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Best PC Antivirus Review. Is Security Essentials Best Antivirus 2021? Protect Your Computer From Viruses & Malware. Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Antivirus Surfing the Web is Not What it used to be. Don't Let Your Data be passed to 3rd Parties. Take back Your Online Privacy with ExpressVPN. 100% Anonymous. Bypass Any Censorshi How to Choose and Answer Security Questions. Posted on July 11th, 2017 by Kirk McElhearn. To help you keep your online accounts safe, most web and cloud services have you answer a number of security questions. You are asked a few things that you know, and that you can remember—such as your first pet's name, or your mother's maiden name. Choose new security questions and answers and select Continue. See our tips for choosing security questions and keeping your account secure. After you reset your security questions, you might want to set up two-factor authentication instead. It's the best way to keep your account secure, and you won't need to remember any security questions

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Security questions can be less secure than other methods because some people might know the answers to your questions. Note Security questions are stored privately and securely on a user object in the directory and can only be answered by you during registration A good security question should have a fixed answer, meaning that it won't change over time. A good example of a security question with a stable answer: What is your oldest cousin's first name? This example works because the answer never changes. Note: Questions like this one might not apply to all users

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Forgot my previous security answers of the questions. My iPhone incoming calls received but outgoing calls not activated.my iPhone 4s unlocked. Please unlocked for security revise questions to answers. Google user. recommended this. Original Poster. Sabrina Trefren. marked this as an answer If password recovery is enabled, but you have not set the answers to the questions, it keeps sending you back to the beginning of the process because you can't answer the questions. If the standard factory password ( password ) does not work, then you will have to factory reset the thing to get back to that The security questions asked will vary each time you request your credit report. The questions are multiple choice and may ask you to recall information such as the name of a lender, the date an account was opened, the monthly payment on an account, or a previous address used to receive mail Hi i answer the security questions and I believe I answer the right ones but they say it was incorrect. I need your help and I'm ready to sign my documents

It's a good idea to update your security questions and answers frequently. If you forget your password, you can sign in by answering your security questions. It's important to keep your user ID contact email up to date. That way, if you forget your password, we can send you a temporary password by email If you do not have any of these documents then you may be asked to answer additional security questions. If this is not possible then Gov.UK Verify is an alternate method to confirm your identity. Regards, Posted Mon, 14 Sep 2020 11:33:26 GMT by Amgad Mansour. Hello, I have a different situation that every time I am trying to confirm my. Some websites force you to set up multiple security questions and answers, which means you can't just choose a single answer that's easy to remember — you have to choose several different questions and remember all the answers. The real problem with security questions is that the answers are so obvious Time To Kill Security Questions—or Answer Them With Lies (wired.com) Crack the Security Question Code: 5 Tips for Creating the Most Secure Online Passwords (mensjournal.com) Use Fake Answers to Online Security Questions (lifehacker.com) What You Should Do. Create nonsense answers to security questions In the Security section, click Edit. If you already have security questions, you'll be asked to answer them before you continue. Forgot the answers? Click Change Questions. If you need to set them up, click Add Security Questions. Choose your new security questions, then enter the answers. Add and verify a rescue email address

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Featured Answer. Natasha R. Facebook Help Team . Hi Aeindra, If you don't have access to your email or password, you may be able to get back into your Facebook account by answering a security question, using an alternate email address listed on your account or getting help from friends. Learn how in our Help Center Check what you can do if You can reset your Facebook password because of no longer access to the email or mobile phone number. Now check some tips you can try and get. The questions have no impact on your credit rating.) Answer each question, then click Continue. [You may also be asked to verify ownership of your phone. Follow the prompts to receive a text or voice message, and enter any code provided.] 6. If your answers were correct, your identity is verified

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  1. Thanks for Reading. This page is part of the free online guide: The Sleepy Girl Guide to Social Security Disability . Art on this page by Robin Mead and Elizabeth D'Angelo.. Page Updated: 10/1/19 To get daily updates on helpful disability services, and low income programs, follow us on Facebook: The Sleepy Girl Guide. Please comment below with stories, ideas.
  2. A detailed and descriptive answer to this question can be quite helpful in winning your claim, especially if the ALJ is on the fence about how to decide your case. For example, if you used to go to church every weekend, garden, walk the dog, or play cards with friends, and you can no longer enjoy these activities, tell this to the ALJ
  3. Knowing how to keep your data safe comes very handy. Security questions, for example, complement your password-security by adding a layer of it to fortify your data storage. Thus, with a security question, before logging into your information, one is hit with a 2-step verification process - i.e. password and security question
  4. Mojang accounts use security questions to further protect your account from unauthorized use. When you create a Mojang account, you will be asked to set answers to three questions. Please put in correct answers to the questions so that you will remember them, as you may need them later. Answers are not case-sensitive. Frequently asked questions
  5. If you don't know the password or the security questions, the only option back in is to factory reset the router and redo the initial setup. to factory reset, push and hold the reset button while its powered on for 7-15 seconds. the lights will change when held long enough

E-mail questions and answers. What is e-mail? How to stop spam. Help my e-mail address was hacked. Can a web page get my e-mail address or personal information? E-mail help and support. Internet questions and answers. What is the Internet? How do I enable, disable, view, or delete Internet cookies? How to delete autocomplete history If you cannot access your account (for example because you don't know the password), the Account Support Form can help you to get back access to your account. Please start by entering your account name - that is your email address - and follow the next steps - if you don't have all the information, you can continue with another option by selecting Try another way or I don't have my phone etc Usually, you can easily recover Yahoo password with the security questions. However, if you forgot Yahoo password and security question, you will need to recover yahoo password using Email address or mobile number. 1. Forgot Password and Security Question? Use Email Adress Recovery; 2. Forgot Password and Security Question? Use Phone Number.

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User Settings > Password & Security. Clicking the Settings button in the Two-step verification options section. If you have forgotten your password or your security answer, please follow the instructions below to reset them. These reset steps apply to users who have set up a security question as their only two-step verification method Correct Answer: can someone help me , i cant access my account as i forgot my security question answer [edited subject line for clarity AARP's Social Security Question and Answer Tool can offer practical and comprehensive information about how the program works and when to apply. The tool can also help clarify eligibility requirements and provide answers to questions on disability, survivor, spousal and family benefits in an easy to understand manner

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Simply use the same security question and answer for all of your online accounts. That's what you would do anyway if you provided the real answer(s) to the question(s)! Bottom line: Choosing a completely false and non-relevant answer is a great way to make your security questions virtually impossible to guess The user is presented with the security question(s). If the answer is correct, the user can enter a new password. How to Use Security Questions¶ Storing Answers¶ The answers to security questions may contain personal information about the user, and may also be re-used by the user between different applications

Click Security Question & Answer section.; Specify the number of administrator-defined questions to be asked during the identity verification process. For instance, if you set the administrator-defined question as 2 and have defined those two questions by clicking the Edit Questions link, users will now be required to answer those questions to verify their identity TThis means you have tried too many times to answer your security questions. You are locked out for 8 hours at this point. Once you are able to get back in go to iforgot.apple.com. enter in your Apple ID and click next it will ask you what you want to reset. Choose security question, then follow the prompts The security question is the given name of my mother's mother, I don't remember I answered this question when I field the form, I entry the answer they always shows that the answer is incorrect. I already paid for the application and I can't lose the $160 or start over another application DS160 because I would have to pay again Type an answer. Repeat steps No. 7 and 8 to complete the remaining security questions.; Click the Finish button.; Once you've completed the steps, if you ever forget your password, you can quickly. Security questions and answers also enable you to reset your information yourself. What do I need to know? Typically, you'll set up your security questions when you open your account. If you choose not to set up security questions at that time, you'll be prompted to do so the next time you log in

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How do I set up my security questions and answers? Setting up your security questions and answers is a simple two-step process that takes only a few minutes to complete. Step 1: Choose 3 personal security questions and their corresponding unique answers. Step 2: Register up to ten personal computers so that our system will recognize that you. Security question: Name of your pet Security answer: x#jgW-0syhF0h\we&Hp2Vn^KQdZBUb5v Indeed, seems odd to choose a nice 32 character password and a plain — true moreover - answer to a recovery question. One of those things in life as idiot as asking a user if his age entitles him/her to continue In my experience, in information security, the question is more important than the answer. Asking the right questions allows us to approach information security analytically and logically. We need to be able to formulate precise, targeted, incisive queries to hone in on the most relevant data while minimizing time spent with data that are. Preferences - User Preferences - Security Questions. Security Questions. How do the security questions work? To help further protect your business online, we'll ask you to select four questions to answer. On occasion, we'll simply ask you to answer one of these questions as an extra verification of your identity as you log on

Never duplicate an answer to a security question. Although you may be asked to provide the answers to nearly identical questions across multiple accounts, don't use the same answers, or variations on one answer. How You Can Implement These Changes in Your Own Accounts Reset your security questions from iforgot.apple.com. So, if you are one of us more forgetful iFolk, we have some tips and tricks just for you. If you forgot the answers to your Apple ID security questions, resetting your security questions is fairly painless by using Apple's site iforgot.apple.com Security questions and answers create an additional authentication layer on your My Account profile. To sign in, you need a user name and a password. However, to ensure your information is completely secure, the CRA may sometimes require you to answer a security question

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Security questions need to protect customers from information theft inside a call centre. It is important that staff only have access to data they need in order to do their job, including the answers to security questions Best answer: Hi, The only people who can help you are Gmail. Here is the link to gmail support website. On the other hand, if you have not used your Gmail account for over 30 days, it may have been deleted. You must then create a new one,.. One possible answer is drawing out a basic network architecture with its IPS/IDS, firewalls, and other security technologies to describe the type of traffic and other signs of compromise. This is the sort of answer you'll need to tackle in order to resolve network security interview questions. 14 Top Questions About Social Security. Find answers to common questions about Social Security, including retirement and disability benefits, how to get, replace, or correct your Social Security card, and more

Security Question - Account - The Elder Scrolls Online Updated 04/16/2021 11:04 AM If you have forgotten the answer to your Security Question, you will need to fill out this form to recover your account First, answer your security questions. Guess you can't do that one! Second, send a password to your secondary email you defined for your account. If you have chosen your email address you can't currently get into I guess that one is out too. Lastly send the password by snail mail to your billing address.. If you don't want to answer security questions when creating a user account, you can enable or disable security questions in Windows 10. Starting from Windows 10 v1803, Microsoft made it mandatory to set security questions for local user accounts.When you forget the user account password, these security questions will help you reset the password

The Social Security administrator will typically have several pages of questions to be asked. And if you are answering on behalf of another person (a dependent or other person who is unable to answer for himself), you are faced with the difficulty of answering questions correctly The Account Security Question (ASQ) is a question and answer combination that you create to protect your privacy. Having an ASQ for your AOL account gives you additional protection. It also helps AOL verify your identity when you sign in to secure sites such as bill.aol.com. To change or rest your ASQ: 1 Yahoo email account is so simple to use and manage on various devices. Whether you are using this email account on your personal laptop or mobile device but still you are free to use it simply with the correct email address and password. But somet.. Now you can set or create new security questions for your user account. Select 3 new security questions and enter their answers. At last click on Finish button. That's it. You have successfully set or created security questions for your user account. Also Check: [Tip] Disable Security Questions Requirement for Local User Accounts in Windows 1

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  1. I definitely want to make sure that you know how you can reset your security question for your My Verizon account, silvalcbba. To clarify, the only way to accomplish this is to unregister your My Verizon account and then re-register it. We're happy to help with unregistering. Please check the Private Note we have sent. RyanM_VZ
  2. How to Add or Update Security Questions for Local Account in Windows 10 Starting with Windows 10 build 17063, Microsoft added the use of security questions to local accounts in Windows 10. Security questions will provide an extra layer of protection for your local account in case you forget your password
  3. Learn the common phrases you need to check in at an airport in English and the typical questions you'll be asked.For example: Where are you flying to today?.
  4. Since awkward or clumsy answers could also be read as a red flag, you can improve your chances by practicing answers to common interview questions ahead of time. Here, to get you started is a sampling of interview questions that you're likely to hear during a job interview for a security guard position
  5. En español | You can file for any type of Social Security benefit by phone at 800-772-1213 or in person at your local Social Security office.For retirement, spousal and disability benefits, you can also apply online. [Editor's note: Local Social Security offices are currently closed to walk-in visits due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  6. Yes, the seller has merely suggested a Security Question and Answer. If you, as the sender of the Interac e-Transfer ®, are not comfortable with this Security Question and Answer, please create a different Security Question and Answer. Then contact the seller and tell him/her the new Security Question and Answer
  7. There are many online resources about Social Security, so it is important that you come to us as the first place for answers. You can find many of the answers about our programs and services on our Frequently Asked Questions page.We feature our most-asked questions at the top of the page to help you find answers to the most common questions quickly, like

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  1. How to answer the question of Why Cant You Work when dealing with a Social Security Disability Claims process in your application for Social Security
  2. Important Security Information: Always keep your security questions and answers confidential - don't share them with anyone. Scotiabank will never ask you to confirm these questions or answers by telephone, fax or email. For more information, visit our FAQs page
  3. 3. On the Verification Questions screen, select a security question from each of the three question drop-down menus. For each question, type an answer into the corresponding answer field. The answers to these three questions are not case sensitive. When you are finished, click the Submit button. 4
  4. Once your Security Question is set the only way to change it is by contacting Customer Service and speaking with a representative. In order to change it, you must know the answer that is given. Customer Service will not change it or give you the answer if you do not know it.. Viewing your Security Question

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  1. Interesting article, but so often people forget the false answers they give to these security questions. Then they fail a password reset challenge, and ultimately lose access to an important account
  2. Specifically, not to require answers to security questions if the customer opts out. Let the consumer choose security levels! Reply. Sander says. December 30, 2020 at 4:46 pm. Just bought my first Iphone 12. I had an apple account from 15 years ago. So I used that because I bought movies and music on that account
  3. See more: http://www.ehow.com/tech
  4. 17 Security Guard Interview Questions + Answers. 1. Why do you want this role? This is your chance to explain to the interviewer your interest in applying. I enjoy working as a security guard as it is a dynamic role that allows me to feel that I am offering my services in doing something that matters and helps others. 2
  5. Don't Claim Social Security If You Can't Answer These 3 Questions Filing for benefits is a decision you can't afford to botch, so make sure you know what you're getting into

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Last month I discussed what to expect across the interview processes after you have been selected as a potential candidate. Now I would like to provide additional detail regarding the types of questions you should be fully prepared to discuss during those interviews, other than the obvious ones that deal with your technical or operational knowledge required for the position Resetting Security Questions You can reset your security questions from your Mojang account , and instructions will be sent to the email registered to your Mojang account. If you do not get the reset security questions email, please check our list of reasons why you Cannot receive Mojang system emails Learn how to change the security question and answer for your Xfinity Voice service. Xfinity For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript

Download our free Security Questionnaire Guide, a comprehensive .pdf ebook with examples of common security questions. The title, structure, and length of these surveys vary widely. You might see them called a few different names, like a Third-Party Assessment Questionnaire. Or called a Vendor Cybersecurity Assessment 3. In Security Questions, for each empty field, click the caret to select a question. 4. Answer the question in the field provided. 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each blank field in the Security Questions area. The number of fields displayed are determined by the administrator in the settings described above Why it's asked: Questions like this are often asked by board members who don't truly understand security and the impact to the business. It's impossible to be 100% secure or protected. It's impossible to be 100% secure or protected

Security Interview Questions & Answers Are you preparing for Security job interview? Security in terms of IT, is the firewall to many external and internal threats that can impact or cost the company digital information The following IT security interview questions are at the architectural level. They may be of use for interviewing: ☑ Security Architects ☑ Security Specialists (e.g. Network Security Administrators) ☑ IT Executives ☑ Enterprise Architects ☑ IT Managers ☑ Solution Architects The questions range greatly in difficulty and should be tailored to each role How do I answer the security questions required by my financial institution's website? December 16, 2013 21:14 If your financial institution requires secondary authentication in the form of security questions or real time PIN codes, link your account using your credentials and the application will prompt you for the secondary. Unencrypted security questions and answers have been disabled, so if you can't answer the questions and you don't have another recovery method associated with your account, you won't be able to retrieve it and are locked out for good. 2. Visit the Yahoo.

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Security Questions for Windows 10 Local Account. Microsoft added the ability to set up additional security questions with the most recent build for Windows Insiders If the input for the security question is completely digital, should the answer to a security question be hashed (or at least encrypted) on the authentication server? passwords secret-questions. Share. Improve this question. Follow edited Jan 24 '18 at 22:25. Anders Disclaimer: Information in questions, answers, and other posts on this site (Posts) comes from individual users, not JustAnswer; JustAnswer is not responsible for Posts. Posts are for general information, are not intended to substitute for informed professional advice (medical, legal, veterinary, financial, etc.), or to establish a. Practice 30 Security Guard Interview Questions with professional interview answer examples with advice on how to answer each question. With an additional 60 professionally written interview answer examples

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