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  1. 117. I love you because you like to stay in and watch movies with me. 118. I love you because you offer me comfort outside of my comfort zone. 119. I love you because you challenge me and make me want to be a better person. 120. I love you because you push yourself to be better and never stop trying to grow and evolve as a person. 121
  2. Another reason why you should love me is that I love traveling. Some people do love traveling. They spend a lot of money to go to places where they can escape from the daily routine. They go hiking to the mountain, diving in a marine park, biking through the hills, cruising on a ship, and many others
  3. Why do you love me? is a question that presumes that you do love the person who is asking, and such a big assumption is usually never made by anyone on a whim. Indeed, it is likely that you have said to the other person that you love them, and they, overcome with joy or slightly taken aback (but interested) have asked why you have said.
  4. 100 Reasons Why I Love You The Most.. I often wonder why I love you. Is it your presence, your smile, your eyes, or just the feeling of togetherness we share whenever we meet or talk. I wonder why I always seem to forget the things I want to tell you when we meet, and keep getting lost in you
  5. The people that would love you exmplify more then just skills, they have abilities like commitment, integrity, loyalty and other things that create a ond/relationship There is only so much a person can give when you look at relationships one dimensionally, there is more then one reason why someone would love you
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  1. There are other reasons you may feel that nobody will ever love you. It could be that you are unable to have a relationship because of a different disorder. Maybe you have a social disorder such as social anxiety disorder that can keep you from being able to have lasting relationships
  2. g is too late for love. No matter what age you are in right now, someone will still love you. God has prepared someone for you and believe me when I say that His ti
  3. Most people seeking relationships are looking for true and lasting love. They want to find that special person who will meet their deepest expectations while loving them equally in return
  4. Generally, this stems from a sense of insecurity and depression. Let me encourage you by saying that many, many people feel this way. Let's be honest: we don't know other people's thoughts, only our own. And people are very complex creatures who have multiple emotions running all at the same time
  5. 33. You know me better than anyone, including me. You know just what I need to hear. 34. Wherever you are is home to me. Any place without you feels like a wasteland. 35. I didn't think it was possible for anyone to love me the way you do. 36. You've redefined love for me — and changed everything right along with it. 37. With you, I've.
  6. This is going to sound robotic, but falling in love with someone who graduated from the same high school as me nearly a decade prior made me realize love is really a game of strategy
  7. Today I my relationship ended because they wanted someone else instead of me. Sometimes it's better to be single then have yourself be broken all over again. I hate the feeling to lose something you love but I also need to take a break and forgive myself and love myself before I can try to love someone/something first. Always put yourself first

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100 Romantic Reasons Why I Love You Reasons Why I Love

There is the so called charisma or the sex appeal that makes a person very attractive to everybody. And often times, many would fall in love with. If you think you are experiencing this glue effect on people, take this quiz to find out the reason why people easily falls for you When someone is in love with you, they will stare at your eyes more directly and for a longer period of time; they want to be completely present with you, Dr. Flores said. This is why it's so.

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  1. 5. I love that I can just be myself with you. I do not have to pretend to be anyone else for you to love me. 6. I love you because you always shower me with a certain tenderness and affection that makes me feel like the most loved person in the world. 7
  2. Are you asking yourself, why don't people like me? Without a friend to trust or someone to call upon during tough times, life can be even more difficult than it already is. Everyone needs someone they can turn to in life, whether that's our family or a friend. While we don't get to choose our families, we can certainly choose our.
  3. We fall in love with the enigma and solution of ourselves. We fall in love with someone both familiar and strange. They call to our deepest wishes of what we thought we could never have and fulfill that which we only hazily realize we already knew (like Robert Frost's take on poetry: Poetry makes you remember what you didn't know you knew.)
  4. ding you about this or that, and so on
  5. I want to love someone that I can trust is going to hold me accountable for mistakes I have made and make me want to be a better person. I don't want for them to just let me get away with anything. I want to strive to be a better person each day, and having someone who loves me do the same for me too would be perfect. 2

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You tell me why you love me. You'll do my chores when you know I've had a bad day. When I do your chores or pick up the slack around the house, you always noticed. You are my very best friend in the whole world. You always open the car door for me. You make the dark a little less scary. You're the calm in the storm. You make me feel so safe I wish someone had said to me: The question isn't if anyone can love your damaged self, it's whether you can accept and love yourself unconditionally. The truth was I didn't like, love or believe in me. I didn't accept my history. I wasn't loving with myself. I had no compassion for my anxiety

We ask why can't I find love? or why doesn't anyone love me? or will I ever find true love? Or we think/say things like I can't get a date to save my life and I can't get a boyfriend/girlfriend. These thoughts are natural given the society we live in Why Are You Still Single? Start A Lasting Relationship With An Attractive Asian Women! Meet Your Soulmate Today! Asian Women Are Looking for A Guy. Join Free How To Answer Why Do You Love Me Question: 1. Because of the way you make me smile. Smiling gives a shiver of blush to anyone even after a small fight between lovers. Smiling gives an intensity of feeling and greatly affects their behavior. 2. Because of how you inspire me

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Well, why not? But seriously. We are our own worst critics. The inner voice that berates us for being unattractive or clumsy or stupid does not always tell the truth. And just because you hear that voice 24/7 in your head does not mean that the p.. 7 reasons why finding love is so difficult. For many people, finding an ideal loving relationship is a major challenge. You worry that you'll never meet someone you can build a meaningful relationship with. But why is looking for true love so hard? Before you can find love, you first need to understand the problem itself Look someone in the eye 75 percent of the time and you may be able to trick his brain. Why? The brain remembers the last time someone looked at him like that and it remembers that feelings of love. I'm dating my bestfriend now I know he's in love with me but I do not feel the same way. I don't know how to tell him without him literally dying of a heartbreak since he has never gone through one before. Not telling him is killing me and I hate it because the longer I make it go on the more he will be hurt. I don't want to hurt him at. I had never heard of Agape love, but to be honest I could never love like that. I have been with someone for over 30 years, and he drives me nuts, lol! but yes that's real love. Great read! Tessa Schlesinger (author) on February 08, 2017: The meaning of agape in ancient times did not mean the love of god

Why Anyone Would Want to Control You Medically reviewed by Scientific Advisory Board — Written by Sarah Newman, MA, MFA on September 23, 2015 The need to control others may not make a lot of. When you love someone who doesn't love you back, it can take a long time to accept that it's virtually impossible for things to work out. It can be so easy to convince yourself that their feelings. When someone asks why you love them, tell them various reasons, primarily focusing on trust, reliability, and their ability to make you feel safe. These are very vital in relationships and can be overlooked. Also, if it's their smile or laughs, don't be shy to let them know 75 Reasons Why I Love My Best Friend. Are you ready to read the 75 reasons why I love my best friend? Here they are! Let me know if any of these ring a bell. She understands me better than anyone. We have memories that no-one else will understand. History. We have our own private language. One look and I understand exactly what she is thinking

Thomas January 8th, 2014 . You're missing an important one: fear that love is actually an attempt to control. Parents and adult lovers routinely use the look at what I've done for you - now you must do as I say/look at how much I love you - if you don't do what I want (stay with me at any cost to you, ultimately) just think how much it will hurt me! scripts Why do you love me? he heard her whisper in the night. He closed his eyes, a tear forming sure to stain his pillow. I love you because I do. I love you because the Universe showed me the way to you. I love you because my heart beats your name, my mind drowns in your eyes, my soul feels yours even when we are miles apart

Anyone who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father who sent me' (John 14:23-24). These commands involve the full scope of Christ's revelation: To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, 'If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples Why It's Dangerous to Love a Narcissist. As pitiable as it may seem, NPD by nature is an abusive disorder. To varying degrees, most of us try to live by The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do onto you. Narcissists violate that code as a matter of course, viewing it with cynical contempt. Their mantra is, It's all about me.

Why i still feel him.He is getting married with someone now.i swear i really don't feel happy with someone.i don't want anyone touch..so may times m trying to forget him but..i want to tell seriously my soul really really need himmy body feel painful without him. what kind of this love so many times i had dreamt about him dont know what. Ye my bf dont love me no more most of the signs are present. Jacob on April 01, 2019: my boyfriend doesnt love me. J.G on April 01, 2019: I've been with this guy for almost 1year, And I already experience all the 13signs,Because he said he lost his love to me when I talked to someone else just because I don't have his attention 9. Being in love with someone who doesn't even know you exist isn't the worst thing in the world. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Almost like passing in a term paper that you know sucked, but having that period of time where you haven't gotten your grade back yet — that kind of exhale where you haven't been rejected, although you pretty much know how it's going to turn out Why Do You Love Me Lyrics: Hate your friends / I hate your mom and dad / I hope they hate me back / I guess for once, I'm being honest / Gotta be a lot that's wrong with you / To want to be with.

Share your videos with friends, family, and the worl Why is this important? Because many people mistake tough love for hatred and assume everyone that smiles and pats them on the back loves them. Plus, it's better to know the family members that actually love and support you so you can separate yourself from the toxic family members who don't However it took a few dud relationships along the way to help me realize that the relationship I really needed to be working on was the one with me before I could love anyone else. I got caught up in that trend of finding a partner and getting married because if not then I am a sudden single loser who can't hold a relationship down And, to be honest, at my core I'm feeling a bit of relief. I want someone who wants to let me in fully. What is flooring me is the piece about how he didn't love me. None of the guys I've dated long-term have ever loved me. They've liked me a gosh-darn awful lot, but boy-oh-boy do they not want to pull out those three little words He told me that he has trust issues and isn't ready for a serious relationship. He said that he hasn't been dating anyone other than me, but he won't actually call me his girlfriend or make our relationship official. He even said that just because he isn't ready to start a serious relationship now, he might be able to later

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How should you respond when someone says, Do you love me? Sometimes in life you just don't know what to say, here are some great answers, no matter what your situation. Tell us what you think is the best answer to this question Why Anyone With A Soul Loves You've Got Mail I do love the they hate each other so much and then THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!' Katie: I know, me too, but it's the WORST one because it's NOT real. Anyone Lyrics: Uh, uh / I tried to talk to my piano / I tried to talk to my guitar / Talked to my imagination / Confided into alcohol / I tried and tried and tried some more / Told secrets 'ti That's the reason we had posted this dua to make someone fall in love. Tell me otherwise why I would have wasted my time in this dua. I can't make him drink that water because he is leaving far away from me? In such a case, you have to wait until you get a chance to perform this dua. If you are sure that you will not get a chance, then you.

Both of these women fell in love with a picture of me they kept in their mind or a I would like you to be so and so but for sure not with: me They only saw a lawyer in me, a status object, nothing else - and they communicated it right away (when your career starts, buy a bigger car, wear this and buy this) There's a reason many fans referred to Phoebe as Phoe Me after Season Five, and in this case, the main question fans had was why Cole would take her back. Leo on Will & Grace . He keeps leaving on doctor's missions in Africa after marrying Grace, pays her no attention when she finally decides to go with him, and cheats on her after she leaves. 6. I want to believe that someone I love is perfect and would never disrespect me. I pretend the world is Pollyanna and rearrange my reality by believing that someone I care about will not harm me. I live in a fantasy, delusional fairy-tale that ends up being a hellish nightmare rerun But you can love someone's company while at the same time feeling nothing romantic for them. Or he may appreciate your sense of humor, or how smart you are, or the fact that you have a common interest you're both passionate about. All of this can be true, but liking certain things about you doesn't necessarily add up to him liking you. 2. How to express regret. When you express true regret, you talk about how your actions affected the other person. In his book On Apology, based on his study of over 1,000 apologies, research.

Why don't you love me? has been wailed by a wide range of performers including Beyoncé, Hank Williams, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and intriguingly, someone who calls themselves the Jazzy Elf Why Don't You Love Me - Hot Chelle Rae Tabbed by: Jason Storey email: jasons@thwebco.com Tuning Standard **I love this song and just knew this played well with it, if anyone has better chords and such please post them or email me and ill change this one!* I Love You is the title of at least 47 songs, 15 albums and 13 movies in the English-language canon. We say and hear it all the time — even if it isn't directed at anyone in particular. The. Why doesn't anyone love me? Cringe! Close. Vote. Posted by just now. Why doesn't anyone love me? Cringe! 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 99% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think! View Entire Discussion (0 Comments Moreover, when someone is constantly reminding you of why they love you, it naturally feels good. You are appreciated and wanted, and that is something to feel highly grateful for! So, if they are reminding you of why they love you in any way, then make sure you tell them how much you appreciate them for making you feel good about yourself. 2

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100 Reasons Why I Love You. There are literally thousands of things to love about someone. Every person is unique, every relationship is different — so it makes sense that the reasons why you love your partner will not sound similar to the reasons why someone else loves his/her partner At the end of the day, love is relative, so don't expect your relationship to look, feel or act the same as past experiences or like those of your friends. Ultimately, we're looking for someone to love us the way we want to be loved, Darné said. If we don't feel loved, it doesn't matter what is in our mate's heart Do you need to love yourself before you can love someone else? Though conventional wisdom says yes, the real answer is much more complicated. Loving yourself certainly makes it easier to love someone else. When you accept and love yourself, you don't need someone else's approval or love, and you are likely to believe that you will find someone who you will love, and who will love you

Nine men explain why they ghosted the women they were dating, and experts explain why men ghost, or suddenly disappear from all forms of communication, in the first place is there anyone else out there? - but more so the possibility of answering them within my lifetime that got me hooked on research. I discovered that I love analyzing and interpreting data. Every time we make a new measurement, there is the potential to learn something new about the universe When you love someone who doesn't love you back, you can't get them out of your mind. A moment ago, we wondered why it's so hard to turn the page and be strong when you know that someone doesn't love you. The answer to this question is found in the intricate and always fascinating world of neurology.To understand it a little better, take a look at the following example

What to do if someone doesn't want to talk to you? If someone doesn't want to talk to you, it can be upsetting. Perhaps the person used to talk to you, and now is ignoring you. Or maybe you want to be friends with someone, but they don't seem to open up. First, you need to realize that it's okay if people don't want to talk to you The third time Jesus asks, Do you love me? in John 21:17, He uses the word phileo, and Peter again responds with Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you, again using phileo. The point in the different Greek words for love seems to be that Jesus was stretching Peter to move him from phileo love to agape love 9. The best way to fall in love with someone is to get to know them. One researcher famously showed this by having pairs of strangers ask one another just 36 questions in 45 minutes. The results demonstrated exactly how people can build intimacy with almost anyone — if they try Love first starts with self-love. Too often people seek to fill the void in their life through another, which, while it might feel good initially, ultimately ends up being a superficial and unfulfilling connection. When you love yourself, you attract love. Real love

He values your opinion - he may not like it or even agree with it, but he will still value your opinion when he's in love with you.; He gives you strong eye contact - love is all in the eyes as they say.; He can't stay mad - even if you're completely in the wrong. He will have his time to be angry and then come straight back to you. You're irresistible when a guy loves you Make Anyone Fall in Love with You. That's a mighty big promise, you say. Indeed, it is. But the promise of this book is yours if you are willing to follow a scientifically sound plan to capture the heart of a Potential Love Partner. Why, when history is strewn with broken hearts, do we now claim the means to make someone fall in love with us

Here's Why You Shouldn't Be Missing Someone, You Shouldn't Fall In Love Factor One - The Lust Card. This one will sneak up on you fast and take hold if you don't prevent it. Love and lust have numerous similar factors and it's easy to confuse true love with just lusting over someone. The main difference is love takes time and. One of the main reasons why narcissists abuse those they love is that they lack whole object relations and object constancy. Briefly defined: Whole object relations is the capacity to see oneself and other people in an integrated and realistic way as having a mix of good and bad qualities, some that you like and others that you dislike

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Someone who is completely in love with you will allow themselves to take a step back and put your ideas at the forefront. 12) She blushes when you come around. The body does lie, so if you find her turning every shade of red when you are near her, that's a good thing It's okay to think about someone you love, but when you are obsessing over that person, it might be because you need something and the need hasn't been fulfilled. Take time out to learn more about what you need and how you can meet that need for yourself. It's all about self-care and love! - Dr. Wendy Boring-Bray, DBH, LPCC Sometimes people kill because they love the other one and cannot tolerate the thought of seeing that loved one with someone else. Posted in Crime . Tagged as body and soul , criminals , discipline , diseases , drunk driver , genius , greed , hatred , jealousy , love , mercy killings , peace , psychiatrists , road accidents , road rage , selfish. It's never the same for you and me. Are you trying to love someone who is not accepting your love? Read When They Don't Love You Back, This Is What You Need To Know. You try hard to find a room in his or her's heart. But, they refuse to give you the key. Maybe they are not comfortable sharing their deepest thoughts with you, yet

I love dreaming, because in my dreams, you're actually mine. At some point, you have to realize that he doesn't care, and you could be missing out on someone who actually does. I pray someday that you will learn how to love me but I plead fervently for the day that I will finally stop loving you. She's the one I love, but she keeps. Why do we love it so? There are the obvious answers. I didn't want anyone to feel sorry for me . Yes, sometimes I have to come home & get out the ice pack or heating pad but it is truly worth it . My Rhumatologist is for it 100 percent & even wrote out a script. She even came to my showcase when I did the tango with my instructor Nev Schulman, the protagonist in the 2010 documentary Catfish, knows better than anyone about the heartbreak caused by falling for someone who doesn't exist.The movie details how he fell for a. Instead, love feels like a word I need to protect — in part because I believe it's more than a feeling; it's a choice that needs to be made consistently. I may have felt love for him, and he may have felt love for me, but perhaps I didn't believe the verb would carry on past the noun

When someone we love has died, we are desperate to tap into life, says Alexandra H. Solomon, PhD, author of Taking Sexy Back. And there's no more powerful access point to a sense of. Falling in love with someone you can't have can seriously affect your self-esteem and self-confidence. You feel unhappy, dissatisfied with yourself, and even depressed. Obviously, you should get rid of these feelings as soon as possible. We are going to tell you what to do in order to get over your unrequited love and start living a new life without the object of your passion Once you have your affections lined up properly and love me more than anything or anyone, then (and only then) will you be capable of meeting Nancy's needs. Loving Jesus Mor The painful truth is that you can love someone and not have them love you back. And someone might love me or you or my kids in a way that isn't reciprocated. That's life. My kids need to learn how to deal with rejection. They need to learn about consent and respect too. It is hard to let someone down, but it is in all our best interests to. You will finally find out why people don't like you! Btw, don't take this stuff to heart. I am being mean to everyone. January 21, 2013 · 53,560 takers. Personality Why.

Like many powerful women in far more impressive tax brackets than me, I am 5'2—the height of an Olsen Twin (just Mary-Kate—I believe Ashley is 5'3), of Reese Witherspoon, of Kim. Love her as the Lord loves the Israelites, though they turn to other gods and love the sacred raisin cakes. 2 So I bought her for fifteen shekels of silver and about a homer and a lethek of barley. 3 Then I told her, You are to live with me many days; you must not be a prostitute or be intimate with any man, and I will behave the same way.

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They do not hate you, trust me love. People need a reason to hate, and hate is a very strong word. So I wouldn't understand why people would just hate you, I'm sure they don't, you're just putting these thoughts in your head. And to support you, I don't hate you! :) Take care, honey Have you ever been in a relationship where someone tells you they love you and even though you hear the words, you just don't believe them? Whether it is because you just don't trust that the person is telling the truth, they have another agenda, or because no one deep down could possibly love you if they knew who you really were. So you dismiss it

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It's more important that they marry someone they love rather than getting locked in a marriage with someone they don't love. Marrying Out of Love Now M, if your expectations of marriage is to have a life-long companion — someone who will be with you and take care of you even when you're old with white hair — then this guy seems to fit. When we are falling in love with someone else, we tend to reminisce the past and recollect the reasons why we got hurt in our previous relationships. It is one thing to learn from your mistakes; it's another thing to be scared of being yourself. When we have seen our own negatives or are trying to improve, we can be afraid of opening up to.

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Be cognizant of why you love someone and make sure it's absolutely 100 percent because of who they are and not who they could be. Don't Fall in Love With Comfort One of the reasons I believe I. And the reason why I'm 'afraid' is because like everyone at my school despises me and the kid would probably tell one of his bids who is a real jerk to me ( that's putting it nicely ) sooo yeah don't exactly want people finding out and laughing at me even more

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Unconditional love is so vastly different from the love we are used to receiving that most of us don't really know what it is. In fact, most love these days isn't actually true love, but instead differing forms of infatuation, lust, affinity, affection, codependency or egotistical neediness. The reality is that true love is rare and immensely precious Yes, when you love someone, you want to insert them into every aspect of your life. But there's a fine line between want and need, and when the need outweighs the want, you have a.

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I love being a lawyer because it gives me the opportunity to use the law to make someone's life better. To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson's Self-Reliance, it affords me a chance to. You can't make someone choose you, even when they might love you. To be fair, she didn't fully choose me, either. The rage-fueled invective she often hurled at me was evidence enough of that As marketers know very well (and anyone looking for love should learn about marketing), repeated exposure makes us like almost anything. Via Falling in Love: Why We Choose the Lovers We Choose He was very much, I am in love with you. I will wait as long as it takes, if it ever happens. He was really supportive and never tried to make me do anything I wasn't comfortable with

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First He Ghosted Me — Then He Became the Love of My Life. December 8, 2019 by Sarah Halle Corey. 69 Shares I thought that Ryan was going to be just another ghost I am crazy about someone who doesn't love me back; I am crazy about someone who doesn't love me back. I'm not sure this is the right place to ask but... I've known this guy for over a year now and when I first met him I felt like I'd been hit by a bus! Being shy and having not dated for years I kept how I felt to myself

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