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Connect your guitar and pre-amp to your laptop. Insert your standard guitar cable into your guitar. Plug the other end of the guitar cable into the input port of your pre-amp. Insert a ⅛ stereo in cable into your pre-amp's PA Out or Line-Out port. Put the opposite end of this cable into your laptop's audio-in port There's more than one way to connect your laptop to a guitar amplifier. Alright , so let's talk about them in detail :- 1. Use an AUX cable - You can use a 3.5 mm AUX cable and connect it directly from the headphone jack on your laptop to the AUX. http://psaudio.comGoing from a laptop's headphone jack into a stereo system isn't the best way to get great sound, but this user doesn't think he has much ch.. This is the cheapest way to connect your electric guitar to a PC or laptop. Assuming you already own a guitar cable you will just need a 1/8 inch male to 1/4 female adapter which costs around $5 so you will be able to connect your guitar to the mic jack.. You can also use a dedicated ⅛ inch male to ¼ inch male cable.But this has a drawback, this cable can't be used to connect to an amp.

This video shows you five ways to connect your guitar to a pc or laptop the last to is extra, the best way is with a usb audio interface because your pc can. You will need: An electric guitar A computer running Windows XP or better (Windows 7 or newer preferred) An instrument cable (both sides quarter-inch and mono, same cable used to plug guitars into amps) A ¼-inch to ⅛-inch mono adapter. These are available online for very cheap, and most music stores have them as well Assuming you have an amp with some kind of line level output (even a headphone output would work) here are the steps to connect your guitar to your computer. Step 1. Setup guitar and amp then set volume levels for each. Before you mess with any other technology, get your guitar figured out first. Set it up as though you had no intention other. I have a laptop and an audio interface. Is it possible to connect my laptop to the amp in a way that lets me use my amp modelling software? This is how I am thinking it's supposed to go: Guitar -> Audio Interface Instrument Input -> Laptop -> Audio Interface Headphone Output -> Amplifier. The interface is connected to the laptop through USB If your amplifier has a 3.5mm jack, then get an audio cable with 3.5mm audio plug on both end (they are cheap and available on local computer store, ebay, electronic store, etc) and connect where you plug your headphone on your laptop to the jack of the amplifier with the cable

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Thus, a computer isn't going to be the best choice for an amplifier. As stated before, it can be used in a chain to adjust levels if you are using preamps, but it won't get you a loud, live sound. Now, the final way is to use a microphone. This method of plugging your guitar into your computer involved an amplifier Listening to music or watching videos on your laptop can be enhanced through the addition of an amplifier. The stereo sound accomplished by this hookup allows you to share your selections with friends and family without having to share a headset. Turn off the power to your laptop and your selected amplifier

It will be used as guitar input for pc and also as a pre-amp too. And using Audio Interface is standard for a music production industry. It comes in many different variants and products that you can find out there. But for starter, buy the cheap one is a wise choice to start with. If you want to use the onboard sound card of your PC/Laptop First off, My primary Computer is a Core i5 27 iMac. I use a program called Amplitube 3. This program is great. I also use the Rocksmith 2014 cable to connect my guitar to Amplitube 3 and GarageBand. Now my question is: Is there a way to connect a real Guitar Amplifier as the speaker outputs. The way I have it now is An interface acts as a hub/buffer between your guitar and your computer, allowing you to connect your ¼ instrument cable to your laptop or desktop. Interfaces come in a wide variety of shapes, form factors, sizes and price points, but we recommend keeping things simple EVNSIX 5FT 1/8 Male 3.5mm to 1/4 Male (3.5mm to 6.35mm) Aux Jack TRS Stereo Audio Cable for iPhone, iPod,Guitar Laptop Amplifier Microphone/24K 15U Gold Plated PVC Infection Molding Shell 4.4 out of 5 stars 35

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  1. Many modern amps include a USB port which allows you to connect your amp to your computer and use it as an audio interface. You can see that it includes a USB jack along with all the other common jacks you tend to see on a modern guitar amp. The easiest way to connect the audio output of your computer is to use the line output of your sound card
  2. This works for me as I can also then play around with using different inbuilt effects if I'm going via my amp, or I can plug my guitar directly into the computer and use one of GarageBand's inbuilt amp settings. It also lets me fine-tune my audio levels so the guitar isn't too loud or so the audio track isn't drowning out my playing
  3. Most folks I know mic the amp and have the mic connected to an audio interface. Alternately, they don't use the amp but plug directly into the interface guitar input and then use software amps and fx. Others, like me, use a multifx unit which also has amp simulations and then connect to the line in on the interface or go directly into the pc.
  4. You can plug your guitar directly into your interface using a ¼ cable. At first, it'll sound pretty bad. But don't worry! It's easy to fix. The isolated sound of an electric guitar isn't very inspiring. Amplifiers add a lot of life. That's where amp sims come in. Amp sims are digital recreations of amplifiers
  5. The Fender Mustang Amp has USB connectivity. It is designed to connect to the computer via a USB port. It works perfectly fine with my older computer, using XP, but not with the new one. The process is to get it recognized by the computer as an audio device, then the recording program I use (Ableton) accepts it as an input source
  6. If your keyboard doesn't have onboard speakers and you want to share your playing with others, you can connect your instrument to a number of different devices or speakers. The main requirement is that the other device must have its own power source. Here's a general rule for turning electronics and audio gear on and [
  7. If your guitar amp does not have a headphone out, you have a few different options, though the easiest one is to run your signal into a USB audio interface.In my Mesa tube amp combo, I run a signal from the amp's speaker output into a Hughes & Kettner Red Box, which then goes into a PreSonus Audiobox interface, which can be monitored with headphones
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All you need to connect the PC to the stereo is a 3.5mm-to-RCA stereo cable, which costs a few quid from somewhere like Maplin.. I can't see an 'Aux' connector on the back of my stere Instead of turning guitar amps all the way up, turn them down and use a microphone to put the guitar amp in the PA. Use a DI box on bass guitar so you can connect it to the amplifier and a mixer channel at the same time Yes you can 1. Using a Direct Audio-In Connection 2. 1. Locate your computer's audio-in port. It is possible to connect your guitar directly to your laptop through the device's audio-in port. This port is typically located on the side of laptops,. The easiest method is to use a cable that has a 1/8″ headphone jack at one end, to connect to your computer, and a pair of RCA plugs at the other, to connect to your amplifier or receiver. All amplifiers and receivers have several pairs of RCA jacks, and you generally connect a computer to the AUX pair

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The Shure MVi is a high quality Digital audio interface which lets you connect a professional XLR microphone or 1/4″ instrument output to a computer or mobile device. The neat feature of this device is it features 5 DSP preset modes for EQ, compression, limiter settings, gain control, mute, and volume, and phantom power, so you can adjust the signal to record vocals, guitar, or even mic up. This will bypass the amp's guitar special effects, as well as safely combine the stereo signal from the electronic device into the mono output of the amplifier. Guitar amps such as the Roland Cube 15 XL or Marshall MG15 have AUX in sockets that should be suitable. AUX in sockets are pretty common on small guitar amps, so check you product manual Or, use your desktop computer's Bluetooth function to connect to a compatible amplifier. The hum can happen when both the input and output devices are plugged into an electrical outlet If you're looking to get a crystal clear clean tone on your electric guitar amplifier, then follow these steps. Set your amp to the clean channel if it has one. Turn the gain control all the way down. Some amplifiers are designed so that the volume completely disappears if you have the gain on 0, so if that's the case, have it on 1 instead Guitar amps do this; computer speakers do not. You can hear the guitar faintly through powered computer speakers because, though they dont boost the signal enough, they do still receive it

The process of hooking up a foot switch to a guitar will depend on the type of foot switch used. Foot switches supplied with your amplifier plug into the designated foot switch plug on the amp, and control particular amplifier functions. Other types of foot switches (also called stomp boxes,. Assuming your computer is loaded with the appropriate computer recording software, you will need to connect the audio input of your computer to the audio output of your tape deck or cd player. We recommend a 3.5mm mini phone plug to Rca jack adapter with a RCA jack stereo cable which plugs into the line input of your computer's sound card

Using an interface, many people record their guitar straight through their Mac. Whether it's a Mac laptop or an iMac computer set up specifically for audio recording, connecting your guitar to one of these systems is easy. There are several options you can use in terms of the interface, adapter, and cable you'll need The Studio MIDI Guitar can be played as a standard electric guitar through an amplifier or audio interface. Use the included 1/4 cable to connect from the guitar into the amp or interface. A USB Audio interface is the easiest way to get your guitar's traditional audio onto your computer and can be used simultaneously with the MIDI output I have just updated my ID:Series amp and I am getting no sound and the 'TAP' LED is flashing. This means that the upgrade has not been successful. To solve this, plug your amp into the same computer that the upgrade failed on. Ensure your amplifier is turned on and run the most up to date version of INSIDER software. This will upgrade your amp Plug it to an amplifier. Use a 1/4 to USB instrument cable to connect it to PC/Mac. Use an audio interface. Use a standard 3.5mm adapter jack. This only works if your computer has a separate jack for mic and headphones (E.g. not on MacBook Air). You can find piano set up instructions here

Here are a couple of reasons for wanting to hook up your guitar to a stereo: playing a guitar with stereo pickups through a mono guitar amp; playing an acoustic guitar with a high-end transducer system through an electric guitar amp, the quality just does not match. You can wire into your stereo, but the wiring limits. Connect an electric guitar to use with GarageBand on Mac. You can connect an electric guitar or another electric instrument to your computer to play and record in an audio track, and use the included amps and pedals to shape your guitar sound. There are several ways to connect an electric instrument to your computer The laptop and the mic are both connect to the external speaker. However, don't expect it to produce the same high-quality sounds unless they are PA speakers. It is a great option, though, if you just want to do some practice runs or haven't decided on which karaoke system model to purchase yet

A bug was found where if you don't connect for a few days, the guitar and PC won't connect again. Try deleting the Fretlight as a Bluetooth device, restarting windows and re-pairing and connecting. Arobas is the developer of GP7.5 software. It is important that bugs get reported to them directly The VU meter (volume units) goes across the input to the amplifier, + to the hot lead, - to the ground return lead and after the volume controle. A true VU meter needs no other circuitry. They are normaly set to indicate 0dB with a 1 volt RMS sine wave into the amp These electric guitar softwares, freeware, applications or programs are commonly called Virtual Amplifier, PC Amplifier or simply Amp Simulator. Thus, you can connect the guitar to the Laptop -PC or Mac- and simulate a complete audio chain including amplifier, head, speaker cabinet, the speaker themselves, microphone, room, environment, effects. Choose your microphone. We could talk for days about choosing microphones for different applications — if you have a choice, practically any dynamic microphone is a good place to start when miking a guitar amp. The Shure SM57 is one of the most widely used mics for guitar amps, but some other favorites include Sennheiser's e609 Silver, e906, and MD 421 II; Audix's i5; Royer's R-121. • The best high-end guitar amps So, armed with some experience of soldering pedals we decided to take the plunge and build a small tube amp using a kit from Barry at UK-based Ampmaker. It's worth stressing that many people who undertake this kit have much less prior experience and get through it mishap-free

DAMGOO Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier Board,100w Audio Amp Board Dual Channel DC8-24V,Easy Installation and Password Free Connect to Phone Quietly 4.5 out of 5 stars 629 $18.99 $ 18 . 99 $21.99 $21.9 To plug your guitar into Garageband, connect the computer to an audio interface like the Scarlett 2i2. In Garageband's Preferences, set the Input to the Interface and the Output to Built-in Output. After plugging the guitar in and selecting the Audio track, click the monitoring button to hear it. How to Plug Your Guitar Into GarageBan A guitar amp is frequently referred to, professionally, as a speaker cabinet. This is due to the fact that traditional amps are a combination of both speakers and an amplifier contained in a housing, called a cabinet The sound when looped was not as good on the Behringer as going direct, guitar -> FX100 amp out (not main) -> Behringer, I really like that sound chain the best. The sound with method 2 through the Flextone was good, but for sound quality I preferred method 1 with my four amp channels set to different amp models on the Flextone (all with drive. A: Spark is an amp for electric, acoustic guitar and bass. There are 10,000+ tones and auto chords. Q: Does Spark work with a foot switch ? A: Spark does not work with any foot switch currently. Q: Does Spark offer an auxiliary-in input to connect my MP3 player? A: Yes, it's on the rear panel of the amp. Q: Is there a FX Loop on the Spark

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A. INPUT - Plug your guitar in here. B. PHONES - Plug in your headphones for private listening or connect a pair of powered speakers (such as commonly used with computers); the G-DEC speaker mutes automatically. Enjoy the G-DEC's many stereo effects through this jack. You can also connect PHONES to Audio In on your computer t So, I'm new to the bass and everything about it. I'm trying to get my bass connected to the PC. I own a Cort Action V and an Orange Crush 25BX. I tried what seemed most logical - connecting the bass to the amp and the amp to the PC with an auxiliary wire. But that didn't work. My bass isn't detected If you use a laptop you have noother way than buying an special adapter because laptops dont have the blue headphone jack. Anyway, remember that you will not have guitar effects. Another way is pluggin your normal guitar amp to the computers Line IN (the amp's headphone out to the computers Line In) Good Bye

In this setup, you're removing the guitar amplifier, because your multi-effects pedal has amp modeling built in, and you don't need/or have an amp. Connect the setup described in the Midrange Setup, except the pedal to Amplifier connection; Connect the output of your effects chain to a guitar input on your mixe Guitar into amp into USB microphone into computer. This simply cuts out the need for an audio interface. A USB mic can be used on the amp. This is one of the most simple methods for recording. Recording Without an Amp. Guitar into guitar interface / audio interface into computer. There are many products out there which act as a bridge between. Hey there, I'm pretty noob with the audio recording but I'm starting to get things going slowly; I'm starting to record my own songs but I'm having issues with the distortion VSTs from my DAW and I'd like to know if there's a way to plug my guitar amplifier to my Focusrite Scarlett Solo and how I'd go through all the cables and so

- Supports wireless operation using Bluetooth to connect to a second Android device. - Access the Amplifier's built-in tuner with on-screen tuner display. - Set a Start-up preset of your choice. - Effect Memory remembers how you like your effects and amplifiers to be set when added to a Preset 2 Connect your guitar to the Guitar Input on the front panel of Eleven Rack. 3 Connect the power cable. 4 Make sure any connected amplifiers or pow-ered monitors are turned off or muted. 5 Set the Eleven Rack Power switch to On. The Eleven Rack logo will appear, and the Eleven Rack will begin its warm-up process 2. Launch the app and connect it with Spark Amp. 3. Click on the top left setting icon to enter the menu, you can check firmware version and serial number under Hardware Settings. * If you miss the connecting notification while launching the Spark Amp app, you can always connect your Spark guitar amp under the setting menu in the app Hi, great article. I'm a noob when it comes to silent practicing. I have always practiced through guitar>pedalboard>amp. If I wanted to still be able to practice/record with my guitar and pedalboard, what else would I need to have to be able to get similar sounds that I get from my amp (el34 based amp, similar to a Vox ac 15

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RECORDING WEEK: DI boxes are used to record the direct signal from an electric guitar or bass. This can then be used as a standalone sound in your tracks, or can be blended with a recording from an amp as well. The dry DI signal can also be reamped at a later stage to tweak the sound further This method involves running your line signal from the bass to the input in your DI. Then, connect the XLR out to the first channel of your audio interface. Next, plug an instrument cable from the DI's thru input into your bass amp and mic up your bass amp so that channel two of your audio interface is getting the mic'd sound If your computer has a minijack microphone or line input for recording, it's sometimes possible to connect your guitar directly to the input on your computer's soundcard using a jack to minijack lead. This type of lead can connect directly from your guitar, or from the output of an amplifier or effects pedal to your computer's sound card

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Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Guitar Amplifiers at Guitar Center. Most orders are eligible for free shipping Using Amps and Effects. Unless you are miking your amp, you're probably going to want to play around with GarageBand's amps and effects. To do that, select the guitar track in the track listing on the left. On the far right, you can choose the amp you want. You can also choose from a number of preset sounds from a pull-down menu in the same.

StewMac® Tools + Ideas for Guitarmaking. 100% Guaranteed Since 196 How to connect electric guitar to PC windows 10 using Bias AMP2. This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. In this video, he's setting up Amplitube instead of BIAS AMP 2 or BIAS FX, but the software part should be similar, and in fact, he has other videos where he is using BIAS FX. Reply Quote 0 I'm trying to connect my electric guitar to my PC so that I can use my amp-modelling software. Bradley Howard Editor In Chief Paul White replies: In theory there's no reason not to do the former of your two options, as long as you can adjust the level of your amplifier to stop it overloading the soundcard input

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The THR guitar amps were developed with Yamaha's award-winning AV division to offer true hi-fi stereo sound. The exclusive, specially-designed speaker enclosure is optimized to handle both guitar and audio playback sound, making the THR uniquely capable of giving you amazing tone for both your guitar and your favorite music from a compact, portable amp Hi, I am looking to purchase Guitar Rig 5 w/ foot pedal. My question is, would I beable to play my guitar through my laptop (Mac Book Pro) and plug into my amp (line 6 spider III 2x12), not thinking so much recording as just jamming new sounds. If so, what would I need cable wise to do it, any feedback will be appreciated As a possible alternative to a Philips Streamium, Squeezebox or other dedicated piece of hardware such as Sonos, I am thinking about connecting a Android Tablet to my amplifier. It would run Spotify, a Internet radio app or a DLNA player app. Question how to connect a Android tablet to an amplifi..

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Soon however it occurred to me that the amp it came with (a 19W Yamaha GA-15), while decent enough for my amateurish needs wasn't doing much for me in terms of tone options. To top it off, I wanted to play the guitar through my computer's headphones as it's much easier to play along a song that way I plug my guitar into the amp and then plug my amp directly into my mixer which automatically shuts off the amp speaker and my sound comes out the monitor speakers connected to my mixer. I do this because i love the fender reverb on the amp and wanna keep that sound through the monitors

Half the time I can't even get my laptop to recognize my OG THR amp when I connect it. I never had any issues with the new model, and the addition of Bluetooth has made things much much easier Connect the speakers and amplifiers to your PA system. If you are using a PA system, use a ¼ inch cable or XLR cable to connect the mixer output to the speakers, or to the external amplifier. Then connect the external amplifier to the speakers using another cable. Make sure everything is powered off while you are setting it up

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What I am looking for is something that will allow me to go from my guitar to the device (iRig/similar devices) the from there to my amp, and the phone could connect somewhere along the way Platform: Mac, PC. NI Guitar Rig Player Free - Guitar Processing Suite. This version of NI's Guitar Rig is a free giveaway, expandable with the free Guitar Rig Factory selection. You get an amp and cab, distortion, modulation, reverb, delay, EQ and dynamic effects, all for free! Like NI's Kontakt Player, it's well worth checking out Altogether the device with the most plug-in-and-play simplicity in our round-up. The iRig does the job if you're looking for a cheap and cheerful way to connect a guitar to an iOS device. Also, it's either this or the Peavey if you want to use it with AmpliTube. The Bottom Line. We like: Compact; inexpensive; simple to us

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