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In this video we will go over the new Mathews bow that I got awhile back. This bow had a draw length that was to long for me. So I went to my local archery.. Mathews bows have approximately a ten-pound range of weight reduction from the bow's peak weight (example: if the bow has a peak weight of 70 pounds, it can be adjusted as low as 60 pounds). Draw weight adjustments are made using either a 3/16 or 7/32 Allen Wrench In this video we set up and tune a Mathews Halon 6. Thanks for watching make sure you hit the like button if you liked the video and subscribe to see future. Mathews draw length adjustment 23rd September 2018, 09:02 PM. Hi guys, Interested in buying one of the TRX series bows. Was just wondering how you adjust the DL in small increments.My current bow is a Prime STX39 at 29.2 inches. However on the TRX and Halon series bows the cams will always try and return to their correct position, so micro. 28.5 draw, 70 pound, right hand Mathews Halon 6. QAD Ultrarest . 27 Easton FMJ 400 with 3 Blazer vanes fletched right helical. Total arrow weight with 100 gr. head is about 416 grains. The broadheads I've been shooting (all 100 gr) are: Slick Trick Magnum, Slick Trick Standard, Shuttle T, Wasp Boss and Wasp Hammer SST

This bow has a draw length of 28-inches and draw weight of 70 lbs., which is what I shoot for virtually all my bowhunting. I paper-tuned it using two different 28 ½-inch arrow styles and spines -- a Beman Hunter Pro 340 carbon shaft, and Easton Nemesis 400 carbon shaft, both fletched with NAP QuikFletch vanes ( www.newarchery.com ) The Mathews Halon 6 has been replaced by the Mathews Halon 32 Got a question, can't see what you want or, need help? Search for products at the top left of this page or, phone us free from within Australia on 1800 883 664 (Sydneysiders - please call 8850-6400) or, from outside Australia call: Sydney +61 2 8850 6400 Draw Weight Adjustment effect similar to that of a dry-fire and may inflict serious injury to yourself and Mathews® bows have approximately a ten pound range o

Find the greatest selection of Archery Equipment, Archery Supplies and Archery Products at Lancaster Archery Supply - The World Leader in 3D and Target Archery since 1983 Proven accurate in the field, this revolutionary cam system, allows you to change draw length and peak draw weight into 5 pound increments with the simple change of a mod. available in 60,65, 70 and 75 pound peak weights, each set of mods are programmed for an incredibly smooth draw and maximum efficiency

While the Halon is a relatively short 30 from axle to axle thanks to the large cams it measures just over 35 from tip to tip. This helps reduce the severity of the string angle, especially for you long draw shooters out there. The Halon is available in models all the way up to 32 draw length Mathews Modules. Mathews has a range of modules to suit their wide range of bows, also including their Mission range of bows. Most mods you just need to select your prefered let-off and draw length, on some others in the draw length drop-down menu you will see a letter, to work out which letter mod you require, consult the below table where you will find a link to a chart which will tell you. Several states also have draw weight minimums imposed for hunting certain game. The draw weight can be adjusted on a Mathews bow with relative ease. Mathews bows have a ten pound reduction range from the peak draw weight. In other words, if the bow's peak draw weight is 70 pounds, it can be adjusted down to 60 pounds Next, I put the Halon on the drawboard to check ATA, cam timing and synch, peak draw weight, and draw length. ATA was right on 30, cam timing was perfect, peak draw weight was 71.9#, draw length was exactly 28. Again, Mathews has done an excellent job of bow setup/prep right out of the factory - All the info given above on the mod swap was spot on. It was very easy to do. The 85's came off without the need to remove the draw stop screw, but I had to remove it on the 75s to get them to slide in. - As per the draw length chart mathews puts out I'm a C mod in the 85s and a D in the 75s. Draw length feels the same

Halon 32 draw weight adjustment. Close. 6. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived. Halon 32 draw weight adjustment. Anyone have a halon 6 or know how to adjust the draw weight on it? 5 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by Mathews Halon 6. Bow Package. This bow has been used through 4 hunting seasons now. The string is about a year old. It shows some cosmetic wear, but is in nice overall condition. Here are the specifics:-Right Handed-Currently the bow is set up with 27 inch, 85% letoff modules. The draw length can only be changed by changing the mods on the bow Halon 6 This bow has a 6 brace height with a rated IBO of 345 fps. Halon 7 Uses a 7 brace height and is the most forgiving. IBO is 335 fps. All three bows are 30 Axle to Axle and all three weigh 4.5lbs. See the spec chart below: Learn more . The riser has changed a lot. Mathews had designed a new, dual bridged riser that looks like it. Draw Weight Adjustment Mathews® bows have approximately a ten pound range of weight reduction from the bow's peak weight (example: if the bow has a peak weight of 70 pounds, it can be adjusted.

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The draw length can only be changed by changing the mods on the bow. This bow can be set up anywhere from 25 through 31 inches in draw length when the correct draw modules are installed. I have nearly every draw length in 85% letoff in stock, so can set this bow up anywhere in that range for you prior to shipping the bow out to you- 25, 25.5. Continuing on from the Halon series, Triax is powered by the Mathews Crosscentric Cam system. Vibration dampening is taken to the extreme with the inclusion of their all new 3D Damping Technology. The Triax has a brace height of 6 and reaches blistering IBO speeds up to 343 feet per second The new Halon X crossover bow is designed to perform in the area or on the scope. At length, it's among the best-looking bows around. It has the rugged SnapLock blade-retention system for greater accuracy and dependable deployment. The Mathews Triax has got to be among the most effective bows on the marketplace

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  1. Mathews Halon 32. 6 inch brace. Bow Package. This bow has been used through three archery seasons and has been well cared for in that time. Here are the specifics:-Right Handed-Currently the bow is set up with 28 inch, 85% letoff modules. The draw length can only be changed by changing the mods on the bow
  2. Mathews DXT Compound Bow - $400 (Bath, NY) Selling my RIGHT HANDED Mathews DXT 28 60lb Compound bow all set up (rest, quiver, sight etc.) with (12) 250 Spine Arrows (no field points) I have bought several new bows and for whatever reason hung onto this one. It's time to go. The bow shoots well and has no know issues. Draw length can be changed at a pro shop
  3. These are used module sets for adjusting the draw length on the Mathews Halon X or Halon X Pro bow ONLY. These modules are used, so may have some chips, dings, missing cerakote, or all of the above
  4. Looking For Great Deals On Mathews Archery? From Everything To The Very Thing. All On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Mathews Archery On eBay
  5. When it comes to speed, the Halon doesn't slouch. Set at a draw weight of 70 pounds and a draw length of 29 inches, my Halon 6, pushing a 406-grain arrow, hit a consistent 304 fps rating. Yes, I could boost that speed by dropping my arrow weight, but I prefer, most of the time, to hover right around that 380- to 400-grain mark
  6. e are adjustable and have a range but others like Mathews come in the draw length you order and has to have a new cam to change it. Also, any modern bow is capable of taking large game, it's really a question of arrow and broadhead choice and most modern bows have a spot for a stabilizer
  7. Mathews, Inc. produces several quality hunting bows, including the whole Halon lineup which has been out for a few years. For 2018, the brand new Triax has been wildly popular due to a variety of factors, perhaps most notably it's compact size, speed, and being almost totally vibration and noise free. Mathews has a killer line of bows and, if you are still in the market for a new bow, I.

Mathews Halon Custom Strings. The Mathews Halon is a fantastic compound hunting bow that can be improved with our custom Mathews Halon String & Cable Package. The Halon's delivers an incredibly smooth draw, and our strings are designed to make it even smoother • Mathews® ROCK MODS™ designed to fit the original Halon • Built with an integrated draw stop, these new mods provide a rock solid back wall for shot-to-shot consistency • Experience custom performance and optimize the let-off to your own personal shooting style with either 75% or 85% let-of Shoot the Hoyt Turbo which has a 75% L/O -then try a Mathews Halon 5 which has a 75%-85% L/O - you may be surprised - not in the let off as the difference is minimal - but in the draw cycle. BTW when you say full let off - what do you mean? - the only bow that I know that has a 90% let off is the PSE Evolve Adjusting the draw weight of your bow is a skill that any archer needs to learn to shoot the bow successfully. The bow draw weight must be adjusted equally at both limb ends for the bow to work appropriately, which can be done using a 3/16-inch Allen key Mathews Bows ELEVATING THE ARCHERY EXPERIENCE. We believe in archery - the effort it requires, the skill it demands, the passion it ignites. It serves as an escape from the rigors of modern life and fulfills our unrelenting quest for adventure

With a 6-inch brace height, 29-inch draw length, 60-pound draw weight and 420-grain hunting arrow, my HALON 32 clocked in at 275 fps on my Easton Pro Chronograph, which translates to 70.55 foot-pounds of kinetic energy Mathews Halon 6 60lb draw weight and 29 draw length. Was purchased new at HiTech Archery in Fullerton. Paid $1100 just for the bare bow. Has Spot Hogg HoggFather single pin sight ($350) Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro-V rest ($150) BeeStinger 10 stabilizer with Weights ($80) 12 Easton Triumph arrows 6 shot indoor 6 brand new ($270 Mathews Halon X Pro Course my Turbo's cams were super jumpy to me being they were #2s at the 28 draw length. Before I traded it off for my Halon, the best thing I found for it was to not relax as much as you think you can, or try to treat it like there is almost no valley (because there basically isn't one) Adjusting the draw length. BOW, QAD rest, and Quiver included: Having shot many Mathews bows, the Halon is the most consistent performer. This set up includes the Halon 6 (6 brace height) at 28.5 draw (mod can be done at a bow shop to adjust the draw length), 60-70 lbs limbs, QAD rest, and Mathews 4-arrow quiver So I shot it again today with it set for my DL (27.5) and had draw weight down to 62lbs. I have a Halon and Halon 32, both are 6's. There's something odd about the draw cycle on the Triax in regards to what I felt, a sort of resistance that I don't really notice on the Halons

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Mathews module for Mathews model bows for modular draw length adjustment. The kit comprises two modules, a top module and a bottom module. Mathews modules are designed to fit. Halon Rock Mods with 75% or 85% let-off; Halon X with 75% or 85% let-off; Halon X Pro with 75% or 85% let-off; Halon 32 CC2 Mods with 75% or 85% let of If I understand the question right, YES shooting a bow at (or above) its rated poundage is faster and quieter than shooting the same weight at the lower spectrum of poundage adjustment. Case in point, I have 2 2010 Rytera bows, one a 70# and the other 60#...both set at 62# and 29 draw...the 60# bow well outperforms the 70# model Rather than using your limb bolts to change the draw weight, you can simply maximize the limbs out (which is most efficient) and change the mods to adjust your draw weight in 5 lb increments. I'm very intrigued with 65 lb mods as I have really liked that weight for hunting out of blinds or treestands when drawing a bow from a sitting position. The brace height options are the same (5', 6', 7') on the Halon 32 it's just the Axle to Axle length that's changed. While the bow has gotten taller, the weight has basically stayed the same. It weighs in at 4.73 lbs for the Halon 6, and 7 and 4.83 for the Halon 5

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Mathews HALON X COMP. At 37 inches axle-to-axle, a 7 inch brace height and a peak draw length of 32 inches the HALON X Comp is designed to accommodate long draw archers and provide optimal stability. It also comes standard with Harmonic Damping to reduce post-shot vibration. the ability to dial in your fletching clearance and adjust the. have a brace-height of 6.980 inches, while the axle-to-axle length was measured to be 30 inches. The requested 29 inch, 60 pound model was measured straight out of the box to have a 29 3/8 inch draw length and peak draw-weight of 62.2 pounds. When shot by hand with a 300 grain arrow, the Z7 achieved an average speed of 315.8 fps in the out of bo Mathews Halon 32 - 29 draw length, 70 lbs. in Subalpine, - SOLD I have a very lightly used Mathews Halon 32 for sale, 2017 vintage. It comes with a Black Gold Ascent Verdict four pin slider, and a Mathews six arrow quiver Sparta, Wisconsin- Built on Crosscentric™ Cam technology, the 2016 HALON™ delivers hard-hitting energy with the consistent accuracy you've come to expect from Mathews®.Inspired by No Cam™ technology, the HALON's all-new CrossCentric™ Cam employs a partially concentric string payout to produce a stealthy draw and delivers speeds up to 353 feet per second I am selling my right handed Mathews Switchback XT bow. It is set up at a 32 inch draw length. You can adjust it from 60-70 lbs. It also has a Montana Black Gold Photofusion sight and a STS drop away rest and stabilizer. Mathews quiver and quick release. Will come with 23 aarows Gold Tip XT Hunter carbon fiber#7595

What I can truly say about the bow: I can draw back a 70 lb Halon 32 6 screwed all the way down without too much grimacing. That doesn't say much, but I regularly shoot at about 60-ish pounds on a much lower quality bow and the Halon has a very smooth draw making 70 seem relatively easy Mathews Halon 6, I decided I would shoot them against each other to get a side-by-side comparison. My personal specs for both bows are as follows: 70lb. Draw Weight ; Both 6 Brace Height ; 32 vs 30 ATA ; 29 Draw Length; Gold Tip Hunter Pro / AAE Max Vanes (4 fletch) the Halon 32 was just slightly faster then its predecessor the Halon 6 The huge draw length range of 12 inches and 63 pounds of draw weight is quickly and easily adjusted without the need of a bow press. With the Infinite 305, the opportunities are endless..) 2021 SDiamond Infinite 305.) Octane arrow rest.) Octane 3 pin sight.) Octane 6 stabilizer.) Octane Quiver.) Diamond bow sling.) peep sight.) string loo Hoyt Mathews Halon 32 ($1,099; mathewsinc.com) Specs: Weight: 4.83 lb., Axle-axle: 32″, Brace height: 5″, IBO: 350 fps The Lowdown: Basically a longer version of the 30-inch Halon that won our. In testing, the Reezen 6.5 generated a small jump in the handle when fired, but the lack of noise for a bow this fast was remarkable. With a 29-inch draw length and 65-pound pull, the Reezen 6.5 recorded average speeds of 305 fps with a 375-grain arrow and 288 fps with a 425-grain arrow

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Mathews Halon 5 . Edmonton › Bows › Ad# 489121. This bow is like new lightly used new in 2018 AtA Axle-to-Axle length DL Draw length DW Draw weight IBO IBO speed Wght Mass weight LO Let-off. LONG RANGE ACCURACY - 2nd- and 3rd-axis adjustment boost longer range accuracy. Definer's integrated rangefinder gives bow hunters true. Due to its shape the draw cycle is very smooth. The efficiency is further increased by application of sealed bearings which minimize friction. One can choose a draw length in the range from 26 to 30. The draw length can be adjusted in half-inch increments. Finish. Mathews Creed comes in three versions: Black, Lost Camo, Tactical

It measures 31 axle-to-axle for a stable shooting platform and a generous string angle for archers on all ends of the draw length spectrum. The cam system is heavily inspired by our high-end, award-winning Crosscentric Cam technology, while maintaining the ability to easily adjust draw length from 18 inches all the way up to a 30 draw Mathews Halon series of bows review Editor: Mike Just the Facts: Mathews Halon 5, Halon 6, and Halon 7. Halon 7: The all new 2016 HALON™ is our hardest hitting flagship bow to date. Inspired by NO CAM™ technology, the Crosscentric™ Cam employs a partially concentric string payout and AVS® Technology to produce a stealthy [

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  1. Another neat feature is draw-length modules that allow adjustment without putting the bow in a press. Hoyt. Mathews Halon $1,099; mathewsinc.com Specs: Brace height: 5, Axle-axle: 30, Weight.
  2. Reign 6 & Reign 7 Owner Manual Fanatic 3.0 Owner Manual BT-Mag Owner Manual 2016 BT-X Owner Manual Fanatic 2.0 Owner Manual 2015 Prodigy Owner Manual Boss Owner Manual Eva Shockey Signature Series Owner Manual Carbon Icon Owner Manual Fanatic Owner Manual 2014 2014 Owner Manual Fuel Owner Manual 2013 2013 Owner Manual 2012 2012 Owner Manual.
  3. Depending on the Rock Mod specified, let-off is 65, 75, or 85 percent and its integrated draw stop is responsible for the bow's solid back wall. Mathews rates the NO CAM HTR (its 6 -inch brace height hunting bow) up to 330 fps IBO with the 65-percent module (as let-off percentage decreases, so does top-end speed)

** MATHEWS BOWS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE PURCHASE. COME INTO CAPRA'S STORE IN BLAINE, MN TO GET YOUR NEW MATHEWS BOW TODAY ** Optimized for high speeds and maximum energy for draw lengths ranging from 23.5 - 29.5, the TX-5 features our award-winning Crosscentric Cam Technology for accurate energy and 3D Damping technology to minimize post shot sound and vibration The draw length options are same as the Defiant 30 allowing adjustable draw length from 24″ to 30. Carbon Defiant 34. The Carbon Defiant 34 is a 34″ Axle to Axle compound bow with 7″ brace height. It shoots at 325 feet per second and has 3 cam options to allow draw length adjustment from 25″ to 31″ Compound Bows Bowtech Reign 6 Mathews Halon 32-5 Obsession Defcon M7Z; Price: $999: $999: $949: Weight (lb., with scope) 4.6: 4.8: 4.6: Length (Axle-to-Axle, in.) 32. She's 6'3 with 30 draw length set at 35lb draw weight. I'm shooting an APA Viper Air set at 50lb pull, they make a lighter draw weight also. At the Harrisburg PA outdoor show, my daughter tried the APA Mamba with 50lb draw weight. She claimed it was slightly harder to pull than her current bow. She's saving up for one now

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Then I shot the Mathews HELI M and have stayed with Mathews since, last year I bought a Halon 6 and was shocked just how much the mechanics and efficiency had advanced in just five years. The bottom line is all of the major brands build an outstanding bow these days, archery is like golf or electronics as soon as you buy the latest and greatest. This Mathews Bow is Right Handed. Draw Length is 27 inches and additional 1 inch added because of the'Trigger Loop' Our son used this for hunting this fall he stands 6 Foot 2 Inches tall and the draw length was fine) This Mathews Bow and this Mathews Hard Side Case are in excellent used condition. Pictures presents the items nicely The technology behind our strings. New, Proprietary Trophy™ Process. The latest in bowstring technology, Zebra® Trophy X™ is built with the new, proprietary Trophy Process™ which has refined 20 years of experience to create the most consistent, durable, and highest performing strings and cables on the market to date One point of interest was the amount of effort it took to draw the bow. The bow is a 65-pound draw weight and was at full weight for the test. However, the draw required less effort than my Halon 6 which was set at 62-pounds. Again, it was not quite as smooth as the Halon, but it required less effort throughout to bring it to full-draw

But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Mathews Archery On eBay. Looking For Great Deals On Mathews Archery? From Everything To The Very Thing. All On eBay Other popular Mathews arches include Halon, Triax, Traverse and Vertix.states have also draw the minimum weight taxes for hunting certain games. It is powered by our award-winning Crosscentric Cam technology that produces speeds of up to 338 fps, while our 3D Damping technology drastically reduces post-shot sound and vibration Step #4: Take the length in inches and divide it by 2.5. So if your arm span is calculated to be 70″, divide that by 2.5 and you get 28. This means that your draw length is 28″, and so your bow should allow for this length to be set - and preferably with an extra inch or two to spare. Double-Check Your Measurement

Helim String And Cable Length. Crossbow String Length Chart Poskin Tx 5 Mathews Archery. How To Adjust The Fast Fit Mission Archery. String Making Calculator. Mathews Vertix Mod Chart Poskin. Tx 5 mathews archery mathews halon p x modules archery supplies australia s largest the archery pany mathews mission hammr pound bow mathews halon p x. Built For Speed. Delivering an amazing 330-fps shot is crazy! But, the Mathews Halon can do it.. consistently. If you are in the field, the time from release to kill is almost instant Buying a Hoyt over a Mathews could stand for one simple reason. Mathews cams are draw-length specific. If you guess right the first time (draw-length) and never intend to sell it, then buy a Mathews if you want. Adjusting the draw on a Hoyt is as simple as changing mods, and a lot cheaper. That makes it much easier to adjust or sell We are able to offer cams for all Mathews bows, even those no longer in production just keep in mind these are a custom order item and delivery times vary, and although we do everything we can to supply as quickly as possible, delivery depends on manufacture time and cannot be cancelled

The draw length offered by this product comes about 24-28 inches and draw weight options run between 40 and 70 Lbs. The bow is surprisingly quiet despite being definitely fast and aggressive. The draw cycle of this particular Mathews bow can be aggressive, given the different kind of eccentric system designed into it 26 to 30-inch draw length; 30 to 70-pound draw weight; MSRP: $1,749.00; Anyone looking for a speed bow that doesn't sacrifice quality from other aspects would be well-satisfied with the Turbo. Mathews Monster Safari. Mathews fastest bow is very similar to the Carbon RX-3 Turbo in more ways than one Mathews world class design team knows that a slightly miss-struck arrow may still do the deadly deed when high speed is added to the mix, like the sizzling 340 feet per second achieved by the Mathews Reezen Compound Bow. This highly efficient bow lets off at 80% of its draw, and features various draw weight and length options for a perfect fit.

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StatusGator Monitors 1090+ Cloud Service Status Pages in Real Tim Smooth drawing, quiet and fast, the Halon and Halon X were a big hit with both hunters and target archers. However at 30 inches axle to axle length the Halon was a little too compact for some archers. So for 2017 Mathews has introduced a 32 inch version, aptly named the Mathews Halon 32. Why A [ Suppose a bowhunter shoots a 70-pound bow with a 30-inch draw length. For him, a lightweight arrow is going to weigh 350 to 455 grains. Assuming the bow has an AMO speed rating of about 235 fps (typical of most moderately aggressive bows on the market right now), this bowhunter will be getting speeds of around 275 to 300 fps

This year's champion was the Reign 6 from BowTech, which earned a score of 93.8 out of a possible 100 to slip past Mathews' Halon 32-5. In the end, it was the Reign's adjustability that gave it the edge. You can tune and adjust this bow as much or as little as you want VERTIX SPECS. Draw Weight: 60, 65, 70, 75 lbs.; Draw Length: 26-30.5(cam specific) MSRP: $1,099 HITS: The Vertix is quieter than a church mouse trying to steal cheese out from under the tail of a cat. I can't believe how hushed it is at the shot. MISSES: At 4.6 pounds, this bow feels a tad heavy. Bowtech Realm SR6 Bowtech Realm SR6. 32 axle to axle,6 brace height, 4.3 lbs., 352 fp One point of interest was the amount of effort it took to draw the bow. The bow is a 65-pound draw weight and was at full weight for the test. However, the draw required less effort than my Halon 6 which was set at 62-pounds. Again, it was not quite as smooth as the Halon, but it required less effort throughout to bring it to full-draw This allows for the use of a multiple stop cable with 1 1/4 adjustments in place of the bulky rods used by other portable bow presses for bow length adjustment. The multiple stop cable is one of the features that helps to make the Bowmaster one of the most compact portable bow presses on the market (just 3 x 5 when the cable is rolled up)

How do I adjust the draw weight on my mathews Heli m I wanna lower just a bit bryanfichter, Apr 26, 2014 #1. jrk_indle84 Grizzled Veteran. Joined: Oct 21, 2012 Posts: 6,069 Likes Received: 3,184 Dislikes Received: 6 Location: Adams co, IL. Turn the screws that go through the limb into the riser.. MATHEWS TX-5 REVIEW | INITIAL IMPRESSIONS. With its short axle-to-axle length of 28″ and draw length range of 23.5″ to 29.5″, it's obvious that the Mathews TX-5 was designed for bowhunters that are smaller in stature or require a short draw length

They helped me through the process of adjusting my old bow and talked to me a lot about new bows when I asked. They were very patient with me as a customer when I went through the decision process. I looked at several bows but when I shot the Mathews, Halon 32-6 I just really liked it The caveat, I shoot 60 pounds-because of a bad shoulder-at 27.5-inch draw length. After researching new bows, I chose the Mathews Halon 6 , which had an IBO rating of up to 345fps. To begin the process, I used our Arrow Speed Estimator to find out my effective speed The answer will be a calculated draw length .In this example it is 20.8 inches. Of course your actual results will be different from my example.. Record your calculated draw length number.. Suggestion: Round-up your calculated draw length to the nearest 1/2 inch.. For instance, in this example the calculated draw length will be 21 inches Mathews Archery Halon 32. (to our knowledge) the draw stop adjusts automatically with draw length. Brace height is a comfortable 6 3 ⁄8 inches, and available peak draw weights are 60 or 70 pounds. Mass weight is a very pleasing 3.3 pounds, thanks largely to the carbon construction. Draw lengths run 25½ to 30 inches with easy-to. Jul 9, 2017 - Nothing clears a troubled mind like shooting a bow.. See more ideas about bow hunting, archery, archery bows

MOD 85% LET OFF HALON™5 HALON™6 HALON™7 Module A 29.5, 30.5, 31.5 Module B 29, 30, 31 Module C 28.5, 29.5, 30.5 Module D 28, 29, 3 3: Mathews Halon 5, Halon 6, and Halon 7. Halon 7: The all new 2016 HALON™ is our hardest hitting flagship bow to date. Inspired by NO CAM™ technology, the Crosscentric™ Cam employs a partially concentric string payout and AVS® Technology to produce a stealthy draw and consistent accuracy while delivering speeds up to 335 feet per second

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Mathews Mathews Halon X Comp RH 70# 31” Blue 75%LT - SiouxApril INSIDER Giveaway: 5 Mathews Bows — Fully Decked Out2017 mathews halon 6, like new, upgraded strings

2017 Mathews Halon 32 0 review(s) The 2017 HALON 32 is a longer version of the award-winning HALON, providing an enhanced string angle and superior stability, while delivering speeds up to 350 fps The 2019 VERTIX is the peak of versatility and performance. Switchweight modules allow you to change peak draw weight in 5 pound increments. Available in 60, 65, 70 and 75 pound peak weights, each set of mods are programmed for an incredibly smooth draw The Lawless is aptly named because it's wicked fast. It's outfitted with the new adjustable 4-Track Cam System, which improves tuning and arrow flight. It sports rotating mods for adjusting draw length without a press. Axle-to-Axle: 33.25 inches Brace Height: 5.125 inches Draw Weight: 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 80 pounds Draw Length: 24.5 to. Measure the draw length. Draw the bow until at full draw and have someone measure from the nock groove on the string to the pivot point of the grip. If the draw length is too long, add a twist to the string and take a twist out if the draw length is too short. Approximately five twists will adjust the draw length 1/4 inch. Tip

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