does not speak German, chances are that you already made them say: Strreeich (CH!)hooolzschäääch (CH!)telcheen [ˈʃtʁaɪ̯ç.hɔl (t)sˌʃɛç.təl.çən]. This is a nasty tongue..


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Culture 10 German words non-Germans can't pronounce. There's no doubt about it, German can be a challenge for language learners. With four cases, the grammar is tricky - but the pronunciation can. The 'zh' sound in words such as 'pleasure' and 'measure' is often difficult for native Germans to pronounce. The result is often a break in the middle of the word which makes it sound more like..

Lehrer - hardest word to pronounce (so far) So I don't have much trouble with the r in words like sprechen fröhlich or rot I think because in those examples there is something before the r generating wind, so to speak One of the biggest challenges facing people who are trying to learn English as a second language is the thought that, there are so many hard English words to pronounce! What makes a word hard to pronounce? Often times the difficult words to pronounce for non-native English speaker German also has consistent verb tenses and only one present and past verb, which is a big help. Of course, German has a rough reputation when it comes to pronunciation and unfortunately it's got four noun case endings. Not to mention that compound words are likely to freak you once in a while I think it depends on your L1 phonology. If you are used to fricatives (palatal or alveolar), you'll have no problem with Streichholzschächtelchen or its extension to tscherkassisches or tschuktschen-kamtschatkasches Streichholzschächtelchen. If y..

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On the other hand, some words are so commonly mispronounced that the correct pronunciation sounds downright strange. Don't feel bad if you've been mispronouncing some of these tricky words. A living language like English evolves and thrives precisely because it is spoken every day Hard german words to pronounce Tops von Top- Marken - Jetzt online bei VAN GRAA . Top-Auswahl an hochwertiger Mode, Schuhen & Accessoires von über 250 Trendmarke ; The German language has a reputation for being hard to pronounce, but, to be fair, it's somewhat undeserved. It might sound strange at first, but German has very The 10 Hardest German Words to Pronounce! FULL video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVDD7dyU1uc MORE VIDEOS on Youtube Hardest German words to pronounce? I know a biggie: Streichholzschächtelchen. Source(s): hardest german words pronounce: https://tr.im/EFlPO. 0 0. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Sign in. Mary. Lv 4. 5 years ago Sixth, successful, and scissors, are just a few examples of the hardest words to pronounce in English. Learning English as a second language is hard: between confusing verb conjugations and seemingly random grammar rules, even native English speakers get things wrong a lot of the time. This goes for pronunciation too

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  1. Bet you didn't think 'genre' would make this list. Here are some difficult Swedish words and our advice on getting them right
  2. The post 20 of the Hardest Words to Spell in the English Language appeared first on Reader's Digest. was named after esteemed German botanist Leonhard Fuchs. that people pronounce the word.
  3. When we asked which English words that were hardest to pronounce, this one came up a lot! Gurcan, one of our agents who is originally from Istanbul, chose this as one of the most difficult words to pronounce in English. It doesn't help that Americans and British people pronounce the word totally differently! American pronunciation: Sk-wir
  4. The most difficult words to pronounce in the English language revealed - as well as the world's favourite English tongue-twisters. the German word for squirrel, was used as a shibboleth to.
  5. The post 10 of the Hardest English Words to Pronounce, According to Non-Native Speakers appeared first on Reader's Digest. msn back to msn home lifestyle powered by Microsoft New

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Super long German words are like soup. The kind of soup where you have a tree, a house, a submarine and a railroad beaten up and mixed into a combination that is harder to pronounce than Rumpelstiltskin's surname The most difficult German word for me to pronounce is 'rechtschreibung', which means 'spelling'. Flag this comment Skylander , Cambridge / Augsburg 2011-05-1 German to some (depending on their background) can be a challenging language to learn. To start, pronunciation of words can be tricky for those who haven't been exposed to the language. German is world-famous for its unbelievably long compound words. However, the length of a word isn't necessarily proportional to its tongue-twisting capacity German swear words often sound strong, harsh and work quite well when conveying one's anger or frustration. While French and Spanish swear words are particularly colorful, German swear words colors shine in its specific, intense phrasing. Today, we'll introduce you to some of the more common German words The German letter 'c' is considered the hardest to spell for English speakers.That is due to the letter combination 'ch', which forms sounds that don't have any equivalent in the English language. Single 'C' In German you'll rarely run into a 'c' that isn't followed by an 'h' except in foreign words.If that 'c' is followed by an 'ä', 'e', 'i', or 'ö', it's pronounced as a 'ts' sound (for.

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Today, the true value of a learned language is higher than ever before. So, when you decide to learn a new language, don't let these hard words to pronounce discourage you. 20 Long and Hard Words to Pronounce 1. Ancient Greek: 183 letters. The comic playwright Aristophanes created this amazing word, which is the longest recorded word by Guinness And that goes a long way toward explaining the name and its pronunciation: It's derived directly from the German word, these are the hardest words to pronounce in the English l anguage Another hard-to-pronounce word that refers to a hard-to-explain figure of speech, synecdoche refers to using a part of something to refer to a whole (e.g. all hands on deck). With this word, you want to pay extra attention to its final syllables; you need to use a k sound, rather than a ch sound like the spelling might lead you to believe Whenever a Swiss German gets asked about the most difficult to pronounce word in their language, the answer is Chuchichäschtli. Now, you might wonder what this magical word actually means. Now, you might wonder what this magical word actually means

The 10 most difficult words to pronounce in the English language . For more than two weeks, users of the online social platform reddit submitted the words they considered to be the hardest English words to pronounce. After more than 5000 submissions, these were the top 10 words the world decided were too hard to pronounce. 'Squirrel. German Words of Politeness. Politeness costs nothing but gains everything. So don't forget to use these basic German words of politeness during a conversation. These words will help you feel more confident and make a good first impression. If you want to say Thank you! in German, use these phrases: Danke! [daŋkə] — Thank you. German words and French words - which are easier to learn? The German language is a West Germanic language just like English and historically the two have a lot in common in terms of vocabulary, pronunciation and even grammar. But many of these things have changed during the last ten centuries

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Welcome to the Top 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce in German. Let's do this! ähnlich similar Ich sehe meinem Bruder ähnlich. I look similar to my brother. And in the ähnlich, the CH, which you kind of pronounce it here, CH, and I always explain it as the snake-like *hiss* So, ähnlich. das Eichhörnchen squirrel Yeah this one is very. Brace yourself: The hardest French word to pronounce is the word for locksmith - serrurerie. It was the most commonly repeated response. It was the most commonly repeated response

For correcting your pronunciation of the most difficult words in English for non-native speakers to pronounce it really helps to have a good understanding of all the vowels in English. Revise all the vowels in English with the video below. This will help you understand which vowels are needed when you look up words in the IPA in the dictionary Apparently 'ołówek' is especially difficult for German speakers, but it wouldn't be surprising if English, French or Spanish speaking countries struggled with it too. The word means 'pencil' and many have been wondering why Polish people came up with something so difficult to pronounce for something so simple. 10. Trzcin

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The most difficult words to pronounce in the English language revealed - as well as the world's favourite English tongue-twisters. A hugely popular Reddit thread reveals the words non-native. 8 German Words You'll Struggle To Pronounce (If You're No One of the most problematic aspects of documenting words from audio is deciphering words that may be mispronounced due to being difficult for foreigners and even English-speaking Americans. That's one of the many reasons to hire translation services that can do the work for you. Here are 20 English words that commonly cause pronunciation problems Here's a breakdown of the hardest words to pronounce. Shorter or longer, there are words in English the burden of which is just too heavy for most learners. Here's a breakdown of the hardest words to pronounce. Home; 101 Must-know German Medical Words for German Learners before Seeing a Doctor

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German's not-so-silent letters. When you first start learning German, as an English speaker, you are going to want to keep following our rules for silent letters. But the Germans prefer for their letters to make noise. Here are some places where you might get tripped up. Remember to listen to Jens pronounce the example words 10 more words that are hard to pronounce video script. Hello everyone. I'm Vicki and I'm British. And I'm Jay and I'm American. And we're back with another 10 words that are hard to pronounce in British and American English. Thank you to everyone who has told us about words you find hard to pronounce. Yeah, that was great. Let's get. Most informed people prefer the more German-like pronunciation nay-ander-TALL. That's because Neanderthal is a German word and German does not have the th sound of English the. The Neandertal (the alternate English or German spelling) is a valley (Tal) named for a German by the name of Neumann (new man). The Greek form of his name is Neander

The automotive world is full of foreign words. Italians, Germans, French and all the rest came up with stuff that had to be translated to English. Now, it only takes a little effort to learn the. Thinking of that video where it's like English words my French dad struggles to pronounce and he comes up on flabbergasted and he says something along the lines of blastafagget Oachkatzl in Austrian German, also known as one of the hardest words for foreign people to pronounce. 9 One of the most difficult things non-French speakers all agree on when learning French is the pronunciation. You'll often hear French learners grumbling about: how to pronounce the letter u's and the r's, how to let the French words roll off the tongue without sounding funny, an Want to learn the top 10 hardest Japanese words to pronounce? In this FREE JapanesePod101 lesson, you learn Japanese words and phrases, and get audio lessons. Hallo, Pooh, you're just in time for a little smackerel of something. Learn Japanese in the fastest, easiest and most fun way In a bid to minimise confusion, here are the 10 hardest to pronounce Irish surnames, and how to pronounce them phonetically. You're welcome! 10. Keogh. Keogh is a common Irish last name with variants such as Kehoe. The name derives from the Gaelic language and can be translated to mean horse

Top 5 Hard-to-Pronounce Words. Pronunciation in Russian can be a nightmare, first of all because there are some exceptions which you just have to learn by heart. Secondarily, some features of Russian language make it harder to know how to pronounce a word On a recent Reddit thread, users weighed in with the English words they found toughest to pronounce. More than 5,500 people posted, sharing words and offbeat pronunciations, personal stories and. Echt is another German word used in English.AnonymousAnonymous jnana That does not make sense. It looks like gibberish.Jnana is a word of Sanskrit origin used in English. the hardest word to pronounce is eleemosynary it was in my spelling bee and ii won. Jan 23 2016 17:41:07

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It's not hard to pronounce - but the pronunciation is not the same as in English. The Icelandic J is pronounced like the English Y. Icelandic is not the only language that has a habit of combining words into a longer one, this is also prominent in German, such as in the word 'kugelschreiber' (Icelandic: kúlupenni, English: ball-pen. List of Difficult Words to Pronounce for Non Native English Speakers. Rural - characteristic of the countryside rather than the town Otorhinolaryngologist - a specialist in the disorders of the ear or nose or throat (one of the most difficult English words to say) Colonel - a rank of officer in the army and in the US air forc 8. Do German Pronunciation Exercises. There are plenty of German pronunciation exercises you can try. Here are a few ideas that are easy, cheap, and fun to practice your German pronunciation: Read out loud: Get a German book, article, blog, or shampoo bottle, and read the words out loud. Every word you learn how to pronounce can get you closer. German Pronunciation app teaches you how to pronounce German text, words and or phrases properly. German pronunciation: learn to speak German, speak it right! This app includes a set of recommended pronunciation guide/lessons, explanations, examples, exercises and videos

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As in every language, there are some words in the German language that have been germanized and didn't belong to the German language in the first place. It is a little bit more difficult to pronounce these, as often there is no clear rule for them. Pronunciation of these words can be germanized, or they are mostly left in their original form If You Can Pronounce These 9 Words, You've Lived In Pennsylvania For Far Too Long. Pennsylvania boasts plenty of difficult-to-pronounce (and maybe even harder to spell) places and words that even some Pennsylvanians might struggle over. But if we native and long-term Pennsylvanians have difficulty pronouncing some words, imagine what a. The best way to learn German pronunciation is by starting with the alphabet. Once you've mastered each letter, you'll be able to pronounce almost every word. You can read my in-depth guide to German pronunciation here. The most difficult letter to get right is the trilled 'R' but even this sound is pretty manageable with a little practice I would be really interested in making a list of words that people have found hard to pronounce in their respective foreign language, be it AE, BE, or Deutsch. For example, I've met very few Germans who can pronounce 5/6ths or widths correctly, and it's going to be a very long time before I can say absichtlich or möchte without stumbling Probably the easiest way to learn how to pronounce the title would be to ask a German speaker. Ys: The Ark of Napishtim The series began in 1987 and The Ark of Napishtim was released in 2003

Speak to your German friends, have them say the words and repeat them. Try to spot the new German words in movies and song lyrics. Record yourself with your smartphone and compare it with native German recordings. Get Familiar With the Alphabet and how to Pronounce Each Letter. As a native German, I will try my best to explain each letter The German Consonant 't' . The German consonant 't' is pronounced in a similar manner to its English equivalent, although slightly less air is released in its articulation. In both languages, the sound is an alveolar plosive, which means that it is made with the blade of the tongue pressing against the alveolar ridge Reddit user, JustATreeNut, asked Reddit: What's the hardest English word to pronounce. It seems that there are thousands of words which cause people a hell of a lot trouble. The top ten words included (and you have to say them aloud!): 1. Worcestershire (apparently said: wuss-ter-sheer) 2. Specific (I think everyone has troubles with that) 3 The German word Kaff refers to a small, unimportant village where nothing of note ever happens. In other words: a one-horse town, backwater or hicksville. There is some dispute whether this word actually came via Yiddish from the Hebrew word for village - kfar (כָּפָר) or not perhaps from the Romani gav (village)

The sound ch makes in German is one of those that is difficult to produce for an English speaker, because it doesn't naturally occur in English. Here are a few pointers to help you figure out how to pronounce ch words. 1. Soft-ch after: i, e, ä, ü, ö, ei, ai, eu, ä The 31 Most Hard-to-Pronounce Words in the English Language. this intimidating-looking German noun that often pops up in essays and books refers to enjoyment derived from others' misfortunes For most English speakers, the most difficult sounds in German are R and CH. They come in multiple varieties: They come in multiple varieties: R at the end of a word or syllable : this is not always given in textbooks or dictionary pronunciations, but most native speakers pronounce a terminal r very weakly; it's more of an uh sound that.

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Note: True Irish pronunciation is hard to replicate in English, not least because Irish has so many local variations and uses several sounds not normally found in English It's actually not that hard to pronounce and reads like chaAnd-nee. 17. Imogen. The first recorded use of this name was by none other than William Shakespeare but, other than that, it's of unknown etymology. It is thought to be a play on the word innogen, a Celtic word meaning maiden or girl. 18. Aquat In words with NG the combination is pronounced like the final ng in the English words sing, following, etc. There is no hard G sound. Examples: Hoffnung, Klange. In words ending in IG the G is pronounced like (German) ch. Examples: ruhig, lusti Hi!I was just a new reader of your website ma'am/sir.I appreciate the 50 difficult words to Pronounce but I took it easy.I let it read unto my friends,and they say it was the hard to read for them.I really appreciate the words.I hope many children would read your website for them,to learn and help their vocubulary.Thank you

10 hardest French words to pronounce #french #france #10 really long German words that are impossible toThe most difficult words to pronounce in the EnglishLearn German | Basic German words | German for beginners

How To Pronounce The Most Difficult English Sounds Correctly. the term Singlish has been coined to more precisely describe their unique dialect and pronunciation of certain words (i.e., W and V are often used interchangeably by German and Indian English speaker It's easy to mispronounce words and phrases in English. Check out the 100 most often mispronounced words and phrases, along with the correct pronunciations of each word How To Pronounce The Word Dachshund 'Dachshund' is a German word made up of the two words 'dachs' and 'hund'. To get the hang of the pronunciation, break it into two separate words: 'dachs' (pronounced 'dax') and 'hund' (pronounced 'hoont' or 'huhnt' (it's more of an 'uh' sound than an 'oo') The 10 hardest to pronounce Irish first names, Ranked. 10 Irish girl names nobody can pronounce. Top 10 Irish boy names that nobody can pronounce. 10 Irish First Names You Rarely Hear Anymore. Top 20 Irish Baby Boy Names That'll Never Go Out of Style. Read about Irish Surnames The 10 most popular Irish surnames worldwid Welcome to the second part of this series of articles about the most difficult French words to pronounce. We asked the Talk in French community what are the French words that they are having a hard time saying And here are the results. If you haven't seen it yet, there is also a part 1 which can be found here, as well as parts 3 and 4

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