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Fluoride, obtained from toothpaste and fluoridated water, helps protect your teeth from dental caries. Learn how fluoride works and what happens if you do not get enough fluoride or ingest too. Fluoride comes from fluroine, which is a common, natural, and abundant element. Adding fluoride to the water supply reduces the incidence of tooth decay. Fluoride protects teeth from decay by.. Excessive fluoride from the diet alone is rare, as foods containing fluoride have only small amounts of it. Where there is fluoride toxicity, it could be due to accumulation from exposure to multiple sources. Drinking a lot of water (especially if the fluoride in water is high), coupled with low protein diets, or food grown with fluoride-laden. Fluoride from water, food or supplements helps build strong tooth enamel, which is better able to resist decay. After the teeth have erupted, fluoride helps rebuild enamel and can even reverse the earliest stages of tooth decay. However, like most things in life, getting too much — or too little — of something can be an issue

The reason why many fluoride toothpastes have this warning is that fluoride can accumulate and build up in the body. Not only that, but many states in the U.S. actually include fluoride in our water systems and that means your exposure is amplified. Fluoride happens to be a neurotoxin, meaning it can affect the nervous system Usually nothing: If you accidentally swallow a little bit of Fluoride toothpaste now and again nothing bad happens. It is only a problem to swallow large amounts over a long period of time. Young children who do not yet know how to relialbly rinse and spit are the only ones at risk for this kind of exposure. 5.4k views Answered >2 years ag we get it: adulting can be hard, and this whole fluoride debate thing isn't helping. so, we've assembled the research to help you decide which tube to call your main squeeze. if you're feeling swishy-washy, the important thing to realize is that there isn't a wrong choice. while most people grow up thinking their toothpaste must have fluoride to be effective, it turns out that it.

According to the Subcommittee on Health Effects of Ingested Fluoride of the National Research Council, animal studies have demonstrated that exposure to fluoride at concentrations of 100 to 380 milligrams per liter of drinking water can cause swelling in between the kidney tubules, dilation of renal tubules and death of proximal and renal tubules The fluoride urine levels found in the pregnant women in the study are the same found in pregnant women in the U.S (0.5 to 1.5 ppm). At those levels the authors concluded a loss of 6 IQ points().. Now imagine a pregnant woman was also a regular tea drinker, and from the 329+ teas tested at fluoride in tea, we know that fluoride content in tea can reach two, three or even six times the amount.

What happens if I have too little fluoride? There are no known cases of fluoride deficiency in people, which is why it's still unknown what symptoms can be caused by low levels of this mineral. Against common misconception, caries or tooth decay are not caused by a fluoride deficiency. What happens if I have too much fluoride Small counter-top units cost as little as $200, while large units can exceed $1,000. If you don't know if your area is fluoridated, you can find out by contacting your local water department. If you live in the U.S., you can also find out by going to FAN's State Fluoride Database. 2) Don't Let Your Child Swallow Fluoride Toothpast Fluoride is a toxic chemical, like lead or arsenic, and high toxicity can contribute to a variety of concerns like autism and ADHD. Remember what happens if you smash your toe a little bit every day? Your toe will look worse and worse over time from a little bit of smashing If you live in the United States, it is highly likely that the tap water you use is enriched with fluoride, a substance that helps prevent tooth decay If you have any questions about your water's fluoride content, the fluoridated products your child uses, or whether your child is receiving too much or too little fluoride, talk to your doctor or dentist

Ultimately, fluoride is an essential element for the body, but it's important to keep in mind that like most things, there's a limit. If you have questions on how much fluoride you need, or have concerns you're getting too much fluoride on your teeth, be sure to contact a dental professional What happens when you have a fluoride allergy is when you ingest the fluoride your immune system sees the fluoride as a harmful bacterium that needs to be dealt with. So, what your immune system does is that it produces antibodies to ward it off and this is how you get the reaction from the fluoride allergy The kidneys of a child or infant can absorb up to 80% of the fluoride they ingest into their bones. As you age, fluoride-concentration only worsens. 2. Infertility-Risks Increase. Studies have given scientists evidence that high doses of fluoride can destroy the male reproductive system in animals Treating cavities is important, but preventing cavities is best. That's where fluoride comes in. Millions of children in the United States and around the world have been spared thanks to fluoride in tap water, toothpaste and routine dental checkups starting no later than a child's first birthday

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Fluoride side effects. Get emergency medical help if you have signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficult breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.. Call your doctor at once if you have: very upset stomach;. nausea and vomiting; or. staining, pitting, or any other changes in the appearance of your teeth To get fluoride poisoning, an adult would have to take around 5 to 10 grams of sodium fluoride. The average tube of toothpaste contains only 0.5 grams of sodium fluoride. This means you would have to ingest at least 10 tubes of toothpaste to hit the lower end of the threshold If you're looking for something a little bit more convenient, you might want to consider a pitcher water filter. These filters are portable, inexpensive, and easy to use. Now while most pitcher filters are incapable of removing fluoride, there are a few ones that do Also, if you frequently drink bottled water, be aware that most brands do not contain added fluoride. Most foods contain little fluoride. Foods usually contribute only 0.3-0.6 milligrams of fluoride each day. Fish eaten with the bones, such as canned sardines or canned salmon, are higher in fluoride than most other foods. A three-ounce. Providing Innovative, High Quality, and Durable Footwear and Apparel Since 1932. Rugged, Dependable Hard-Working Footwear And Apparel You Can Trust

i have come to believe that there is no such thing as too little fluoride. fluoride is a toxin found in pesticides. having been used for years on Jewish prisoners by Nazis, it has been found to. Unfortunately, however, the process of simply boiling water can't be used to eliminate fluoride. All that will happen is that the fluoride will have a higher concentration, resulting in fluoride salt. You can, however, distill your own water, providing you copy the distillation process carefully. It's important that water is evaporated and. You're ingesting very little fluoride, unless of course you're using Crest as a Dairy Alternative and putting it on your bagels daily. The personal use of fluoride should NOT be controversial. If it is, I have a few points I'd like to raise about the argument that fluoride is not safe that may help your perspective here A Little Background on Fluoride. researchers have begun to question how much fluoride is too much and what happens when safe levels are exceeded. Harvard scientists have found that their studies support the possibility that fluoride could be harmful above a certain level, and might be causing everything from tooth discoloration to weakening.

You might also have an MTHFR mutation. This makes it difficult to absorb and metabolize folate. This makes the liver not able to clean toxins as well. If you have this type of mutation, fluoride exposure will be even worse for you than a person without the MTHFR mutation. Go to MTHFR support.net for more info Fluoride toothpaste is recommended by most dentists. But some people also have concerns about its safety. We'll separate fact from fiction when it comes to fluoride toothpaste and go over its.

You can get fluoride by: Drinking fluoridated water from a community water supply; about 74 percent of Americans served by a community water supply system receive fluoridated water. (If you have well water, see Private Well Water and Fluoride from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.) Brushing with a fluoride toothpast So opt for green and white teas if it concerns you. Studies looking into fluoride in tea have found that cheap (like supermarket teabags) black tea have the most, and high-quality organic teas the least. Remember, kombucha is brewed with weak tea, not strong, so the amount of fluoride should be inherently lower than, say, a strong cup of tea What happens if I have too much iodine? High levels of iodine from supplements can cause some of the same symptoms as iodine deficiency, including goiter. High iodine intake can also cause thyroid gland inflammation and thyroid cancer. Getting a very large dose of iodine (several grams, for example) can cause The addition of fluoride to water supplies has been researched for over 60 years and studies have found that water fluoridation has proven to reduce tooth decay by 40 to 60 percent!. But, you can always have too much of a good thing... Emma Delane

A Little Background on Fluoride. a condition that results in a tooth's enamel changing color due to too much fluoride exposure. Of course, this is easier said than done with a small child. Even though baby teeth do eventually come out, it can be years before that happens so it's important to get cavities taken care of at a young age. Fortunately, fluoride is available in a few different forms- and one that may surprise you. Fluoride naturally occurs in normal drinking water, but unfortunately, there is not enough to have a positive and lasting effect on teeth. You can find bottled, fluoridated drinking water at your local supermarket for a minuscule cost Fluoride can toxic when ingested in high quantities, or even in low dosages, more so when it is added to our water supplies. While little amounts of fluoride will have no adverse effect on the body, ingesting higher quantities can result in severe disorders relating to your bones and teeth. Worse still, it is even more [ Of course, not all pastes are created equal. Most toothpaste contains between 1,000 and 1,500 parts per million of fluoride (ppm) [source: Wagner].A standard 4.5-ounce tube of Colgate for Kids, at 1,100 ppm contains 143 milligrams of fluoride [source: Fluoride Action Network].A 2-ounce tube of prescription ControlRX, at 5,000 ppm contains 282 milligrams of fluoride, a nearly-lethal dose for a.

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That just doesn't happen. . . . If you tried to eat a lot of toothpaste, you'd throw it up. While Whall concedes that poison control centers do receive reports of fluoride poisonings every year, he says the ADA isn't aware of any of those cases resulting in adverse effects. It just hasn't proven to be that kind of a proble If you are looking for a Fluoride-free brand of toothpaste, you have more options today than ever before. Problems With Too Little Iodine: Do you have dry, rough, as opposed to preventing them. This happens because increased Iodine intake, especially in supplement form, can increase the autoimmune attack on the thyroid.. Dental decay happens when the enamel and dentine of a tooth become softened by acid attack after you have eaten or drunk anything containing sugars. Over time, the acid makes a cavity (hole) in the tooth. 'Dental decay' is the same as tooth decay and is also known as 'dental caries'. What causes dental decay It is worth noting that the fluoride content is water is generally not high enough to cause fluorosis, however, it is more common in India, and some states in the USA. Overall, the benefit of fluoride in preventing caries is not worth avoiding it to avoid fluorosis. You just need to be aware that too much fluoride can cause aesthetic damage Fluoride is like any other vitamin or nutrient. It is beneficial at the right amounts, but too much can be bad for you. The most common source of way-too-much fluoride is from water sources that naturally have high levels of fluoride - due to geology

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Fluoride is a natural mineral. Fluoride is a mineral found in rocks, soil and water. It is the 13 th most abundant element in the earth's crust. Fluoride appears in natural ground water in varying levels, which is why some places have too much fluoride in their drinking water, and others have none. 2. Professional fluoride treatments are. Fluoride is a deadly neurotoxin and if you think it is good for you then you probably have drank too much fluoride water. Harvard recently released a study showing how it diminishes IQ. Hitler put fluoride into the water of the concentration camps to make those held complacent and easy to control

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While low levels of fluoride help strengthen and protect tooth enamel, too much fluoride can cause dental fluorosis -- a discoloration of teeth, usually with opaque white marks, lines, or mottled. Fluoride in water and toothpaste works in two ways for maintaining strong and healthy teeth. In assists with the remineralization of damaged teeth and prevents the acid produced by bacteria from breaking down enamel (demineralization). In terms of fluoride toxicity, the high levels of fluoride in the system may have a range of the effects So, while it will have fluoride removed, I avoid tap water for other reasons beyond the presence of fluoride. What About Fluoride In Toothpaste? There are roughly 1000 - 1500 parts per million (ppm) per gram dose of toothpaste. Ultimately, this adds up to about 1 - 1.5 mg of fluoride - if you are eating your toothpaste The toothpaste product packaging need to have directions. Like Dr. Sie states, you do need to go to the ER if you've swallowed a lot. Nevertheless, there does not seem a precise procedure, other than that children under the age of 6 have to see the doctor if they swallow more than a dollop

If you drink only bottled water that doesn't contain fluoride, you'll miss out on fluoride benefits. Avoid frequent snacking and sipping. Whenever you eat or drink beverages other than water, you help your mouth bacteria create acids that can destroy tooth enamel. If you snack or drink throughout the day, your teeth are under constant attack But we now know fluoride is not an essential nutrient (a.k.a. your body does not need it) and the fluoride content of a tooth has little influence on on whether that tooth will develop a cavity. 11 Furthermore, cavities still develop in high risk individuals of all ages, regardless of the dose of fluoride used. 12,1 What happens during a dental fluoride treatment? The treatment performed in your dentist's office is a simple procedure. Typically, a type of fluoride varnish is brushed or painted onto the surface of your teeth. The entire treatment is quick and painless and takes very little time Most people are aware that iodine is essential for proper thyroid function, and the presence of too little and too much of it can both create serious thyroid problems. Likewise, fluoride impacts the thyroid hormones - T3, T4, and TSH , and will be of significant concern to those who are at risk of or already suffer from hypothyroidism But you do need a quality natural fluoride (ideally, a cell salt works best as you only need trace amounts). Comparing a quality (natural) fluoride to the kind in our water is not at all the same. Avoid all that hazardous waste byproduct fluoride (in the huge bags with poison written on them), and make sure to get a good quality fluoride cell salt

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  1. According to Dessy, The highest levels of fluoride tend to be found in both black and green teas. White tea tends to have less fluoride. Herbal teas usually have little to no fluoride. So if you want to drink iced tea every day, doing your research is a good idea
  2. If you look closely at the studies, and you combine them all together, I am convinced that if there is a benefit, it's no longer there, in part because we're ingesting too much fluoride. We're getting two to three times more than what is written in the toothpaste dosage direction; dosage should be the size of a pea
  3. If you're on a well, you should have your water tested or test it yourself. Just make sure that they test for fluoride. If your water is fluoridated, you have a few options. Drink bottled water. Sometimes there is fluoride in bottled water, though. It depends on where it comes from. Spring water normally has little - if any - fluoride in it

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He said a little fluoride is best as it will keep them from getting cavities and the such as they get older. He told me that dentists are trying to get the word out on that. Use only a little bit though, since they will most likely swallow it. So I really wouldn't worry, though just make sure that you are using only small amounts Every night when you dream, your soul leaves your body and travels around in the spirit realm. Most of the time you're unconscious when this happens so you do not recall what you experience. However, with a clean and healthy pineal gland, you have the ability to experience this so-called 'dream state' while you're still conscious Yes. Fluoride is poisonous when you take it in large amounts. You can become very ill if you swallow too many vitamins containing fluoride, too much fluoride rinse or too many sodium fluoride drugs. Symptoms of fluoride overdose include heart problems, breathing problems, throwing up, muscle weakness, diarrhea, stomach pain and headache, among. I would like to point out, fluoride is a naturally occurring element in water as much as xylitol is natural. There are communities that have too much fluoride naturally occurring in their water and the treatment plants take great measures to remove it to a level that is deemed safe by research Don't buy fluoridated toothpaste when you have little kids. Our little ones do not have a well-developed swallowing reflex, though. They tend to swallow a good deal of toothpaste while brushing. Of course, the same applies to mouthwashes, gels, and other dental products

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Sodium fluoride is the additive contained in most grey top tubes in labs, always accompanied by potassium oxalate. The idea behind having sodium fluoride mixed in with the blood sample is to use it as an antiglycolitic agent and preserve glucose i.. If you are using a prescription toothpaste, tell your dentist or doctor if you have kidney disease. Ask a doctor before using ACT Fluoride Rinse if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use ACT Fluoride Rinse in a child without the advice of a doctor or dentist. Some forms of fluoride topical should not be used in children of certain ages If your child, swallows a small amount of fluoride mouthwash (or any other type), there's no reason to panic. Swallowing small amounts of mouthwash may leave you feeling a bit queasy or may even cause diarrhea, but these symptoms should pass. Howe.. What happens when you overindulge may be surprising. When the kidneys are unable to excrete excess sodium, it can build up, Perkins said. If too much builds up, our body reacts. So what happens when we go overboard with the saltshaker? Kidneys won't filter. The kidneys serve to filter blood If you have any questions about your water's fluoride content, the fluoridated products your child uses, or whether your child is receiving too much or too little fluoride, talk to your doctor or dentist. Reviewed by: Rupal Christine Gupta, MD. Date Reviewed: 4/14/201

Does boiling water reduce fluoride? As mentioned, normal boiling does not remove fluoride. It increases its concentration. Most water filters don't touch fluoride. Freezing water doesn't remove fluoride.. Does purified water have fluoride in it? Bottled water products labeled as de-ionized, purified, demineralized, or distilled have been treated in such a way that they contain [ The chance of developing fluorosis exists until about age eight because teeth are still forming under the gums. Ultimately, getting the right amount of fluoride is best—not too much and not too little. Your dentist, pediatrician or family physician can help you determine the proper amount of fluoride for your child Fluoride is a hot topic in the 21st Century -- many have debated on whether we consume too much or too little. In order to form an opinion, we have to understand what exactly Fluoride is and how it helps our teeth. We will cover some basic questions about Fluoride Too little or too much iodine, and; Things that block the thyroid's uptake; Either of these can be a part of the cycle which triggers autoimmunity. Furthermore, things that slow down iodine uptake can slow down the thyroid independent of autoimmunity. Basically, this is what fluoride does Fluoride Definition. Fluoride is a negatively charged fluorine atom (F -), also known as a fluorine anion.Fluoride is a naturally occurring ion, found in certain mineral and salty deposits. Certain levels of fluoride have been proven to be beneficial in fighting cavities and strengthening teeth.As a public health measure, fluoride has been maintained at low levels in municipal drinking water.

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You should call if you have any questions about poisoning or poison prevention. It does NOT need to be an emergency. You can call for any reason, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What to Expect at the Emergency Room. If you swallow toothpaste that does not contain fluoride, you may not need to go to the hospital. Those who swallow a lot of. Fluoride is as dangerous as lye. a bit of lye in soap really gets you clean, too much will melt your skin off. Same with fluoride, just enough really helps to remineralize your teeth, too much can make you sick bit yous be hard pressed to get that much, even if you ate a whole tube of fluoridated toothpaste. Swallowing only a small amount of highly concentrated hydrogen fluoride will affect major internal organs and may be fatal. Hydrogen fluoride gas, even at low levels, can irritate the eyes, nose, and respiratory tract Fluoride is known to decrease dental cavities in children by 25-30%, which happens due to the infiltration of fluoride inside the dental structure, consequently making it more resistant to bacteria and acidic insults. When Does Fluoride Become Harmful? Like any other chemical material, fluoride effects are dose-dependent

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  1. al pain and increased thirst
  2. If you are one of the millions of people taking Prozac, you may have noticed that the generic name for Prozac is fluoxetine. It's not a coincidence that the name sounds a lot like fluoride. Some of the most commonly prescribed drugs contain significant amounts of fluoride, including antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs
  3. g, lets say up until 17 or 18 years old, if you take systemic fluoride, for example, if your municipal water supply is fluoridated, or if you take fluoride drops or tablets, and if the dose is a little higher than recommended, your teeth can develop opaque white areas, but that's not from the external application of fluoride, as happens when use use a fluoridated toothpaste

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  1. Both types of filtration systems can remove as much as 90% of fluoride in water. Studies have even confirmed that RO systems have a fluoride removal efficiency of up to 98%. Keep the Pros and Cons of Fluoride Well-Balanced. Like everything else in life, too little or too much fluoride can make or break your dental and skeletal health
  2. Fluoride continues to help your teeth resist cavities at all concentrations. However, too much fluoride can cause enamel fluorosis which can range in appearance from small white imperfections in your teeth to unsightly brown stained teeth
  3. Basically if you lose fluoride faster than you take it in, you are at risk of tooth decay. Make sure to ask your dentist what the best ways of retaining fluoride is for you and your enamel. It all..
  4. In some municipalities, water suppliers add fluoride into the water on purpose to promote dental health. While it's totally fine to drink water with a little bit of fluoride in it, too much of this substance can cause unwanted conditions like dental and skeletal fluorosis
  5. If this happens it can cause you to have sleep problems. It can also take its toll on human sexual development and function. It occurs when there is an excess formation of calcium around the pineal gland. Pineal gland Calcification Causes. One of the causes of pineal gland calcification is an excess amount of fluoride in your water
  6. If you read my newsletters, blog, or books, you know a healthy mouth is a non-acidic, neutral, or alkaline mouth, with a pH 7.0 or above.Tooth roots begin to dissolve as this pH gets a tiny bit below neutral (at pH 6.5) and, when acidity levels dip to pH 5.5 or lower teeth will erode, become discolored, and be at risk for cavities
  7. Too much fluoride from any source over a long period of time can potentially cause dental fluorosis, which is a change in the color and appearance of the enamel, Hoss says

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If you are using a fluoride toothpaste, then a disorder known as fluorosis can present itself. Since your daughter is too young to understand that she needs to spit, I would switch to a fluoride.. Burns of as little as 1% body surface area (BSA), or approximately 25 sq in (about the size of the palm of your hand), have been known to be fatal due to the acid's unique properties. HF. It also provides your teeth with a low-concentration dose of fluoride to neutralize any decay that might have occurred that day. Fluoride is best used daily in small doses for the greatest results. Using mouth wash when necessary. If you want a little extra kick, swish with mouthwash to give your teeth additional protection What happens if you swallow mouthwash? If you happen to ingest a small amount of mouth rinse accidentally while you're gargling, it's not going to kill you. Chances are the most that may happen is that you'll feel a little nauseous and have a spell of diarrhea that will likely subside within a couple of hours

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  1. d research
  2. If your house is heated by natural gas, and it happens to contain hydrogen sulfide, you could pipe some of it into your container of O2F2. In addition to a massive explosion, this will also produce a cloud of hydrogen fluoride gas. Hydrogen fluoride can dissolve human tissue on contact, starting with your lungs and corneas
  3. Fluoride can have some devastating health effects when you ingest too much of it, which is why a lot of people are taking steps to remove it from their drinking water. Ahead, we'll take a look at some of the harmful effects fluoride can have on the human body
  4. ing your child's teeth and asking you about your water supply. That's because fluoride, a substance found naturally in water, plays an important role in healthy tooth development and cavity prevention
  5. A, you could be exposed to its harmful effects. As long as you are not ingesting too much fluoride, you will not be exposed to its harmful effects. Talking about fluoride's harmful effects, it should be noted that fluoride has only been proven to cause mottling or staining of the teeth
  6. So afterward, you have a very tiny amount, that's good, or you have none, that's the best. If you have a contact t. ank and a hose bib between your contact tank and your carbon filter, you want enough residual before it goes to your carbon filter, say between 1 and 2 parts per million
  7. All devices have failures. We have to consider the possible failure methods of any nuclear reactor design. We don't know the ways LFTRs would fail, just like we didn't know decades ago that a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami could knock out all diesel backup generators leading to loss of coolant accidents, or how engineers' recommendations would be ignored in construction of sea walls, at.

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  1. Until your cavity is filled, you can slow down the rate of decay by eating less sugar, brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, and flossing. These are things dentists always do.
  2. The fluoride story is important because it highlights just how little people know about what goes into their body. Fluorosis is the most common condition associated with ingesting too much fluoride. If you want to opt out of the government's fluoride program, you do have options
  3. utes or more) several times a day may damage your enamel, especially if you're brushing too hard. Brushing teeth 3 or more times a day isn't necessarily bad, but damage occurs if you're brushing the wrong way
  4. e, chlorine, and iodine. These are known as halogens and are salt-for
  5. It is well known that fluoride helps prevent and even reverse the early stages of tooth decay. Tooth decay happens when plaque — that sticky film of bacteria that builds up on teeth — breaks down sugars in food. The bacteria produce damaging acids that dissolve the hard enamel surfaces of teeth

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