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Paul's Second Missionary Journey. Paul begins his second evangelistic journey by taking Silas with him to Tarsus. They go to the cities of Derbe and Lystra where Paul meets Timothy for the first time (1Timothy 1:2, 4:14). While journeying northwest of Pisidian Antioch Paul decides to preach in the western part of Asia. The holy spirit, however. Timeline of Paul's ministry. Key dates in the ministry of the Apostle Paul. First Missionary Journey - from Antioch to Cyprus, Antioch of Pisidia, Iconium, Lystra, Derbe Paul's three missionary journeys and his final journey to Rome. Click each image to enlarge. Print this pag

Paul's First Missionary Journey. Paul's first missionary journey is found in Acts 13 and 14. Paul and Barnabas set sail with John as their helper from about 46 to 48 A.D. and their first stop was Cyprus. Acts 13 records that they made it to Salamis in Cyprus, and proclaimed the word of God in the Jewish Synagogues Paul's First Missionary Journey 1 Chapter 5 Paul's First Missionary Journey Acts 13 u Acts 13 - 14:28 u Length - 2 years u 45 - 47 A.D. u Total miles traveled - Approximately 1,235 A. The Journey Begins in Antioch 1. The church at Antioch was blessed with good teachers Paul's Letters and Missionary Journeys Chart Timeline of Paul's Letters and Missionary Journeys Paul (c. 5 AD - c. 67 AD), whose original name was Saul of Tarsus, was an apostle (though not one of the Twelve Apostles) who taught the gospel of Jesus Christ to the first-century world The apostle Paul went on three pioneering missionary journeys, followed by a trip to Rome.His first missionary journey, most likely in the years AD 47 through 48, started in Syria and took him to Cyprus and Asia Minor. After Paul witnessed the stoning of Stephen (Acts 7:58), was confronted and converted by Jesus (Acts 9), and visited Jerusalem (Acts 9:26-30), the church leadership tucked him. The First Missionary Journey-- This journey would need to have been finished and Paul returned to Antioch by the fall of 48 A.D. in order to leave time for the council and related events. The length of his lst Missionary Journey would have been anywhere from 4 to 10 months

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A.D. 53-57—Paul's third missionary journey (Acts 18:23-21:26). A.D. 57-59—Paul in custody under Felix, and then briefly under Festus. A.D. 59-60—Paul goes to Rome (for a fuller discussion of the Pauline material for the period from 48 to 50, see below) Timeline of the Apostle Paul includes the Year, The Life of Paul, the Books Written, and Historical Events. From Pisidia they returned to Antioch of Syria and reported their journey to the church Further missionary work 64. Timeline of Salvation History. Chronology of Jesus' Life and Ministry. Chronology of the Old Testament Books. Chronology of the New Testament Books. Composite of the Four Gospels. Paul's First and Second Missionary Journeys. Paul's Third Missionary Journey. Genesis Genealogical Charts. Chronology of the Flood. The Events of Holy Week Paul's missionary journeys helped spread the gospel throughout much of the ancient world. Over the course of his ministry, the Apostle Paul. traveled more than 10,000 miles and established at least 14 churches.. The Book of Acts records three separate missionary journeys that took Paul through Greece, Turkey, Syria, and numerous regions you won't find on modern-day maps What happened on Paul's first missionary journey? Here is a map of Paul's first missionary journey to help you follow along in the account of the events. Paul's first missionary journey is recorded in Acts 13 and 14. As persecution in Jerusalem increased, Christian believers fled and dispersed throughout the region

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  1. Paul and Barnabas deliver aid to the brethren in Jerusalem. Acts 11:29-30; Completing their mission they return to Antioch with Mark. Acts 12:25 . First Missionary Journey 44 AD - 49 AD. The Holy Spirit separates Paul and Barnabas out for this Journey. Acts 13:2-3; They travel to Seleucia and set sail to the island of Cyprus Acts 13:
  2. This trip is often referred to as Paul's First Missionary Journey. One of the stops on this journey was the city of Lystra where Paul healed a man who had not ever been able to walk. A frenzied crowed first worships Paul and Barnabas as gods and then turns on them and stones Paul. After the crowd left, Paul just got up
  3. His First Missionary Journey Begun . Acts 13:4-14:28: 48 Council at Jerusalem Acts 15:6-35: 50 Second Missionary Journey Paul's Arrest at Jerusalem Acts 21:26-22:29: 58 Paul at Caesarea Acts 23:23-26:32: 59 Paul Starts for Rome.
  4. Paul's Second Missionary Journey (Acts 15:36-18:22) - (Circa 49-51) Paul and Silas revisited the places in Asia Minor where Paul had preached on his first journey (cf. map), while Barnabas took John Mark and sailed to Cyprus. Paul and Silas visited Derbe, Lystra, and Antioch in Pisidia
  5. Paul's second visit to Jerusalem, with the collection (Acts 1:11-30). A. D. 45. Paul returns to Antioch (Acts 12:2-5). A. D. 46-49. Paul's first missionary journey with Barnabas—goes to Cyprus, Antioch in Pisidia, Iconium, Lystra, Derbe, and back through the same places to Antioch. They remain a long time in Antioch
  6. Paul's First Missionary Journey with Map. Acts 13. Brief Overview of the Events in Acts 13. Acts 13. Now in the church that was at Antioch there were certain prophets and teachers: Barnabas, Simeon who was called Niger, Lucius of Cyrene, Manaen who had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul
  7. 47-48 First missionary journey with Barnabas, to Cyprus and Galatia 49 At the Council of Jerusalem, Paul argues successfully that Gentile Christians need not follow Jewish law; returns to.

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Map of Paul's first mission journey. From about 46 AD to 48 AD (more than 1900 years ago), Paul the evangelist undertook his first mission journey. He traveled from Syrian Antioch to Derbe, and back again. This journey is described in the Bible's book of Acts, chapters 13 and 14 A Harmony Of The Life Of Paul 2 A Harmony Of The Life Of Paul Table Of Contents Paul's Life Prior To Conversion 3 The Conversion Of Paul (36 A.D.) 6 Paul's Early Years Of Service (36-45 A.D.) 10 First Missionary Journey, And Residence In Antioch (45-49 A.D.) 1

D. Paul's first Missionary JourneyPg. 7-10 E. In Between 1st. and 2nd. Missionary JourneysPg.11-12 F. Paul's 2nd. Missionary JourneyPg. 13-18 G. Paul's 3rd. Missionary JourneyPg. 19-22 H. Paul at JerusalemPg. 23-25 I. Paul In CaesareaPg. 26-28 J. Paul's Voyage to RomePg. 29-30 L. Paul's CharacterPg. 32 M. Paul. We are talking about a man (Barnabas) who led the church in its earliest days (Acts 11.22-24), brought Paul into the work (he was the teacher and Paul the apprentice at one time), lead the first missionary journey (Acts 13.2), and represented the church at the Jerusalem Council It's insanely fascinating that Luke, the author of Acts, spends only 16 verses (Acts 9:19-30; 11:25-26, 30; 12:25) describing the first 14 years of Paul's work in ministry after his conversion and then spends 16 chapters detailing the next 10 years of his life starting with the first missionary journey Paul the Apostle, commonly known as Saint Paul and also known by his Hebrew name Saul of Tarsus, was a Christian apostle (although not one of the Twelve Apostles) who spread the teachings of Jesus in the first-century world. Generally regarded as one of the most important figures of the Apostolic Age, he founded several Christian communities in Asia Minor and Europe from the mid-30s to the mid.

Timeline of Paul's Ministry Missionary Activity Writing Ministry I. Paul's early ministry A. Conversion and early activities (AD 33-46) B. First missionary journey (AD 46-47), Acts 13:1-14:28 C. Jerusalem council (AD 48), Acts 15:1-35, Gal 2:1-10 II. Paul's middle period of ministry A. The second missionary journey (ca. AD 48-51), Acts 15:36-18. Paul's First Missionary Journey with Map. Iconium of Asia. Brief Overview of Paul's Visit to Iconium on His First Missionary Journey # 5 Paul and Barnabas traveled 80 miles southeast to Iconium of Lycaonia.When they had entered the synagogue, the unbelieving Jews had already poisoned the people's minds First Missionary Journey Paul's first missionary journey would take him, as well as Barnabas and John Mark, from Antioch in Syria to the major cities of central Asia Minor and back again to Antioch where they started. From Antioch, they traveled to Seleucia in Syria and sailed on to Salamis and Paphos in Cyprus

First Missionary Journey (Acts 13:4-14:26): 1.5 years? 48* With Barnabas, spends no little time in Antioch (Acts 14:28; Gal. 2:11-14); writes Galatians: 48-49* Returns to Jerusalem for the apostolic council ; Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch (Acts 15:30-33), but dispute over John Mark causes them to part ways (Acts 15:36-41 When Were Paul's Epistles Written? A timeline of Paul's epistles, missionary journeys and visits to Jerusalem. 3 6AD Conversion on the road to Damascus (Acts 9.1 -9) 37 -39AD Visit to Arabia, then 3 years in Dama scus (Gal 1.15 -17) 39AD Escape from Damascus: first visit to Jerusalem (Acts 9.23 -26 The apostle Paul was the most prolific writer in the Bible with thirteen epistles under his belt. These he wrote within an eighteen-year period while he was on his missionary journeys. The first nine epistles were addressed to various churches in Greece and in Asia Minor. While the last three were pastoral in nature and were addressed to church leaders Titus and Timothy Traditionally, Paul is said to have made three missionary journeys, plus a fourth journey to Rome. In this lesson, we outline Paul's first missionary journey, beginning and ending in Antioch of Syria and going as far north as Antioch in Pisidia. This journey between two Antiochs is described in Acts chapters 13 and 14. 1 About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

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Paul's First Missionary Journey with Map. Acts 15. Brief Overview of the Events in Acts 15. Acts 15. And certain men came down from Judea and taught the brethren, Unless you are circumcised according to the custom of Moses, you cannot be saved Paul's second journey started in the year 49 and ended in 52. This time, Paul hit the road to check back on those early Christian communities he helped found during his first trip Paul's Perilous Passage through Pisidia in the November/December 2013 issue of BAR, Mark R. Fairchild explores archaeological evidence of the likely presence of Jewish communities on the way. Take a closer look at Paul's first missionary journey through Turkey in this web-exclusive slideshow of photographs by BAR author Mark R. Fairchild

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Paul traveled through Cyprus on his first missionary journey (Acts 13:4-5), as did Barnabas and Mark later . Paphos Paul cursed a sorcerer here (Acts 13:6-11). Derbe Paul and Barnabas preached the gospel in this city (Acts 14:6-7, 20-21). Lystra When Paul healed a cripple, he and Barnabas were hailed as gods First Missionary Journey. While in Antioch, both Paul and Barnabas were clearly called to the Lord's service. They soon set sail for Cyprus, where they met two men. Paul preached to Sergius Paulus, a Roman deputy who believed the gospel, despite the efforts of Barjesus, who was blinded for trying to hinder Paul

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Appendix 2. Chronology of Paul's Life. Apostle Paul ..

  1. Paul's First Missionary Journey The mission starts in Antioch (around the year 46-48 A.D.) (Acts 13 -14) this journey sets off from Antioch not Jerusalem, The Church of Antioch (Syria) a newly established Church. founded by believers (lay people), escaping from the persecution in Jerusalem. They preached the Good News to Jews
  2. People will either choose God or something else. Use this Acts 13 bible lesson on Paul's first missionary journey to discuss the wordless book and how people will try to stop us from telling others about the gospel.. Scripture Focus: Acts 13: 1-39 Materials: Create a Wordless Book if you do not have one already (or you can use a bracelet or other form of telling the gospel with the colors
  3. The Timeline is divided into three major sections: Age of Patriarchs—Creation to c. 1660 BC. The timeline begins with Adam in Eden, then on to Noah and the Flood and the birth of Israel through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Age of Israel—c. 1660 BC to c. 457 B
  4. The First Missionary Journey Paul's first missionary journey is a model for our own missionary endeavours in the modern world. God continues to call us to preach the gospel for thesame reasons as he did Paul
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  6. Oct 8, 2016 - Paul's First Missionary Journey Map Printable - Bing image
  7. Paul and the disciples then entered Jerusalem where the fellow believers received them gladly. Thus ended Paul's third missionary journey around AD 56, approximately four years after he had left his home church in Antioch in Syria. Paul's third missionary journey is an example for believers in many ways

His earliest notice is in Paul's Epistle to Philemon—Philemon 1:24. He is also mentioned in Colossians 4:14 and 2 Timothy 4:11, two works commonly ascribed to Paul. Luke, was born in Antioch, by profession, was a physician. He had become a disciple of the apostle Paul and later followed Paul until his martyrdom The following journeys are visualised: - Apostle Paul's first journey - Apostle Paul's second journey - Apostle Paul's third journey - Apostle Paul's journey to Rome In order to 'fly over' the. St. Paul's First Missionary Journey (around the year 46-48 A.D.) (Acts 13 -14) It is interesting to note that this journey sets off not from Jerusalem, the mother Church where all the apostles were gathered, but from Antioch, a newly established Church Home Decorating Style 2021 for Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey Timeline, you can see Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey Timeline and more pictures for Home Interior Designing 2021 14608 at Resume Design Collections

Peter's Missionary Journey Acts 9:32-43 July 29, 2012 Well tonight as we dive back into or study of the book of Acts We come across a couple of accounts that are spectacular, But at the same time somewhat easy to overlook. We get to see a portion of Peter's missionary journey. Often times when we [ Paul's First Missionary Journey for Little Kids. This map shows all of the main cities where Paul and Barnabas traveled for their first missionary journey! Their journey first began in the city of Antioch of Syria where they were told by the Holy Spirit to go and spread the good news of Jesus. Paul and Barnabas obeyed God and traveled on a boat. Paul's first missionary journey is recorded in Acts 13-14. During this time, Paul, Barnabas, and John Mark established churches all throughout Europe and Asia Minor. (Though John Mark abandoned Paul and Barnabas before they were finished. KING JAMES VERSION. Paul's First Missionary Journey. Acts 13-14. 13:1 Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen, which had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul.2 As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for.

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  1. Paul's Ministry in Corinth and Third Missionary Journey Acts of the Apostles, chapter 18 (Adventures in Acts, session 15) Thursday, January 10, 2008 Let us first resituate where we are in the development of the early Church. Paul gets a separation from Barnabus, so sharp was their disagreement (Acts 15:39)
  2. 1. Trace on a map the route of Paul's first missionary journey. 2. To whom, and in what meeting place, did the missionaries go first? 3. Relate the facts that we know about Barnabas, his nationality, what place he had in the worship because of his family heritage, what outstanding thing he did concerning his property in Cyprus, and what attitude he manifested toward Paul at the first and on.
  3. Paul's First Missionary Trip (44 AD - 50 or 51 AD) The very first missionary journey that Paul took may have started around 44 AD where Paul, Barnabas, and Mark took off from Antioch which is recorded in Acts 13:4-5 where by the Holy Spirit [they] went down to Seleucia and sailed from there to Cyprus
  4. Here I have tried to outline in order what we can piece together of Paul's contacts with the Corinthian church. 651 First Visit (50-52 AD). Paul first visited Corinth about 50 AD, during the last phase of his second missionary journey, after starting churches in Macedonia -- Philippi, Thessalonica, and Berea (Acts 16-17)
  5. Between his first and second missionary journeys, Paul met with the apostles to discuss his doctrine which they commended. A final trip (the latter part of Paul's third missionary journey) is recorded in Romans 15:25-28, 1Corinthians 16:1-4 and Acts 21:15-18. Paul and others carried a gathered contribution to Jerusalem for the needy saints
  6. The apostle Paul went on three missionary journeys from A.D. 46 to 57, traveling around much of Asia Minor and Greece. In 60, he was also taken to Rome. ORBIS allows us to calculate how long these journeys would have taken in pure travel time (excluding time spent at each destination) and how much they would have cost
  7. Pauline New Testament (NT) letters (or epistles as they are sometimes called) are laid out here in chart form in chronological order. They start on around Paul's second missionary journey in 50-51 A.D. and span the rest of his life when he was again imprisioned and killed in 66-68 A.D.

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Paul's First Missionary Journey (Acts 13:1-14:28) The Jerusalem Council (Acts 15:1-35) Paul's Second Missionary Journey (Acts 15:36-18:21) The timeline in acts does not match the one in Galatians. Acts has 3 visits while Galatians only has 2 This was a major Roman colony that was visited by Saint Paul on his First Missionary Journey. Pisidian Antioch marked an important turning point in Paul's ministry, as the city became the first to have a fully Gentile Christian community. Visit the remains of the Church of Saint Paul. This Byzantine church is the traditional location of the.

Stephen was one of the first deacons specially appointed by the early church to serve (Acts 6:1-6). He becomes the first Christian martyr. A young, zealous Saul (Paul) consents to and witnesses Stephen's death (Acts 7:58-8:1), after which he leads persecution against believers of Christ (Acts 8:1-4 Maps of Paul's missionary journeys and other travels. Contributed by The Bible Journey. Read terms of download. View slideshow Download image set Story Planner. Download story: Maps: The journeys of Paul Be the first to know when new stories go online by signing up for our free newsletter. Our privacy policy explains how we guard your details Paul's First Missionary Journey: Acts 13: 48 AD: Paul preaches in Pisidian Antioch: Acts 13:14: 48 AD: Paul and Barnabas in Iconium: Acts 14: 48 AD: Paul and Barnabas in Lystra and Derbe: Acts 14:8: 48 AD: Paul and Barnabas Return to Syrian Antioch: Acts 14:21: 48 AD: Return to Syrian Antioch: Acts 14:24: 48 AD: The Council at Jerusalem: Acts.

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Paul's fourth missionary journey?I thought he went on three missionary journeys!Yes, according to Acts, Paul embarked on three missionary journeys.Then he was imprisoned in Palestine for a couple years, transported under guard via ship to Rome (a journey that included a shipwreck on Malta), and spent a couple more years under house arrest in Rome In the year 46/47 Paul set out on his first missionary journey from Antioch on Orontes. His travel companions were Barnabas and John Mark. Barnabas was both a Levite, namely a member a Jewish priestly family, descended from Aaron the brother of Moses and Hellenistic Jew from the diaspora. He could speak Greek and was familiar with Gentiles Returning from this first missionary journey to Antioch, they were again sent up to Jerusalem to consult with the church there regarding the relation of Gentiles to the church. According to Galatians 2:9-10, Barnabas was included with Paul in the agreement made between them, on the one hand, and James, Peter, and John, on the other, that the two former should in the future preach to the pagans. New Testament Timeline; Old Testament Timeline (1) Old Testament Timeline (2) Ancient Middle East Map; Book of Joshua: Themes & Map; New Testament Holy Land Map; Paul's First Missionary Journey Map; Paul's Second Missionary Journey Map; Paul's Third Missionary Journey Map; Paul's Journey to Rome Map; Discover While Studying the Bibl

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  1. Ministry-To-Children.com helps you tell kids about Jesus by providing age-appropriate Bible study material and Sunday School curriculum - all 100% free online.. We believe that God is the loving Father of all kids. It is HIS divine will that young people come to faith in Jesus Christ and find salvation through the Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit to bring them to faith
  2. Acts 16:12 From the port of Neapolis, Paul, Silas and Luke travel inland along the Via Egnatia to Philippi (see 4 on Map 24).. Philippi. Philippi is an old Greek city that was conquered by Philip of Macedon in 300BC and was re-founded over two hundred years later as a Roman 'colonia' by retired Roman soldiers and their families (see Map 24)..
  3. istry of Jesus Christ . 33-50 Early missionary work in the Holy Land of Jerusalem, Judaea, Samaria, Antioch, and local surround area; Paul's first missionary journey

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  1. This map overlays Paul's missionary journeys onto an interactive view of Roman provinces, settlements, and the all-important road network. It shows the likely paths over land and sea, drawing from the Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire and other research
  2. -Antioch (Syria)(Acts 13:1-3)-Selucia (Acts 13:4)-Salamis and Paphos (Acts 13:5-12)-Perga and Pisidian Antioch (Acts 13:13-52)-Iconium (Acts 14:1-5
  3. Paul's First Missionary Journey; Paul's Second Missionary Journey; Paul's Third Missionary Journey; Paul's Journey to Rome; Paul's Journey (Unbound Bible) To walk through each of Paul's missionary journeys city by city click the following links for the map beneath which are the cities. 1st Journey - begins at the Church at Antioch (in Syria.

Here is a tip: in the Bible, Paul's letters are not sequenced in chronological order. The Bible rarely gives us specific dates about events it addresses, which can be frustrating for modern readers. As an example, this is a very brief timeline of the first four decades of Christianity that is probably correct to within a few years Home Decorating Style 2021 for Timeline Of Paul's Missionary Journeys, you can see Timeline Of Paul's Missionary Journeys and more pictures for Home Interior Designing 2021 14690 at Resume Design Collections

In the Book of Acts, the newly converted Paul set out on three missionary journeys to the known world to spread the Gospel. Quotations are from the Revised Standard Version. 1. In Acts Chapter 13, the church at Antioch sent Paul and Barnabas off on a missionary journey to Asia Minor. They set sail. Acts Map: Paul's First & Second Missionary Journeys Paul J. Bucknell Purpose. Provide a free high quality map of Paul's first and second missionary journeys from the Book of Acts. Paul's First & Second Missionary Journey maps now include a blank version! This Acts map shows Paul's first and second Missionary Journeys that are described in the. At some point he joined Paul on the apostle's third missionary journey as a traveling companion. In Ephesus, he was ruffed up by an unruly crowd (Acts 19:29). He accompanied Paul back to Jerusalem (Acts 20:4), and then finally on to Rome (Acts 27:2) During our journey, we hear the commentary of the British major losses and World War I defeat in the Dardanelles Strait. Disembarking in Canakkale, we travel a short distance south to the area known as Troas, where Paul had a vision during his second missionary journey and was called to Macedonia (Acts 16:8-13) But still there is a very ancient and apparently a well authenticated tradition that Peter suffered martyrdom at Rome; [156:5] and if, as is not improbable, Paul met him in Jerusalem, during his visit to that city after his release from his first imprisonment, it may be that he was then encouraged to undertake a journey to the West

Since Paul's First Missionary Journey took place between the apostolic council and the famine-relief visit, we can date this first journey to the years 47-48. Dating Paul's 3 rd Missionary Journey. Using details from Acts and working forward from the date of the Gallio Inscription mentioned earlier, we can also place the beginning of Paul. From the years 49-52 A.D. Paul the Apostle takes his second missionary journey around the Mediterranean chronicled in the book of Acts from chapters 15:35 to 18:22. The image below depicts the journey on an old world map. Continue reading to see Paul's journey on a modern day world stage. But Paul. A map showing the apostle Paul's first missionary journey (Acts 13:4 - 14:28; AD 46-48). PDF version (300 KB

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Apostle Paul's Five Missionary Journeys Page 3 Apostle Paul's Second Missionary Journey Footnotes from Paul's Second Missionary Journey Paul's second missionary journey began in the spring of 49 A.D. when he set out from Antioch, Syria, to visit the churches he had established in Asia Minor on his first journey Below is a list of major events in the Bible timeline, with the date for each. Note: All dates are approximate. Also, the dates for early human history (prior to Abraham) reflect the viewpoint of young earth creationism. AD 44-47 — Paul's first missionary journey. AD 49 — The Jerusalem Council. AD 60 — The imprisonment of Paul in. PAUL'S INTERMEDIATE YEARS. From Acts one cannot necessarily observe how long the interval is between Paul's call and his actual missionary journeys.Galatians 1 is a fairly exact account of that stage of maturation which prepared Paul both as a man and as a teacher and as a Messianic theologian, too from Google Images In Luke 18:31 Jesus embarks on his final journey to Jerusalem, but lots of folks believe that Jesus began that trip to Jerusalem at Luke 9:51. Nevertheless, to do so they have to have the Lord meandering aimlessly all around Judea (Luke 10:38), but never quite making it to Jerusalem. After wanderin

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The Exodus from Egypt and Journey to Kadesh-barnea. Israel Defeats Og and Sihon. The Conquest of Canaan: The Southern Campaign. The Conquest of Canaan: The Northern Campaign. The Allotment of the Land. The Judges of Israel. Samson's Exploits. The Ark's Travels. The Battle at Michmash. The Battle at Elah (David and Goliath) David Flees from Saul- Showing 12 coloring pages related to - Pauls Missionary Journeys. Some of the coloring page names are Paul missionary journeys coloring gallery coloring for kids 2019, 10 images about pauls journeys on the gospel subway map and the map, Reps sets daily devotions, 17 best images about nt bilbe paul on act review kids craft kits and roller coasters, Blank map pauls missionary journeys sketch. Paul's first mission Posted on March 28, 2010 by Mark Standard 4 A map showing the apostle Paul's first missionary journey (Acts 13:4 - 14:28; AD 46-48)

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The second trip (ad 49-52) included re-visiting churches established on the first missionary journey in modern day Turkey, and then Paul and his companions crossed the Aegean Sea and planted churches in Macedonia and Greece (Acts 15:36-18:22) Paul's Early Years Of Service (36-45 A.D.) First Missionary Journey, And Residence In Antioch (45-49 A.D.) Conference In Jerusalem, And Return To Antioch (50 A.D. Apr 20, 2016 - Explore Cathy Short's board Paul's Missionary Journeys on Pinterest. See more ideas about paul's missionary journeys, bible for kids, bible crafts

A Timeline of Paul's Ministry in Galatians and Acts

Paul's first missionary journey took him from Cyprus into the heart of Anatolia. Explore the route with a web-exclusive slideshow. Article by Arvin Lising. 1. Paul's Missionary Journeys Jesus Teachings Bible Mapping You Poem Journey Mapping Quick Reads John 4 Knowing God New Testament A new map of Paul's missionary journeys is a big upgrade from the print-based paradigm, giving you more details on demand and control over which routes are visible. The background starts with ancient Roman provinces, then reveals roads and cities as you zoom in Start studying Exam 2- Paul's First Missionary Journey and the Apostolic Council of Jerusalem (Acts 13-15). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools

Map of Paul's First Missionary Journey ~ website with tonsPaul's First Missionary Journey - Kids Bible Maps | Paul'sPaul's First Missionary Journey Map Printable - BingChronology of the Old Testament KingsAbraham the Patriarch - Images of Ancient Abraham (Bible
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