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→ Chlorine. Product datasheet. Packaging information Vapor pressure curve Additional information Package options Cylinder designa-tion Cylinder internal volume Cylinder material Cylinder diameter Cylinder height to valve outlet Cylinder tare weight Fill contents Pressure (psig) @ 70o F Valve outlet Valv CHLORINE GAS. Chlorine gas is supplied in steel cylinders, as a compressed gas in a liquid state. The pressure in the cylinder is dependent upon the temperature of the cylinder. Cylinder pressures will range from 28 PSI at 20° F to 191 PSI at 120° F. As a safety feature, the cylinders are fitted with fusible plugs that will melt at about 165° F CORROSIVE GAS TC Shipping Name: Chlorine TC Classification: 2.3, 5.1 TC Label: POISON GAS, OXIDIZER Cylinder Specifications Approximate Cylinder Valve Outlet Pressure Pressure Ship Weight Size CGA No. psig @ 70°F kPa @ 21.1°C lb kg 1V 660 85 588 247 112 2 660 85 588 114 5

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The vapor pressure of liquid chloride at the critical temperature : 1157.0 psia (7977 kPa) Critical Temperature: The temperature above which chlorine exists only as a gas no matter how great the pressure : 290.75°F (143.75°C) Critical Volume: The volume of a unit mass of chlorine at the critical pressure and temperature : 0.02795 ft 3 /lb (0. rated for cylinder pressure CGA-PG12 - Do not open valve until connected to equipment prepared for use CGA-PG18 - When returning cylinder, install leak tight valve outlet cap or plug CGA-PG06 - Close valve after each use and when empty CGA-PG02 - Protect from sunlight when ambient temperature exceeds 52°C (125°F) 2.3. Other hazard Generally used as a gas, chlorine has many applications in the fields of: Food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, electronics manufacturing, rubber processing, aluminum fluxing, and many others. Chlorine gas is normally stored as liquefied gas under pressure and is a gas at room temperature and pressure A Use the molar mass of chlorine to calculate the amount of chlorine in the cylinder. Then calculate the pressure of the gas using the ideal gas law. B Obtain a and b values for Cl 2 from Table \(\PageIndex{1}\). Use the van der Waals equation to solve for the pressure of the gas. Based on the value obtained, predict whether the cylinder is.

How to Handle Chlorine Gas Safely Exposure to chlorine is irritating to the eyes, nose, throat, and mucous membranes. either gas pressure is still present or there is an air leak in the system. 5. Loosen gas feeder yoke screw. Remove gas feeder from valve. 6. Replace gas cylinder. Be sure to use a chain or cable to secure the new. Minsheng is the leading manufacturer of chlorine cylinders, ammonia cylinders, Refrigerant gas cylinders, and other industry welded cylinders. Minsheng are specialists in the field of the gas cylinder ,gas cylinder valve, gas regulator and pressure vessels. We provide professional and comprehensive solutions for our global customers in the.

Air Liquide packages pure chlorine gases and gas mixtures in a variety of compressed gas cylinder sizes, including low-pressure and high-pressure cylinders, and nonreturnable Mini-Mix Transportables depending on the grade of pure gas or composition of the gas mixture and your application Fig. 3.5 Standard Pressure Relief Device 16 Fig. 3.6 Chlorine Tank Truck 19 Fig. 3.7 Chlorine Barge 21 Fig. 4.1 Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit A for Chlorine Cylinders 27 CHARTS Fig. 9.1 Vapor Pressure of Liquid Chlorine 50 Fig. 9.2 Temperature-Density Relation of Liquid Chlorine 51 Fig. 9.3 Equilibrium Solubility of Chlorine in Water 5 Pure chlorine, both as a gas and as a liquid under pressure, reacts with only a few metals at ordinary temperatures. For this reason, chlorine may be safely stored in metal containers. Moist chlorine, however, corrodes most metals rapidly and a solution of chlorine in water has powerful oxidizing, bleaching and germicidal properties For chlorine, refrigerant gas and liquid transportation The US DOT 106A multi-unit tank car tanks, commonly referred to as Ton Tanks or Ton Containers, and internationally recognized as a horizontal drum or pressure vessel, are commonly used for the transportation of hazardous gases and liquids Chlorine gas is stored as a liquid in a cylinder under pressure. The pressure is about 100 to 150 psi depending on the temperature. When the valve is opened, the pressure is released, and the liquid changes into a gas. The pressure forces the gas out of the cylinder and through the line to a disperser device

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  1. This negative head forces open the pressure regulating valve on the cylinder and allows chlorine gas to flow out of the cylinder and into the chlorinator. Once the gas has entered the chlorinator, the chlorine feed rate is measured using an indicator known as a rotameter. Just beyond the rotameter, the chlorine gas flows past a regulating.
  2. utes. STEL: 0.4 ppm 15
  3. The REGAL Gas Chlorinator mounts directly on the cylinder, which is a major safety factor. From the moment chlorine gas leaves the cylinder until it enters the water, it only comes in contact with highly advanced, corrosion-resistant materials. When a REGAL is directly mounted on a cylinder there are no pressure lines. Should anything happen to.

the Chlorine Institute, Inc., or similar organization. Chlorine in commerce is a liquefied gas under pressure. It is a clear, amber-colored liquid. The gas has a greenish-yellow color and a strong, pungent odor. It is an irritant to the skin and respiratory system. In the moisture-free state at ordinary temperatures, it is relatively non-corrosive Gas chlorine has been used for many years as a means of sterilising water for drinking, and for preventing slime build up in pipes, cooling towers etc. There are of course many other ways to achieve the above. Chlorine is also available as sodium hypochlorite, as a12.5% liquid, and as calcium hypochlorite, in tablet and granular forms (a) General qualifications for use of cylinders. Unless otherwise stated, as used in this section, the term cylinder includes a UN pressure receptacle.As used in this subpart, filled or charged means an introduction or presence of a hazardous material in a cylinder.A cylinder filled with a Class 2 hazardous material (gas) and offered for transportation must meet the requirements in this. Low Pressure Cylinders • Up to 500 psi devices, cylinder markings, gas characteristics, - Corrosives (ammonia, chlorine) - Flammables (acetylene, propane) - High‐pressure inerts (oxygen, CO 2, nitrogen, etc.) Identification Practice Things we can observe

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A wide variety of chlorine gas cylinder options are available to you, such as low, high. You can also choose from industrial gas, lpg, and oxygen chlorine gas cylinder, as well as from steel chlorine gas cylinder There are 639 suppliers who sells chlorine gas cylinder on Alibaba.com, mainly located in Asia Chlorine Gas Cylinders . Capacity 1 to 150 lb . 150 lb. predominate . One opening - valve connection . Standard cylinder valve with pressure relief device &fusible metal plug . Fusible plug melts at 158-165°F . 21 Ton Containers Capacity - 2000 lb. Two identical valve Minsheng, a leading brand of gas cylinders, valves,regulators and pressure vessels derived from China, was founded in 1966 and became the first batch of design and manufacture units of LPG cylinders in China in 1976.China's National Leaders have visited the company more than ten times

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