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Inspectors check: whether leaders have a sound grasp of relative strengths and weaknesses in their school/provider if there's a credible plan to address the areas for concern and maintain the.. 9th May 2016 by Kelly Leave a Comment What documentation Ofsted will check during an inspection It is the Ofsted inspector's job to check certain documentation during an inspection; this is to check whether the setting is meeting the guidelines set out in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage

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What do Ofsted want to see in a display? This Blog is summary of an article published by the Key and includes Ofsted comments on school displays. Firstly it is important that pupils have a real engagement and involvement in the production of displays, which is unlikely to be the case if they have been produced specifically with an inspection in. A big one they look at is the School Evaluation Form (SEF). Some people do it once a year, I do mine as a working document. So if the call ever comes, it reflects the exact position the school is in now. Of course, Ofsted also want to see your School Improvement Plan (SIP) and - equally - how it is shared with staff The new guidance says Ofsted will discuss with school leaders and those responsible for governance the actions being taken to provide education in the current circumstances. It says this will include: How effectively leaders are adapting the existing curriculum to meet current challenges. What schools had achieved by the start of the pandemic In short, Ofsted will be looking for schools that are offering a well thought-out, knowledge-led curriculum They are looking for a curriculum that also that promotes the mastery maths approach, whilst allowing pupils opportunities for in-depth study Ofsted homepage. Check Ofsted's COVID-19 updates to see how inspections and reports are affected. Find an inspection report. You can find reports for schools, colleges, childminders, nurseries, children's homes and more in England. Search for. Name, URN or keyword. Location or postcode. Category. All categories

While Ofsted does not make a separate judgement about SEN provision, it is woven throughout the whole-school inspection. Judgements are made on four key areas: They will look for evidence that pupils with SEND are committed to learning, understand how to be a successful learner and feel safe at school Ofsted likes to see welcome posters, for example, and samples of the children's art work. It's also nice for the children to see some of their artwork on display and a few well-chosen educational posters can benefit their learning. However, you and your family do not want to still see this stuff once the children go home ELLIS WHITTAM HOW TO PASS AN OFSTED INSPECTION FROM AN HR PERSPECTIVE 2 WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW AND DO Whether a full inspection or a short inspection, here are some tips to keep on top of the day-to-day HR related issues that are likely to impact on judgements that inspectors will make in respect o Ofsted will make sure you're meeting the requirements for safety and learning and development. If you don't meet the requirements, you'll be told what you need to do to improve and when you need to..

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Ofsted inspects other children's social care provision or services under the Education and Inspections Act 2006, including secure training centres and the Children and Family Court Advisory and.. Ofsted New Inspection Framework - Q&A. Ofsted's change of inspection emphasis from paperwork (data) to practice (quality of education) is HUGE and providers are, naturally, asking questions about what they are going to do next. There are concerns about how much paperwork will be needed and what questions Ofsted inspectors are going to ask

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What do Ofsted look for in a lesson?Aug 2, 2019The OFSTED definition of an outstanding lesson OFSTED defines an outstanding lesson as one in which pupils are.. Hi, Ofsted does not conduct short inspections for schools in special measures. Schools in special measures do may, however, receive monitoring visits under Section 8 of the Education Act. Depending on the size of the school and the precise reasons for the monitoring visit, the duration of these inspections can be one or two days Ofsted doesn't have set criteria for evaluating health and safety, but it'll report on any failure to comply with statutory requirements. Be clear on your obligations, and good practice, so you feel ready if Ofsted asks The 'deep dive' approach: Inspectors will take an in-depth, intense look at four to six different subject areas within the school - something Ofsted calls a 'deep dive'. Deep dives will help inspectors better understand the quality of education being offered throughout the school and whether curriculum intent is being achieved within.

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Ofsted has also said that schools do not need to prepare any documentation specifically for the visit nor do schools need to prepare a self-evaluation. However, if Ofsted has significant concerns about safeguarding or a breakdown in school leadership, it can convert the visit into a no formal designation inspection of a school During an Ofsted inspection, a large section of the inspection will be looking closely at the leadership and management of the setting. A joint observation with the Ofsted inspector and the manager will be analysed and the managers leadership and management skills will be judged Ofsted recognises that you often won't be able to assess the impact of your personal development provision while a pupil is at your school. For that reason, inspectors won't try to measure the impact of your provision on individual pupils The Ofsted deep dive is one of the key elements of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework's curriculum focus. An Ofsted inspection of any establishment, primary or secondary, small school or large, will now include 'a subject deep dive'. This will be an in-depth look at a particular area of your curriculum (e.g. maths or EYFS) which Ofsted will decide on and inform you of prior to the. The new Ofsted framework divides into four areas: achievement, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety of pupils and quality of leadership and management. Take a look at Guardian jobs for.

From this term, Ofsted will be reporting on both the 'behaviour' and 'attitudes' of a school's pupils as one of the four judgements within the new Education Inspection Framework. In a move designed to emphasise the importance of how pupils approach their learning and life in school, do we really know enough about attitudes and how they are formed to inspect them Ofsted has published the finalised version of its new inspection framework, which will govern all school visits from this September. The watchdog's leaders have made a number of changes to the framework since the draft was published earlier this year, in response to a consultation to which more than 15,000 people and organisations responded Although Gill Jones, deputy director for early years at Ofsted, has announced a diminished focus on assessment, inspectors will still need to see that children are making progress, that assessment is used effectively, and that staff are taking the children's learning forward. Assessment does not need to be an onerous task, however Ofsted recently announced it will introduce a new focus on how schools plan their curriculum. We look at what the watchdog has said so far, how inspectors have been involved in curriculum in the past, and ask some experts: how can schools make sure they're building a strong curriculum? Ofsted's delegation to the recent Festiva Keep calm and trust the messages that are coming from Ofsted. Look at the frameworks so you know what they will and won't ask to see - that way you will be on the front foot with documents you need and you won't waste your time on things that aren't needed, he adds. Ofsted is looking for a lot less than it used to

Ofsted This section brings together a collection of in-depth information covering issues relating to childcare regulation and the Ofsted inspection process. If you are just looking for a specific Ofsted factsheet, see our summary of all the relevant Ofsted documentation for out of school clubs About 'Ofsted blog: schools, early years, further education and skills' This blog will look at the way Ofsted inspects education, from early years to schools and the further education and skills sector. It will update you on developments and feature current issues

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Childminders must be registered with Ofsted in order to look after children under the age of 8 years old. Childminders caring for young children (until the child has reached the end of the reception year in school) must register on the Early Years Register In fact, Ofsted have been clear that inspectors won't look at internal progress and attainment data. 'I hear one or two primary colleagues worrying that Ofsted will expect to see a secondary-style curriculum in a primary school and I just want to say that's absolutely not the case.' Matthew Purves, Deputy Director, Schools Ofsted. 3

Ofsted has declined to comment on this question. Its inspection handbook, published before the Covid crisis, says monitoring inspections can include Ofsted carrying out lesson observations. 2. How many schools does Ofsted plan to inspect in the next two terms? If everything goes to plan next year, the watchdog will make two big returns Ofsted explained the change by saying : For homework, it is up to individual schools to decide whether it is age-appropriate, in line with their policy. Inspectors do not assess homework as part of inspections. The inspectorate had previously placed more emphasis on homework. In 2016, it surveyed more than 300 parents on the topic Any OFSTED inspector will tell you that there is no exact recipe for an outstanding lesson; they simply know one when they see it. The one vital ingredient is enthusiasm - from both from pupils and from teachers - whose body language speaks volumes about how engaged they are Ofsted's new Common Inspection Framework (published June 2015) includes a judgement on Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare. As part of reaching this judgement, inspectors will look at the extent to which schools are successfully supporting pupils to gain knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy and make informed choices about healthy eating, [and] fitness throughout. Ofsted's e quality objectives 2017-20 The Equality Act 2010 sets out that all public bodies will publish equalities objectives every four years. This document identifies the equalities objectives that we have chosen to focus on over the next few years, from 2017 to 2020, to improve equality, diversity and inclusion in Ofsted

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  1. Briefing for schools: Ofsted requirements for safeguarding in schools in England. Schools in England are inspected and judged on the effectiveness of their safeguarding arrangements and need to demonstrate that they are meeting their statutory responsibilities
  2. So what does this mean for inspection? Rather than change, it is business as usual for Ofsted. Regardless of the format of an apprenticeship programme, our inspectors want to see that apprentices know something new, can do something better, are able to work on their own, and can make independent decisions as a result of their training and learning
  3. Ofsted inspecting schools' finances. He said: We think this is a hugely misguided concept. It complicates the role of Ofsted at a time when we have eye-watering levels of financial scrutiny through the Education and Skills Funding Agency. I do not think Ofsted have the capacity or capability to do this
  4. The new Ofsted inspection framework will see a focus on the breadth of a school's curriculum offer, including its 'intent', 'implementation' and 'impact'. In light of these changes, Matt Bromley looks at how schools might plan their curriculu
  5. The new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (EIF) comes into effect this month. Ofsted have published an explanatory document related specifically to lesson observation and how it will be used in the new inspections - an important inspection method within an inspector's toolkit
  6. The Ofsted framework echoes this view. It cautions that inspectors must not expect teaching staff to teach in any specific way or follow a prescribed methodology.At the London Festival of Education in October 2012, Sir Michael was challenged by a member of the audience to explain what Ofsted is looking for when it inspects schools
  7. Ofsted argues that unannounced inspections allow them to see settings running normally, but staff say it's not 'normal' for play managers to have an inspector demanding information while they are.

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  1. Ofsted needs to now look at the data it's been collecting to find out why the situation has not improved for children. is we need to have Ofsted do a deep dive on the issue of the.
  2. Matthew Shanks, deputy CEO at Education South West multi-academy trust, Newton Abbot, Devon, and occasional inspector for Ofsted. YES. Ofsted will look at how schools are getting pupils back up to.
  3. Finally, included with the free Ofsted Maths Factfile is a list of the questions that Inspectors have asked on recent inspections since September 2019 ie under the new Ofsted Framework. These cover aspects like your vision for maths, the strengths and weaknesses, coverage and progression; as well. as how you support SEND pupils and how you.
  4. Now you have read about the latest changes ⬆, why not check out the first in our series of advice videos on preparing for the safeguarding element of Ofsted. If you are a DSLs who has been inspected and can share your experience, we would really like to hear from you
  5. Your Ofsted inspector will want to look at some of your working documents, (the paperwork most often requested is listed on pages 10 and 11 of the Early years inspection handbook). But as every inspection is unique, it is unlikely that inspectors will want to see all these documents at every inspection - more great news
  6. See how Ofsted inspects SEND provision in special schools and mainstream schools with SEND provision. Find out what inspectors look for, how they gather evidence, and how they assess outcomes
  7. What does Ofsted like about nurture groups? Ofsted wants pupils to learn and succeed in school, and nurture helps with that. But Ofsted does not just like nurture in general, they want to see evidence that the intervention is targeted to the needs of individual pupils, that it is linked with the mainstream class

Ofsted are also looking at Characteristics of Effective LeArning in much more depth across the piece and are far less interested in data or paper pasted evidence. They want practitioners to walk the walk and talk the talk Ahead of an Ofsted Inspection, inspectors will look at relevant publicly available information, such as the school's website. Ensure you are already complying with the statutory requirements set out in the statutory guidance for schools document, Careers Strateg Yes, OFSTED say that governors can see draft inspection reports. Schools are always given a chance to make comments on the draft but unless they have been judged to be causing concern (in other words, judged to be inadequate) staff can only dispute the facts of the report, not the opinions of the inspector What every careers leader needs to know about the 2019 Ofsted CIF Sunday 19 th May 2019 . Back in January Ofsted asked for our opinion on their draft Common Inspection Frameworrk. They've considered our responses and they now have an updated version for teachers and school staff to consume, digest and respond to 5 things Ofsted look for in End Point Assessment As a training provider, you must make sure you're prepared for an Ofsted inspection. Ofsted don't inspect EPA itself, but they do inspect the preparation up to end point assessment

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Ofsted requires nurseries to provide Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) care, preparing children for school and their future. In order to regulate the provision of Early Years Care Ofsted regularly inspects nurseries to ensure the set standards are being achieved After consultation and revision this spring, Ofsted's new Inspection Framework comes into force from September 2019. I will look at what has motivated two of the major changes: how inspectors will use schools' data, and what they will be looking for as 'Quality of Education'. I will also discuss what these changes mean for schools The purpose of regulation, as outlined by Ofsted in the Framework for the regulation of provision on the Early Years Register 2013, is to give parents an expert and independent assessment to show how well the provider is performing so they can make informed choices about childcare for their children

Ofsted will inspect nurseries to ensure the set standards are being met. Inspections should be seen as a positive way to promote good practice. Nurseries will be inspected during every cycle unless a complaint has risen. The inspection takes place on the premises of the setting and the inspector will want see the following areas of the nursery About Ofsted - developments in social care inspection. This blog looks at the way Ofsted inspects the social care sector: local authority children's services and social care providers, such as children's homes. We help social care professionals stay up to date on issues and developments in the sector. Find out more During an Ofsted inspection, be confident and talk through with the inspector what is displayed on your notice board, the inspector will ask questions and will note down any evidence of best practice. Ensure you regularly update display boards and ensure the information is relevant Look at local inspections too and see what the their time scale was. Last year I pencilled in Ofsted fortnights for my schools and was spookily spot on with some. 2. Create your own Ofsted preparation pla Ofsted's inspection handbook says inspectors will want to meet those responsible for governance. In a MAT this is likely to include those at board level and those on the local governing body. If..

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Put simply, outstanding does not mean 'perfect'. Nor does it mean that there aren't areas for improvement, or there will not be a serious case review/learning review. Identifying areas for.. The three main reasons given by Ofsted for the joint observation are as follows: ● 'Joint observations help the inspector to gain an insight into the effectiveness of the provision's professional development programme for practitioners. Ofsted does not specify how you should lay out curriculum or lesson planning, how long it should take or the detail it should go into; you do not need to provide individual lesson plans. There does not need to be a particular frequency or quantity of work in books. Ofsted will not grade individual lessons, teachers or books In terms of school inspections, an Ofsted inspector is required to report on the achievement of pupils at the school, quality of teaching in the school, quality of leadership in and management of the school and behaviour and safety of pupils at the school The big new change which impacts heavily on careers leads. The key move for Ofsted is that they are moving away from data and more into looking at the efficacy of the curriculum in building pupil's personal development with the caveat that the results of such work will often not be visible until long after the input of the intervention

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  1. Ofsted is responsible for inspecting non-association independent schools, those private schools that are not inspected by organisations like the Independent Schools Inspectorate, to check they meet the government's independent school standards
  2. Amanda Spielman, OFSTED's chief inspector, has said that these new criteria are designed to emphasise to headteachers that building resilience in young people is an integral part of education. It's about making clear that education is not just about teaching a good set of academic subjects really well
  3. utes to see evidence of challenge, support and actions taken. They will look at the school improvement plan, governor visit reports and any action plans governors have written

Inspectors will not look at non-statutory internal progress and attainment data on section 5 and section 8 inspections of schools. That does not mean that schools cannot use data if they consider it appropriate. Inspectors will, however, put more focus on the curriculum and less on schools' generation, analysis and interpretation of data A look at their Ofsted dashboard seems to suggest that as recently as 2011 their expected levels of progress for English were even higher than the 85% lauded in the case study - at 91%, which is 6% more than then 2013 figure You may or may not be aware, that Ofsted inspectors do not expect to see a lesson plan - they never have(!) and it is one of the greatest myths of the teaching profession here in England and Wales - but, just wait a moment! Ofsted do expect to see evidence of a planned lesson!. Lesson planning. Lesson planning: Hate it or love it? Subsequently, when you are actually mentally planning. Ofsted inspectors visit new providers within their first 2 years of delivery and spend 2 days making their judgements. Providers will then have their full inspection within the next year. What do inspectors look at? The inspectors don't look at the whole inspection framework, a just a few key themes: 1. Leadership 2 When Ofsted specifies vocational courses, as part of the contract for schools with pos1t-6 pupils, inspectors must be identfiied in the team list with experience of vocational education. Question 5 |What do inspectors look for? 5·1 All inspectors follow the inspection framework set out by Ofsted. They are expected to look carefully at

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  1. What is Ofsted and what does it do? Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills. It reports directly to Parliament and is both independent and impartial. By law it must inspect schools with the aim of providing information to parents, to promote improvement and to hold schools to account
  2. Conducting mock Ofsted inspections are easy to do especially when following the Early Years Handbook. This document gives clear information of what the Ofsted inspection will request to see, and it also tells you more about on the day of the inspection. Some settings invite other people in to do mock inspections as this is a fresh pair of eyes
  3. When Ofsted Inspects Safeguarding. This page is ofstedsafe.lgfl.net. We are making a series of advice videos on preparing for the safeguarding element of Ofsted. Here are the first few. If you are a DSLs who has been inspected under the new framework, we would really like to hear from you
  4. An Ofsted spokesman said: Inspectors are required to look at the content of a school's website as part of their planning and preparation process before inspection. The data was collected with the help of Watchsted.co
  5. I think Ofsted's proposal to look at the school culture and the impact it has on behaviour (both the extreme/ unacceptable behaviour but also 'behaviour for learning', and how a school might encourage resilience and aspirations, for example) is a game changer

Does Ofsted look at the right things? Vague terminology from Ofsted is a cause of considerable frustration for teachers and school leaders. For a school to be judged 'Outstanding' for teaching, learning and assessment under the current inspection regime, teachers must provide pupils with incisive feedback. At n 4 A practitioner's guide to Ofsted inspections A practitioner's guide to Ofsted inspections 5 I believe that this is because we see what people do day in, day out, not a rehearsal of what teachers, trainers and assessors think Ofsted inspectors are looking for On the Ofsted website, you can find inspection reports, the Ofsted data dashboard, and Parent View. You should familiarise yourselves with these pages, and also have a look at other resources available, like the Fischer Family Trust Dashboard. If you are a GOLD member of NGA and have further questions you would like answered Ofsted have recently updated and published updated inspection frameworks for 2019 which will come into effect in September and includes guidance on the inspection of safeguarding in early years, education and skills settings. This is an opportunity to remind ourselves of this important guidance which sets out the key points for Ofsted inspectors when they are inspecting safeguarding arrangements

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  1. It looks like Ofsted - or at least this particular inspector and those who QA'ed him/her - really do want red, orange and green boxes with numbers in them. But rest assured, Sean says no. I suggest we all cut out and keep these tweets to wave at Ofsted inspectors as required
  2. OFSTED published their Subsidiary guidance supporting the inspection of maintained schools and academies today. I didn't really see it at the time as I was abroad and sans iPhone (I know! Important to take a tech break from time to time though..)
  3. Ofsted will consider how well your managers and leaders evaluate the quality of your provision and outcomes through robust self-evaluation, taking account of the views of your parents, staff and children. How you do this will be unique to your setting

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The schools that Ofsted visited for this survey had widely different allocations of Pupil Premium spending. For the primary schools visited, funding ranged from £2,400 to £83,896 in 2011/12 and from £4,200 to £134,323 in 2012/13 when the funding formula changed to includ Neither do Ofsted require schools to undertake additional work specifically for the inspection which is why they normally contact the school by telephone during the afternoon of the working day before the inspection. On some occasions, Ofsted may conduct inspections without notice although when this happens, the lead inspector will normally. As Aidan Severs writes, Ofsted will be looking for schools that are offering a well thought-out, knowledge-led curriculum They are looking for a curriculum that also that promotes mastery of skills, whilst allowing pupils opportunities. This supports the inclusion of cultural education in the curriculum that develop skills for life What results do Ofsted give? Inspectors look at four main areas - pupil achievement, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety of pupils and quality of leadership/management For an in-depth look at the difference between the registers, and the implications of registering on the Early Years Register, or the Compulsory or Voluntary parts of the Childcare Register, see our article: See: Ofsted registers compared Ofsted guidance For comprehensive guidance on who needs to register with Ofsted, see

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• The frequency of Ofsted inspections • The potential outcomes for schools after inspections • The types of evidence inspectors look at as part of the inspection process • Recent changes to the way Ofsted carries out its duties • Current issues in inspection It mostly covers England In this week's blog I look at what it is that Ofsted mean by a curriculum intent and what schools need to know about implementing it. In the next two blog posts I will be looking further at the implementation and measuring its impact. What does intent mean? The framework for setting out the aims of a programme of education, including the. Ofsted (2001) Inspecting Subjects 3 - 11: English as an Additional Language. London : Ofsted. Ofsted (2001) Inspecting Subjects 11 - 16: English as an Additional Language. London : Ofsted. Ofsted (2004a) Managing the Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant - Good practice in secondary schools. London: Ofsted (Ref. HMI 2172

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How long after ofsted visit does a new minder get their certificate. Childcare providers. ofsted registration visit. Childcare providers. Pre-registration visit. Childcare providers. She had a quick look round then asked me about my previous experiences and my plans for the business. I had done some policies as I was on the pre reg at the. What does a new deep dive 2019 inspection look like for history? Basically, there are 6 areas that the history subject leader may expect to be involved in Exploration of medium/long term plans for history Meetings with history leader(s) Observations/Learning Walks (often with the history leader). If history isn't taught on the day of inspection then they understand that but Continue Readin SSAT senior education lead Colin Logan explains the changes under the new regime, and what they will mean for schools being inspected . There was a feeling in some schools, and particularly among special educational needs co-ordinators within them, that SEND was in some ways the poor relation of other key areas during an Ofsted inspection Ofsted held a webinar specifically for childminders on 30 September 2019 about what inspectors will look for under the Education Inspection Framework (EIF) in England as well as further discussion about learning walks, rations and key myth busting Pluto you sound like you are quoting from an Ofsted rule book! So what does that actually mean... I was observed, TA was sitting with a targeted group of children (in plans) who might have difficulty with what we were doing. Children were using small whiteboards and pens during the input and she helped them as we went along. Apparently this was.

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