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The cost of changing the timing belt is a bargain when you consider the cost to replace the entire engine. Start thinking about changing the timing belt once you cross the 90,000-mile threshold. A Volkswagen Jetta Timing Belt Replacement costs between $840 and $979 on average. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area Service type Timing Belt Replacement: Estimate $843.28: Shop/Dealer Price $1037.96 - $1562.14: 1996 Volkswagen Passat L4-2.0L: Service type Timing Belt Replacement: Estimate $752.38: Shop/Dealer Price $923.80 - $1376.59: 1997 Volkswagen Passat L4-1.9L Turbo Diesel: Service type Timing Belt Replacement: Estimate $745.66: Shop/Dealer Price $903. Service type Timing Belt Replacement: Estimate $1866.36: Shop/Dealer Price $2299.60 - $3476.38: 2003 Volkswagen Beetle L4-2.0L: Service type Timing Belt Replacement: Estimate $633.37: Shop/Dealer Price $769.73 - $1097.79: 2005 Volkswagen Beetle L4-1.8L Turbo: Service type Timing Belt Replacement: Estimate $1071.57: Shop/Dealer Price $1301.45. But more often than not, you will need to do VW Jetta timing belt replacement sooner or later. Timing belts in VW Jettas aren't built to last forever and will give out on you eventually. In general, a VW Jetta timing belt will usually hang around for somewhere between 60,000 and 100,000 miles before needing to be replaced

Parts (belt, water pump, idler, tensioner and bolts) cost around $250 and average is 375-575 depending on the Guru. I priced dealers here before I did mine, and they quoted between 1100 and 1300 for a timing belt... I had a guru do it and other service for less than that combined Timing Belt Replacement Cost. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 22 Posts. 1; 2 Or perhaps VW has just raised the replacement parts price, yet again. If you come up with updated quotes, let us know. Things change a lot and it has been a long time since we seen VW prices decrease If you require the timing belt in your Volkswagen vehicle to be replaced, the price estimator at Autobutler features the average price paid for Volkswagen timing belt replacements recently undertaken at Autobutler.. Volkswagen were established in Germany in 1935 and have now grown to become the largest automotive producer in the world, selling 9.7 million vehicles in 2013

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  1. g Belt And Water Pump Replacement cost. Check out the ClickMechanic price for a Volkswagen Polo Ti
  2. Learn about fixed price servicing, available for all Volkswagens between 3-15 years old. Fixed priced servicing, offering no nasty surprises
  3. g belt on the 1.9 Liter BEW? How long does it take to change the ti
  4. g belt on the 4.2L V8? How long does it take to change the ti
  5. g belt replacement cost.
  6. g Chain in Your Volkswagen by Dutch Silverstein December 12, 2018 . It is not unusual to hear about replacing ti

Quoted by a dealer? Do not let a VW dealer mechanic work on your car, esp. a timing belt. Try to find a tdiclub mechanic in your area to do the job, then buy a timing belt kit from one of our own trusted sources. That should cost around $300. Changing it out could be another $300, give or take The average price of a 2009 Volkswagen Eos timing belt replacement can vary depending on location. Get a free detailed estimate for a timing belt replacement in your area from KBB.co

Buy Now!New Timing Chain Tensioner from 1AAuto.com http://1aau.to/ia/1AETB001151A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a broken, noi.. Volkswagen Caddy Timing Belt/Chain Replacement cost. Check out the ClickMechanic price for a Volkswagen Caddy Timing belt/chain replacement in the UK. You can book online and the mobile mechanics on our network will come and do the work on your doorstep, one way to make your life a little easier Find out if your Volkswagen Tiguan has a timing belt or chain depending on the model year. Timing Belt Or Chain Interference Or Non-Interference; Volkswagen Tiguan: 2009 to 2021 Note: Replacement intervals are broad recommendations and can be affected by age, weather conditions, running conditions etc. Check with the owner's manual. Timing Belt - Repair or Replace Your timing belt is typically replaced as part of a scheduled service. A failed timing belt can result in anything to an engine that will crank but not start to catastrophic engine damage. If your 2012 Volkswagen CC needs its timing belt replaced, use OEM Volkswagen parts for ultimate reliability

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Tools, parts, and replacement parts cost for the VW TDI timing belt. Click the links to compare current prices and kit components, shipping, tax, etc. At a minimum, you need 1 timing belt kit with some replacement engine coolant and a timing belt special tool set As a reminder, Fixter's timing belt replacement service starts at £299, depending on your car make, model and engine. Rates are based on official car brand websites (and are subject to change), unless otherwise noted. Get a quote for timing belt replacement. Should I replace my timing belt and water pump together While the cost of having your timing belt replaced can be a bit of a shock, it's a lot cheaper than having to replace your engine due to a failure. The average timing belt replacement cost starts around the $500 mark, and can increase to over $1000 if removal of other engine components is required to gain access to the timing belt

Yes, VDC, my previous neighbor had her Passat timing belt snap at less than 60,000 miles which was the replacement interval specified. Cost was $3000+ and VW give her a rough time even though the 60,000 miles was not up yet!! So OP's car is living on borrowed time Volkswagen VW Timing Belt Replacement Cost - All Models. On May 21, 2018 / In Timing Belt Replacement Cost. 1026 Views . Min $ Max $ Volkswagen Amarok: 335: 385: Fiat Timing Belt Replacement Cost - All Models. Next Post. BMW Timing Belt | Chain Replacement Cost - All Models. You May Also Like

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  1. g belt job occurring during the 100,000 mile powertrain warrenty (which our '99 had) would certainly affect the advertised maintenance costs by a huge amount. But totally coincidental that the recommended interval is 105,000 miles! Incidentally our's made it to around 90k when the thing failed, and VW had to do the repairs at their cost
  2. g chain, the cost of which is £1200! I have done a bit of research, and it seems that a ti
  3. g belt @ 185,000kms. Not really worth changing at this point. Especially not on an X3. After all, those things have a non-interference design, so even if the ti
  4. g belt replacement schedule. I spoke to a representative in Germany VW, who did confirm that the ti
  5. g belt every 100,000 miles. The ti
  6. g assembly is chain and belt. The overhaul cost a whopping $4800. Ti
Audi A3 Cam Belt Cost

The average life span of a timing belt is between 60,000 and 100,000 miles or after 7 to 10 years regardless of mileage Depending upon the make and model of the car.To find out the exact timing belt replacement intervals for your car its important to check your manufacturer manual Timing Belt Cost Estimate Volkswagen Golf 5 1.4TSI 2011. Quote Request. You are viewing the details of a request to receive quotes, posted by another user. Cost inclusive of labor for timing belt replacement and major service at 90000km for VW Jetta 5 1.4TSI. Get a quick estimate for a Timing Belt on a Volkswagen Golf We show you how to replace the timing chains on 2.0t TSI VW and Audi engines. This includes details on how to check the timing, where the timing marks are, the special tools required and where you can purchase these parts. Be sure you get the correct info for replacing the timing chains on your TSI VW or Audi Each of the TDI timing belt kits includes a TDI timing belt, steel impeller water pump, Litens timing belt tensioner and all motor mount bolts. Upgrade to the Deluxe TDI timing belt kit that comes with everything you need to replace your VW timing belt and gain maximum peace of mind! Just choose your car from the menu on the left Volkswagen Golf Timing Belt Kit Customer Reviews. Replacement Timing Belt Kit - Water Pump Not Included. Dec 11, 2020. yes perfect. Brianna Dahl. VERIFIED PURCHASER. Purchased on Nov 28, 2020. Replacement Timing Belt Kit - Water Pump Included. May 11, 2020. Kit came with all parts needed at a very low price. Car runs great at over 331xxx miles

Timing belt kit of high quality from BOSCH for VW POLO at low prices Buy Timing belt set and other BOSCH car parts for POLO Volkswagen Product cost +223: 16-Product quality +201: 16-Packaging quality +114: 13-Manufacturer +136: 20-Warranty +170: 18 The Volkswagen Timing Belt Tensioner and the timing belt together are usually cheap, but the work involved in order to change them can cost hundreds of dollars. Partsgeek offers replacements for the Jetta, EuroVan, Passat, Beetle, Golf, Touareg plus more • Timing chain tensioner failure and/or • Engine replacement as a result of the failure of a timing chain or timing chain tensioner. Eligible Class of drivers: Anyone who purchased or leased one of a specific model of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles either in the United States or Puerto Rico manufactured between 2008 and 2014

I have a 2005 VW Golf 1.9L TDI diesel with 125,000 miles. Apparently it needs a timing belt, this is the 1st replacement. Mechanics are encouraging me to also replace the waterpump and the tensioner a read mor BTSHUB Diesel Engine Timing Tool Kit Timing Set, Camshaft Locking Tool, Timing Belt Tool Kit, Belt Tensioner Tool Compatible for Audi and VW Tdi 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 $11.99 $ 11 . 9

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  1. g chains are more popular than ti
  2. g belt. As the ti
  3. g belt kit, waterpump, and aux belt £298.42 then there's coolant that I didn't get a price for but probably £15. Parts plus fitting at vw including the aux belt is £572.58 and my local independent using the same vw parts is £564
  4. g Chain Replacement RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Volkswagen Atlas Ti
  5. g belt every 60,000 miles. On 2000-2001 1.9L all TDI engines, replace ti

Volkswagen Jetta Timing Belt Replacement Cost Estimat

  1. g chain or tensioner within the same 10-year/100,000.
  2. g belt needed immediate replacement and it was going to cost more than $1,000, you might assume it's a scam. But unlike the shady mechanic who attempts to change your engine air filter every oil change, replacing the ti
  3. g belt kit for all Common-Rail, clean diesel TDI, including 2009+Jetta, Golf and Sportwagen. All components of this kit are rated for the full 120k mile ti

Volkswagen Passat Timing Belt Replacement Cost

  1. g Belt Replacement RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Volkswagen Tiguan Limited Ti
  2. g belt change happens every 60,000 miles. Within our range, you'll also find a great selection of ti
  3. g belt every 60,000 miles - or 5 years. Replacing a ti
  4. g Belt Your Volkswagen Passat is an incredibly reliable vehicle, but even the most reliable cars need upkeep. Take the time to replace your Volkswagen Passat ti
  5. g Chain Tensioner and Chain Issues for 2.0T TSI VW and Audi Models. Some of the issues with a ti

Your cambelt replacement will be carried out by Volkswagen trained technicians for the whole job, which takes up to 4 hours, including a complimentary vehicle health check whilst in our workshop. Should we find any addition worn items while replacing the timing belt, all you need to pay for are the new parts - the labour is carried out free of. For your Volkswagen , it would cost 410.21 £to purchase a new timing belt. Replace timing belt cost by brands On Autobutler, we believe in transparency and fair prices

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Volkswagen Beetle Timing Belt Replacement Cost

2002 VW Jetta A4 ALK Timing Belt Replacement using the Mark and Pray Technique and No Special Tools - June 2007. My 2002 Jetta GLS TDI. Ok, The dealer lied. Last week I discovered the timing belt in my 2002 Jetta TDI had never been changed and the car had 112,000 miles on it. That's 40% over the recommended limit Engineered to exceptional standards, Dayco's OE replacement timing belt kits are strictly designed to provide a proper fit and restore your timing system to optimum working order. Since 1905,... $68.49 You Save : $35.80 (34%) List Price : 104.29 More inf The Benefits of Genuine Timing (Cam) Belts. Cam belts, or more accurately timing belts, are typically made of a solid material which reliably transfers your engine's power from a crankshaft to a camshaft, causing your engine's valves to open and close.A fuel/air mixture then enters a combustion chamber, combusts, and drives the pistons

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Choose from top brands including: Gates, Replacement, Dayco, ContiTech, Aisin, Cloyes, Airtex, DNJ Rock, AC Delco, Mitsuboshi, API, Hepu and Genuine. Replacing the timing belt can be an unpleasant task, even for a seasoned professional. However, the good news is that this is a replacement that typically has to be done only a few times in the average lifespan of your vehicle Couple questions for this thread. Kind of in the same boat as Terry. Sons '11 GTI timing chain just went and totaled the engine at 89K miles. The VW dealership is currently replacing the engine. They said VW would eat 25% of the cost + the cost of the timing chain repair. So the new engine is costing $3800+ tax. Question 1 Introduced in 1998, the new Volkswagen Beetle has sold over 65,000 models in the UK and is a popular vehicle in the aftermarket scene. This makes a cambelt replacement on the VW an ideal repair for the independent garage business. Here INA (suppliers of OE tensioners and idlers for 90% of the vehicle manufacturers in Europe) take a closer look at the Beetle fitted with the APF petrol engine Higgins says timing belt replacement costs between $550 and $1,200 — with 60 percent of the cost going toward labor and 40 percent for parts. First and foremost, the price is not something you can comfortably menu-price due to the range of vehicle engines and different labor times and part needs, says Brad Updegraff, owner of Auto One. The average timing belt replacement cost for a smaller car can range from $300 - $500 while a larger SUV or minivan will cost on average $700. On the highest end of the spectrum, you might need to pay $1,000 to have your timing belt serviced. On average timing belts need to be replaced every 75,000 miles or 5 years, but refer to your owners.

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If an auto mechanic told you that your car's timing belt needed immediate replacement and it was going to cost more than $1,000, you might assume it's a scam.. But unlike the shady mechanic who attempts to change your engine air filter every oil change, replacing the timing belt is absolutely crucial Timing belt self-service I changed my own timing belt on a 2004 at 80K miles. It cost me $200 in special tools and 2 days' work. If you follow the shop manual, it works out fine. There are some challenges, like a certain alternator bolt that caused much cussing. And manhandling the bumper on and off and getting everythiing lined up is challenging Timing Belt Replacement Service Package. A timing belt is used by cars with an overhead cam design to drive and precisely synchronize camshaft movements. Like a serpentine or v-belt, the timing belt will degrade over time due to usage with factors such as temperature and stress I have a 2011 jetta tdi, turbo went out at 109,000. now particulate filter is bad, cost near 1200 for just filter, timing belt kit 690 w/ water pump, recomended. Everything on this car is too expensive and doesn't make up for the saving of 40 mpi Scope: Replacement of timing belt and tensioner on a 1.8T (AEB) engined 1999 Passat GLS with Tiptronic. (Your engine may vary.) This post is a refinement of my previous post on the same subject. Volkswagen's original recommendation on the AEB engine was to replace the timing belt at 105,000 miles (5k after the drivetrain warranty expired.

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Not knowing which engine you have in your car I will asume you have a 2.0 liter gas engine and not the 1.8 turbo or the diesel engine. Book time pays a little under 3 hours to replace the water pump or timing belt. So multiply 3.0 by the labor rate and you should be in the ball park not including parts. A timing belt runs about $50.0 Timing belt is about $50 (continental belt ONLY). There MAY be a Continental timing belt kit that does NOT include the pump. Check at many auto parts stores for availability. Also, use only genuine VW/AUDI COOLANT in this car!!! -Severe component break-down is likely. If you cannot find this kit, try 1-248-373-2300. This is a VW only parts. VW: 1.2 litre 3-cylinder petrol engine, 1.2 litre and 1.4 litre FSI and TSI and TFSI up to 2012 when replaced by belt cam EA211, 1.6 litre FSI, 1.8 litre TSI 160, 2.0 litre 1,984cc 2-1PS EA888 TFSI from 2009, Golf VR5 and VR6, Sharan VR6, all Touareg, all Phaeton (later VW 2.5 5 cylinder diesels and 5.0 V10 diesels have gear train driven.

Volkswagen Polo Timing Belt And Water Pump Replacement cos

Where a belt is designed and manufactured to be fit for purpose and 'on top of the job' they will last the lifetime of the engine, the old VTEC Honda engines had no belt change in the service schedule for this reason. I recently had the water pump and belt changed on our Polo diesel at 30k miles/ 3yrs, it's cheap insurance against an engine. Introduced in 2003 the Volkswagen Transporter T5 has sold over 63,000 models in the UK. A popular vehicle in the aftermarket, a cam belt replacement on the VW is an ideal repair for the independent garage business. INA (suppliers of OE tensioners and idlers for 90% of the vehicle manufactures in Europe) take a closer look at the Transporter fitted with the BRR diesel engine

Belt Tensioner 1345A062 1345A009 T39248 534047710 VKM65051Life with a 1989 VW Golf Mk2 GTI 16V: Missing VW Golf

Reference the Audi timing chain issue. I have a 2013 Audi Q5 not on the list (Audi Q5 2011 -2012) the dealership telling me I have a Timing chain stretched and need to replace at a cost of over $2000. I have roughly 85,000. Can it be covered by lawsuit Go to Google and search for relevant keywords like timing chain replacement cost, timing chain cost or timing chain price to help the search along. Also, you can try to find a timing chain replacement coupon from some of the most popular auto service shops. A timing chain is not a regular maintenance item. It can only be. Not all timing belt jobs are equal. A proper timing belt replacement on a TDI involves more than just changing the timing belt. In addition to the belt itself, the belt tensioner roller, all idler rollers, the water pump, and the serpentine belt should be replaced, as well as a handful of seals and hardware bits A cambelt is also known as a timing belt and it is the most important maintenance item within your vehicle. A cambelt is often ribbed and is placed in the car's engine to keep the camshaft and crank timed as it should be. It is designed to keep the bottom half of the engine in sync with the top half. Volkswagen Automotive Group recommend. VW Golf Diesel Cam Belt - COST!. Just had the 40,000 mile service on our 1.9 SE Golf. Main dealer advised change of cam belt at same time. Could not believe the high cost! Total bill £630 of which 4 hours (at £65) just for the cam belt plus parts of almost £100 again just for the cam belt. They sell you on the good fuel consumption but forget to tell you of the ridiculous running costs The VW TDI Timing Belt Tool Kit includes the Timing Belt, Tensioner Spanner Wrench, TDI Camshaft Lock Plate, and the Injection Pump Lock Pin. This VW TDI Timing Belt Tool Kit will not disappoint. Whether tuning up your '68 Corvette or changing the oil on a John Deere tractor, CTA can supply you with the tools needed to do the job

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