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Yukon Gear & Axle at CARiD:http://www.carid.com/yukon-gear-axle/A pinion bearing is a mechanical element that constrains the movement of a pinion, a gear wit.. Pinion depth affects where the pinion gear teeth meshes with the ring gear teeth. Pinion gear depth is commonly adjusted by varying shim thickness on the pinion gear and bearing assembly. PINION BEARING PRELOAD.- The pinion bearing preload is frequently adjusted by torquing the pinion nut to compress a collapsible spacer The slack would leave the pinion bearings with little or no preload. It takes considerable torque to turn the pinion nut, and it can be tricky towards the end. Once the companion flange feels snug, turn the pinion nut in 1/8 inch increments, and then with each turn, check the turning tension with an inch-pound torque wrench

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  1. 3. Once the correct pinion depth is established, the pinion bearing preload can be adjusted. 4. Once pinion depth has been set, a final backlash setting can be achieved by adjusting the location of the differential and ring gear. If using shims: Adding shims on the ring-gear's smooth side of the carrier moves the ring-gear closer to the.
  2. Pinion Bearing Preload - Is the amount of rolling resistance on the pinion bearings. This is adjusted by adding or subtracting shims located between pinion bearings (more shim = less preload) alternatively set by tightening nut with a crush sleeve in place, collapsing it until desired preload is achieved
  3. Everyone who has a little bit of experience setting up a pinion bearing preload knows how much precision it requires to get it right. A torque wrench is the best tool to use in this situation. But in this article on how to set pinion bearing preload without torque wrench, we will help you find a few ways. You can make a few adjustments through these techniques before you get any other help. As.
  4. uscule amount so it is somewhat analogous to pushing a wheel along soft ground; the balls or rollers are distorting the races. When you apply torque to crush the spacer this applies the preload to the bearings.
  5. Once backlash and carrier bearing preload is set, then you will want to do a pattern check to see where the tooth contact is, desired is in the middle and lower on the tooth. Paint a contact solution or prussion blue on the face of the teeth, apply resistance on the ring gear and rotate the pinion gear until you have completed one full.
  6. g the backlash check. After these bearing preloads have been adjusted, it's good practice to check the gear tooth pattern. Use the appropriate dye or marking compound to complete this task. Both the side and pinion bearings are adjusted by changing the shim thickness on each side of the case
  7. When you checked preload initially did you have the nut fully torqued? If so then something has changed. On yours is the slinger between the yoke and pinion bearing, between the pinion bearing and shim pack, or between the housing and the seal? I've seen Them in any of these places from the factory

Torque pinion nut to spec and check pinion-bearing preload. Remember that the new bearings require a preload of 20-40 in-lbs. Adjust with outer pinion-bearing shims as required. Check backlash and contact pattern - if adjustment is required you will have to carefully drive out inner pinion-bearing cup and/or pull carrier-bearings from carrier Pinion load is set with shims under the bearing against the pinion sleeve. The torque wrench is used to check the load when turning the pinion nut. The 8.75 does not use a crush sleeve. At least my 742 case didn't. Bottom line is you're in for a full tear down Pinion bearing preload, assuming your pinion depth is correct which it should be since you haven't modified that, is set using a crush sleeve from the factory, or using a solid spacer and shims in the aftermarket (which I prefer) Whenever the ring and pinion gears or the pinion or differential case bearings are replaced, pinion gear depth, pinion bearing preload, and the ring and pinion gear tooth patterns and backlash must be checked and adjusted. True or False: Question 20. Whenever a tapered roller bearing is replaced, its _____ must be replaced with it

Prepare crownwheel for examining tooth contact marks (Fig. 7.8) After setting the correct backlash, the crownwheel and pinion tooth alignment should be checked for optimum contact. This may be achieved by applying a marking cream such as Prussian blue, red lead, chrome yellow, red or yellow ochre etc. to three evenly spaced groups of about six teeth round the crownwheel on both drive coast. Step:17 Check Pinion Preload. You need a dial indicator with a magnetic base to check the backlash. Backlash is adjusted by moving the carrier left or right with shims between the carrier bearings and the axle assembly housing. Moving the carrier to the right (passenger's side) pushes the ring gear into the pinion, decreasing backlash. WORM BEARING PRELOAD - Assures that the worm shaft is held snugly inside the gearbox housing. If the worm shaft bearings are too loose, the worm shaft can move sideways and up and down during operation. OVER CENTER CLEARANCE - Controls the amount of play between the pitman arm shaft gear (sector) and the teeth on the ball nut Inspect the axles for pitted, grooved, or dull and rough bearing surfaces. Check for worn axle splines. All questionable parts should be replac e Assembly Differential Adjustments The four essential differential adjustments are pinion depth, pinion bearing preload, backlash and carrier bearing preload

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  1. Proper pinion bearing preload is achieved when the torque required to rotate the pinion is 5-15 in/lbs for used bearings or 25-35 in/lbs for new bearings. The best tool for checking pinion bearing preload, on any axle, is a dial-indicating torque wrench with a fairly small scale
  2. Bearing Preload is an axial or thrust load applied to a bearing that removes excess play. There are many ways to apply preload, as well as many benefits and potential problems with preload. This article will provide an overview of bearing preloading in common radial and angular contact ball bearing applications
  3. • Bearing preload adjusted too • CHECK the ring and pinion tight for damage. INSPECT the ring and pinion wear pattern. ADJUST the preload as necessary. • Excessive gear wear • INSPECT all the axle gears for wear or damaged. INSTALL new components as necessary. • Incorrect ring gear backlash • INSPECT the ring gear fo
  4. Bearing preload adapter (525269-26) 3. Install these parts into gear carrier. 4. Stand front bearing pilot support on the bench with the appropriate side up and as- semble front pinion bearing pilot, front pinion bearing inner race and lead preload washer. Ensure that all parts are seated. 4mb- Pinion front bearing inner race Tool number.
  5. The pinion bearing preload and adjusting the position of the pinion axially are two different things. You need to set the correct pinion bearing preload, then adjust the position using shims behind the pinion bearing race. This is the key to setting up a strong diff

the inner track (14) should be adjusted, by grinding the bearing side, to give a bearing preload torque of 12-15 lbs.ins when oiled (measure torque as when setting pinion shaft, using tool SK-1913). fig. 4 It is essential that the pinion bearing preload is checked and adjusted if any of the pinion shaft component After seating the pinion, check the pinion bearing preload again. Install Carrier and Adjust Carrier Preload and Backlash Carrier bearing preload is not specifically measured, but a good tight fit is important in all differential designs. Inadequate carrier bearing preload allows the carrier to move when under load and this can cause the. NOTE - To increase backlash, remove shims from ring gear side and install on opposite side and vise versa. Finally run a gear tooth contact pattern and adjust shims as necessary. Pinion Bearing Preload - Install pinion and stub axle of seals. Install stub axles following procedure given under stub axle removal and installation Install the outer pinion bearing and the pinion yoke (don't install the new pinion seal at this time). Put some motor oil on the pinion nut and tighten down until a preload of the proper specification is achieved ( Stay on the loose side of the specifications. i.e. 15-25 inch pound spec, use 15 inch pound)

Preload The Pinion bearings and Carrier bearings run a little tight, similar to the way a wheel bearing should be loaded. The tapered bearings are adjusted to eliminate any play and then they are set a little tighter, making them a little hard to turn. This is measured by checking the torque required to turn the bearings with a dial torque. Once the pinion depth has been set, pinion preload must be applied while rotating the pinion. For used bearings, set preload at 15 in.-lbs.; with new bearings, set preload with 25 in.-lbs. Once preload has been set, install the pinion seal and the pinion locking nut (apply red Loctite high-strength locking compound or equivalent) Pinion Bearing Preload - Is the amount of rolling resistance on the pinion bearings. This is adjusted by adding or subtracting shims located between pinion bearings (more shim = less preload) Alternatively set by tightening nut with a crush sleeve in place, collapsing it until desired preload is achieved

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There will be a pinion rotating torque pre-load that should be measured before the carrier goes back in and then you'll check the carrier preload/wear pattern once the carrier goes back in before the axles go in. that's where the side adjusters come in handy. you can adjust wear pattern and side load without having to remove the carrier once your satisfied with the pattern (pinion depth) remove the carrier and pinion & pinion seal. install the crush sleeve between the carrier bearings Or the spacer and shims and adjust the pinion bearing preload note it takes considerable torque (do not use an impact wrench) to start crushing the crush sleeve go slowly and check the preload. Pinion bearing preload torque should increase about 3 in.lb. for the seal contact (13-15 in.lb. total). Final check on backlash. Then check side clearance for the carrier bearings. Then adjust side shims to provide 0.002 preload pinch each side on main bearings, and you're done The bearing end play is equal to the total indicator movement, which should be between .001 and .005 inches. Ball or Roller Bearings. Ball-bearing style wheel bearings are different than tapered roller bearings. You are not adjusting the rolling elements and races. You are setting the initial load and path for the ball bearings and races Pinion depth affects where the pinion gear teeth meshes with the ring gear teeth. Pinion gear depth is commonly adjusted by varying shim thickness on the pinion gear and bearing assembly. PINION BEARING PRELOAD. - The pinion bearing preload is frequently adjusted by torquing the pinion nut to compress a collapsible spacer

I'm changing the pinion seal on the rear end of my 86 mustang GT. I'm up to the point that with 10 lb preload, I started to double check everything and I notice that I couldn't turn the wheel axle by hand. I went back to pinion nut and checked the preload again and it is fine. I was able to turn the axle before preloading the nut This causes a loss of pinion preload and ultimately gear or bearing failure. In our N-Series gears, we only use a single solid spacer that is surface ground to the exact size we need Its a total rebuild. Going well but my instructions on carrier bearing preload are not very helpful. The old carrier had a total of 242/1000 shim on each side (242 on the left, 242 on the right). It was really tight to get the carrier out. In fact, I needed a crowbar. I just checked with the new carrier and I can slide in about 234/1000 on. Adjust the pinion depth if necessary by removing or adding a shim under the lower pinion bearing. This will not affect rotating torque, as you are shimming under the bearing. If it is shim adjusted diff, let me know, and I'll go over that. This is why I charge 4-5 hours to set-up a rear. Special tools, dummy bearings, pinion depth tools, etc.. Use an inch-pound torque wrench to check the preload. If the preload is too loose then remove shims so that the bearings will be tighter against the races and increase the preload. If the preload is too tight then remove the pinion gear and add shims so that the bearings will not be as tight against the races

Shim pinion bearings for a bearing preload, measured by torque, to rotate with 7 to 12 in-lbs, when lightly oiled, without seal installed. Torque pinion nut to 275 to 300 ft-lb. with Red Loctite. Shim the right hand spool bearing for contact patch and .0035 to .007 backlash. Shim the right hand cover bearing for a bearing preload of .0035 to. First, get about 10~20 INCH/POUNDS on the pinion preload alone.....then install the main center carrier and crank some Carrier Bearing PreLoad CBPL in there and adjust your backlash to the same .006 you originally used. You don't really have to measure the total preload but you need need some tightness on the carrier bearings for the paint test Drive pinion depth is usually adjusted by _____. Select one: a. Changing the thickness of a shim under the pinion bearing b. Tightening the side bearing cap bolts c. Adjusting the position of the ring gear d. Adding or deleting side bearing shim Pinion depth is adjusted with a select shim (1) located under the rear pinion bearing cup. Pinion bearing preload/torque to rotate is adjusted with a select shim (2) on the pinion shaft. Differential bearing preload and backlash is adjusted with select shims (3) located between the differential bearing cups and the housing. PINION GEAR DEPT

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  1. All Designs: After reaching the correct preload, moderately tap both ends of the pinion to seat the bearings, races and yoke. Be careful not to hit the pinion so hard that it damages the bearings. After seating the pinion, check the pinion bearing preload again. Install Carrier and Adjust Carrier Preload and Backlas
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  3. The ball bearing on the rear side of the drive pinion shaft should be checked for smooth rotation before the drive pinion assembly is disassembled. In this case, because a preload is working on the bearing, its rotation feels like it is slightly dragging unlike other bearings. Drive pinion shaft; Ball bearing; When bearing has other defects
  4. ADJUST Correct pinion depth must be established to ensure proper ring gear and pinion tooth contact. Pinion depth is adjusted by varying thickness of shims installed either between rear pinion bearing and gear, or between rear pinion bearing race and housing.If original ring gear and pinion, rear pinion bearing and housing are to be reused, original shims removed during disassembly can be used.

Then install housing over the pinion followed by last bearing. Install seal with sealer and nut with locktite. Tightening until no play then check for preload. Rotational preload in new bearings is 22-23inlb without seal, (with seal installed 25inlb *Recommended), old bearings 15inlb Each tightening increases the bearing preload by several pounds. If the bearing preload is exceeded, the pinion will have to be removed, and a new collapsible spacer installed. f. Once a preload of 1.0 to 1.4 N·m (8 to 12 in lbs.) has been obtained, rotate the pinion several times to assure that the bearings have seated. Recheck the preload. • Adjust manual or power non -rack and pinion worn bearing preload and sector lash. • Remove and replace manual or power rack and pinion steering gear; inspect mounting bushings and brackets. • Disassemble, inspect, repair, and reassemble rack and pinion steering gear. • Adjust manual or power rack and pinion steering gear I made a final rotational torque, with a new bearing installed, of 23 inch-lbs, ideal for this application. Preload specifications are found in a Jeep factory or professional service manual. Step 13: Bearing preload and pinion depth in the axle correct, I install the new, coated pinion seal using Super 300 sealant for insurance

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the backlash, adjust the shim packs or threaded adjusters to move the ring gear further away from the drive pinion gear. To decrease backlash, move the ring gear closer to the drive pinion gear. Bearing preload refers to the amount of interference (press) fit of the differential case and bearings into the carrier housing How do I know when I got the correct side-bearings preload? As I understand it from other internet sources: if I have a pinion preload of 15 lb-in then I should set the side-bearing preload such that the preload drag on the pinion is 53 lb-in (with a gear ratio of 3.55 (15 times 3.55 = 53)). and again, thank you for all help. Really appreciate it Pinion Mounting Designs • Straddle-mounted pinion - It has two opposing tapered-roller bearings with a spacer between them - It also has a straight-roller bearing supporting it • Overhung-mounted pinion - It only has two opposing tapered-roller bearings Methods Used to Set Pinion Bearing Preload • Collapsible spacer method - The pinion nut is tightened until the spacer collapses. Pinion depth is adjustable by adding or subtracting shim thickness. Stay +/-.002 of the pinion dimension, (see Figure 'A' and 'B'). 11. Once pinion depth is achieved using a new crush collar or preload shim pack set pinion bearing preload to 15 inch-pounds rotating torque with used bearings, and 25 inch pounds with new bearings

1. drive pinion gear 2. ring gear 3. spider gear 4. side gears. why do manufactures use a hypoid gear set? the drive pinion gear meshes below the center line of a ring gear. 3 different types of differential gear ratios? 1. hunting (3.73:1) 2. nonhunting (3.00:1) 3. partial nonhunting (3.50:1 If the pinion can be turned as is, then check the ring to pinion mesh pattern using Prussian blue ink. Then post a pic of your gear mesh for visual analysis. Do not install the rear pinion yoke seal until all has been adjusted. Most likely you may need to subtract .003 to .005 from the pinion depth or add some to to the preload pack Normally you set the bearing preload with just ring gear in by adding and subtracting the square carrier shims. With new races and new bearings you go with max preload. Then remove ring gear and install pinion. Again if you are using new races and bearings adjust pinion to max preload

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  1. Set pinion bearing preload — Set the pinion bearing preload at the high end of the specifications. Over time the bearing preload will only loosen, so if you start at the high end of the specifications, it will last longer. There are two methods of setting bearing preload. Method one uses a crush sleeve and a non-reusable pinion nut
  2. First, install the pinion seal. Then, before installing the pinion nut, apply a bead of hot oil resistant silicone sealer to the pinion yoke washer. Next, tighten the pinion nut, collapsing the crush sleeve until you have preload drag on the bearings. Rotate the pinion as you are tightening the pinion nut, feeling for bearing play
  3. After adjustment rotate drive pinion back and forth 2 to 3 times to check for. After adjustment rotate drive pinion back and forth 2. School Lone Star College, CyFair; Course Title ACCT 2402; Type. Homework Help. Uploaded By mze116. Pages 58 This preview shows page 53 - 56 out of 58 pages..
  4. or preload (axial interference) within a mounted bearing. The lexibility to easily adjust and optimize setting at the time of assembly is an inherent advantage of tapered roller bearings. Unlike other types of anti-friction bearings, tapered roller bearings do not require tight control of shaft or housing its to obtain setting
  5. New pinion bearing preload on a dana 30 is 12 to 15 inch pounds. 25-30 is way too high (dry or not), and will heat and eat the new bearings. With the shimmed pinion, just back off the pinion nut, reapply lock-tite and retorque till you get the preload you need
  6. Torque Wrench Options for Setting Pinion Nut Preload on AMC 20 10-29-2014, 10:14 AM I need to check the preload before I remove the existing yoke, and then work my way up to that same exact preload with the new yoke installed so I don't have to replace the crush sleeve. and bearing pullers. So no, a beam tq wrench isnt the most.
  7. Check all threads in the case for wear. It may be necessary to run an engineering tap to chase the threads to clean and align threads. STEP 4: Check side bearing adjusters as they are often warped and out of shape making ring and pinion settings difficult. Replace as necessary. STEP 5: Check ring gear back face for flatness. Generally after.

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If measured value is out of the specification, disassemble it to check and adjust each part. Adjust the pinion bearing preload and side bearing preload. Adjust the pinion bearing preload first, then adjust the side bearing preload. When the preload torque is large On pinion bearings: Replace the collapsible spacer If you are going to go with a solid bearing spacer instead of the Ford crush spacer do not preload the bearings at all. If you preload with a true solid spacer the bearings will heat up and get tighter then they will get hotter and tighter and then the pinion comes out the front of the third member or if you are lucky you will only come to a. If the howling noise only shows up during deceleration, there is a good chance that the pinion-bearing preload has become loose and needs to be adjusted and re-tightened. It can also indicate a bad pinion bearing or ring. In this case it would have to be replaced #2 pinion depth. Pinion depth is set BEFORE ring gear backlash can be established #3after the pinion is installed in the case with what you feel is the proper depth shim ,you can install the ring gear and adjust the backlash with proper preload of the side case bearings. Then paint your ring gear teeth to check your tooth contact. Then adjust. If differential carrier (23), cover (30), carrier bearings (31), ring gear and drive pinion, center housing (34) or axle shaft housings (43) were renewed, dif- ferential carrier bearing preload, ring gear to pinion backlash and gear mesh must be checked and adjusted as out- lined in paragraphs 6 and 7

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CAUTION: Following procedure must be used to retain proper pinion bearing preload. Failure to follow procedure may result in premature axle assembly or component failure. Ensure pinion bearing preload is checked before disassembly, as previous pinion bearing preload will be used during reassembly. Removal 1. Raise and support vehicle Tech A says the collapsible pinion-shaft spacer may be reused if the differential is disassembled and overhauled only once.Tech B says that after proper pinion bearing preload is set, pinion depth is adjusted by backing off the pinion flange nut one-quarter turn The ones that are between the pinion bearings on the pinion shaft. These set the pinion bearing preload. If you increases the shims, you decreases the pinion preload. Adjusting the pinion depth, will change backlash and pinion preload. However, you do not use the pinion depth to adjust the backlash or pinion preload. When adding or removing.

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(b) Using SST and a press, install the rear bearing onto the drive pinion. SST 09506-35010. 8. TEMPORARILY ADJUST DRIVE PINION PRELOAD (a) Install the drive pinion and front bearing. HINT: Assemble the spacer and oil seal after adjusting the gear contact pattern. (b) Install the oil slinger. (c) Install the companion flange with SST Torque flange nut to 123 to 151 ft. lb. Turn the flange a turn or two to seat bearings. Check bearing preload by feel or with torque meter. New bearing preload should be 16.5 to 22.6 in. lb. (Used bearing preload should be 7.8 to 11.3 in. lb.). Correct the preload by adding or subtracting shims as needed. With the preload set, secure the pinion.

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Pinion Preload: When you assemble the pinion housing on a 14 bolt, you insert a crush sleeve between the inner and outer pinion bearings. It's basically a steel cylinder about 1 long. You then tighten the pinion nut until the play is just gone in the pinion bearings when feeling by hand, as in you can't wiggle the pinion inside the housing. Now that the pinion depth, pinion bearing preload, backlash, and carrier bearing preload are set, check the pattern one last time to make sure that it is correct. Oil When filling the axle with oil, use a high quality name brand and fill the unit to the manufacturer's recommended capacity

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Adjust the ring-and-pinion gear backlash; for now, apply only light carrier bearing preload. Step 18: Using a dial indicator, check backlash at several points on the ring gear. At the narrowest backlash point, I set the backlash to 0.006 If you feel any motion (like a mini thump) other than the bar flexing, adjust the spindle bearings. If they don't wiggle, try removing all of the belts except for one and then do another test cut. If you are still getting chatter, check to make sure that you chuck cam lock pins are adjusted correctly and your toolholder geometry is right

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It's very common for the pinion nut to back off and most of the time torquing the nut is all you need to do. If you do this and you have a noise in the rear end then you may need to replace bearings. When you replace the pinion bearings you must use a new crush spacer and reset the pinion bearing preload Assemble Pinion Height Block 6739, Pinion Block 8542 and rear pinion bearing onto Screw 6741 (Fig. 5) Insert assembled height gauge components, rear bearing, and screw into the housing through pinion bearing cups (Fig. 6) Install front pinion bearing and Cone-Nut 6740 hand tight (Fig. 5 Pinion bearing running torque with used bearings is 0.9-1.6 Nm (8-14 lb-in), and new bearings is 1.8-3.2 Nm (16-28 lb-in.) If you're reading is low, tighten the pinion nut a bit more. I've never measured how much torque it takes to crush the sleeve to the proper bearing preload, but I'd say it's probably in the 300-400 lb-ft range with a new.

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My intermediate axle has lost the pinion preload and given me a vibration. I've done about 800-900 miles in the past five days and the bearings have not burned up on me and it hasn't gotten any worse so I'm fairly sure the bearings are not bad, just lost the preload. I understand that this is.. (b) Using SST and a press, press the roller bearing (inner) onto the drive pinion. SST 09506-30012 9. ADJUST DIFFERENTIAL DRIVE PINION PRELOAD (a) Install the drive pinion, rear drive pinion tapered roller bearing and rear differential drive pinion oil slinger. HINT: Assemble the spacer and oil seal after adjusting the gear contact pattern

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Dana also establishes pinion preload using a shim instead of a crush sleeve, which is much more stable and will maintain the proper bearing preload. In our case, we reused the existing shim and when performing final torque on the pinion nut, this put the preload on the bearings at 17 inch-pounds We had Dana 60 rearends that the pinion depth shims went between the pinion and the bearing to adjust the pinion depth and between the pinion bearing to adjust the preload I had to press the bearing on and off until I got the patterned centered. The side bearing adjustment required spreading the case and pressing on and off bearings and. I don't see where anyone said that they didn't check and adjust pinion bearing preload. But I also don't see where they said they did. To do the job correctly by the book, as you know, the preload needs to be checked & set properly and a new nut should be used. If the only thing being done is a pinion seal replacement, some people will mark. Use to adjust differential bearing free play on Chrysler/Dodge vehicles with 7-1/4, 8-1/4, 8-3/4, and 9-1/4 rear axles The only other 'special' tools you absolutely need is a 0-60 inch/lbs dial or beam type torque wrench to check the critical pinion bearing preload, and a dial indicator to check the ring gear backlash. Not any easy job by.

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Specifications with new bearings ran between 14 and 19 in-lb rotating torque with the pinion nut torqued to 240 ft-lb. Turning torque is most easily checked with a beam type in-lb torque wrench A pinion bearing is a mechanical element that constrains the movement of a pinion, a gear with a small number of teeth. Use an inch-pound torque wrench to check the preload. If the preload is too loose then remove shims so that the bearings will be tighter against the races and increase the preload. A whirring noise while. When the pinion nut was torqued down to 150#, the preload was beyond what the bearing could support. So I ordered an OEM outer pinion bearing after testing that the inner was still good. I also bought a second pinion bearing to make a set up bearing from. since I have a solid spacer, the shim stack has to be installed and the preload tested. Install new bearing cup into the clean carrier bore. If servicable re-install the original preload shim pack onto the pinion shaft. Install the new bearing onto the pinion shaft. Technically you should re-adjust the pinion bearing preload upon re-assembly. Install the drive yoke and tighten the old pinion nut down to 180 ft pounds If you are going to do it yourself , please don,t tighten the nut on the yoke to adjust the contact pattern on the gear set. the only purpose for tightening the nut on the pinion other than holding the yoke on is to set the preload on the pinion bearings. to tight and more bad bearings. adjust the the contact pattern by shims under the inner.

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Pinion depth shims are located underneath the rear pinion bearing cone that is pressed on pinion with exception of the Dana Models.Dana pinion depth shims are underneath the rear pinion bearing cup in the housing. Dana carrier bear-ing preload shims are between carrier and bearing cone. All others are on the outside of bearing cup unless span When I lift my foot off the gas pedal at times I will hear a soft whirring noise. I have a 2008 9-3 2.0T SS with 75,000 miles on it. Does this sound like a loose pinion bearing preload or something else? Is it something I should be concerned about? Noise is intermittent and seems less is I lift my foot off the gas pedal slowly bearing onto the drive pinion. SST 09506-30012 9. ADJUST DIFFERENTIAL DRIVE PINION PRELOAD (a) Install the drive pinion, rear drive pinion tapered roller bearing and rear differential drive oil slinger. HINT: Assemble the spacer and oil seal after adjusting the gear contact pattern. (b) Using SST, install the drive pinion companion flange

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