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  1. 17 Reasons New Zealand is Better Than Australia North Island. South Island. Nature. New Zealand and Australia share a lot in common — a friendly laid-back attitude, gorgeous natural scenery, and virtually identical national flags to name a few. But there are some things that draw a line between us and our trans-Tasman siblings, such as rugby.
  2. The biggest difference when traveling in Australia and New Zealand is size. Australia is famously enormous with huge distances (and sometimes deserts!) between capital cities. Perth is over 3,660 kilometers from Brisbane, which is farther than the distance from Madrid to Moscow. On the other hand, in New Zealand, it's entirely possible to.
  3. 14. New Zealand is officially a happier country than Australia! 15. We don't have to deal with weird apology videos from Johnny Depp and his dogs. 16. You won't find a snake staring at your bottom as you do your business. 17. Or in your shoe, along with an entire colony of funnel web spiders. 18
  4. New Zealand. It is easier to get into diploma courses than degree courses in New Zealand, as the level of competitiveness is different for both these qualifications. Higher education in New Zealand has 10 levels of study. Level 1 is for a certificate and level 10 is for a PhD. Here are the levels and their corresponding qualifications
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  6. I married a kiwi, lived first 35 years of my life in Australia, now 12 years in Auckland and I would say that John Franks hit the nail on the head regarding work. If you can get a high paying job in Australia do it somewhere nice where housing is.
  7. So now you have a better idea of some of the banter between Australia and New Zealand let's move on. We've selected 8 controversial topics that have forever sparked debate between the two nations. These topics have undergone a series of in depth analysis and tests

New Zealand Pros. Goods, services, rent and groceries are all cheaper in New Zealand than Australia; Rent in New Zealand is cheaper, a 3 bedroom apartment in New Zealand costs $2,603.29 a month while a similar apartment in Australia costs $3,035.28 per month. Life in New Zealand tends to move at a more relaxed pace Australia has not achieved a better outcome than New Zealand in terms of total (cumulative) cases per capita. Nor has Australia achieved a better result on the number of total confirmed deaths per. Jenkins found work relatively quickly and, while it took Rodriguez longer, five years down the track she said they were much better off financially than they were in New Zealand and that life was.

Numbeo tells us that the average prices of consumer goods and services, rent, and groceries are lower in New Zealand than in Australia. However, New Zealand's purchasing power is 17.49% lower than Australia's. Averages can be extremely abstract, though. Let's instead look at actual prices for everyday items, as shared on Numbeo Melbourne-based Kiwi Ethan Wolland predictably got people fired up on both sides of the Tasman when he shared a video listing the reasons he thinks Australia is better than New Zealand.. Australia.

The Welsh know pain of this line too. All that can be said is, if you decide to bust this out, then you had better be able to run fast — at least faster than a brick or jandal is able to be thrown. There used to be 20 sheep to every person in New Zealand, but this has since fallen to a mere seven to one Australia is warmer than New Zealand with an average summer temperature of 30°C. New Zealand's average summer temperature varies from 20 to 25°C. New Zealand's higher altitude regions get regular snow, while Australia only experiences snow in the high mountains. Put most simply: Australia is hot and dry while New Zealand is wet and lush Soz, Australia ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo!http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideoMUSICHere's How We Do ItLicensed via Warner Chappell Prod.. This makeslife in New Zealand a bit calmer and more laid-back than in Australia. Some sayit reminds them of the UK 30 years ago, while Australia's buzzing metropolisesare more similar to home. The climates of both countries are different - New Zealand is more temperate, while Australia has more extreme temperatures - but both have a.

You'll fork out more on rent in Australia than in New Zealand. On average, rent in Australia is 12.48% higher. Let's say you want to rent a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre. In Australia, you can expect to pay $1,707.20 a month while the same apartment is going to cost you $1,448.71 in New Zealand I once did some work reviewing population growth projections for NZ and Australia. Two really interesting things stood out. First, some estimates suggest that pre-European settlement NZ's Maori population may have been 500,000 or more and rapidly. Australia or New Zealand travel. Many wonder if it's better to visit Australia or New Zealand. While both are surrounded by water, they aren't both considered islands. In addition, there are many topographical differences between Australia and New Zealand. Australia has sandy beaches and desert areas

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Popular courses. Australia has More Options for Study Abroad Programs with 43 universities in total than the 6 Universities in New Zealand. Sydney has the widest range of different programs and universities, including Macquarie University and the University of Sydney, generally considered one of the top schools in the country Australia New Zealand HISTORY; Average years of schooling of adults: 10.9 Ranked 6th. 11.7 Ranked 3rd. 7% more than Australia Children out of school, primary: 68,417 Ranked 39th. 26 times more. National Australia Bank says the rebound in the Australian and New Zealand economies is better than expected . Wed 5 May 2021 22:06:01 GMT. Author: Eamonn Sheridan. New Zealand regularly gets snow in the higher altitude regions, while snow is restricted to winter in the mountains of Australia. Australia is warmer than New Zealand, with a summer average of 30°C and winter average of 15°C. New Zealand, is a touch cooler, with a summer average around 20 to 25 degrees and a winter average around 12° Wages in New Zealand are lower than in Australia. In Australia, if you're working full time you can definitely afford rent and food, plus have plenty of disposable income to do fun things. In New Zealand, you can work full time and only seem to make just enough money to get by

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Ozzies vs Kiwi's, g'day mate vs sweet as bro! Sheep vs kangaroos. Endless red dirt vs green rolling hills. New Zealand vs Australia: there is a constant battle and competition between the Ozzies and Kiwi's.There are many differences between these two countries, even though there are still people in the world that think it is one big country somewhere down under FACT: New Zealand Is Better Than Australia. Alex Cranz. 8/08/16 3:20PM. 68. 7. Illustration by: Angelica Alzona. The Gizmodo office is rife with Australians. I mean. There are only two. But that.

Australia has a higher population than New Zealand. The population of Australia is about 25 million, and there are about 5 million people in New Zealand. The cost of living isn't all about listing the prices of goods and noting which ones are higher Executive summary Australians are a third richer than New Zealanders. Per capita GDP (adjusted for purchasing power parity) is NZ$48,000 in Australia compared to just NZ$36,400 in New Zealand. This difference is remarkable given that the two countries enjoyed the same level of income for most of the twentieth century. From the 1970s onwards, both countries were hit by economic shocks.

Australia has better healthcare than we do: Trump New Zealand and Germany. But overall the American authors still thought many of those countries could learn from Australia's system.. Australia:38k New Zealand:26k New zealand is a countrified agricultural country. more sheeps than humans. few good jobs. expensive houses, little wages, expensive cost of living. only good thing is free healthcare

Many people feel that New Zealand or Australian is the best and others feel there is no lamb other than American and are willing to pay the premium price for it. Lamb from each region has its own distinguishing characteristics including flavor, size and price Australia, New Zealand is just better than us. ON almost every measure, New Zealand is better than us, writes Alana Schetzer. And it's got nothing to do with that scenery New Zealand's adult minimum wage is £6.30 (NZ$13) per hour. Summary The cost of studying in Australia works out cheaper than studying in New Zealand due to the cheaper tuition fees and the fact there is a range of scholarships that international students can apply for. Something New Zealand doesn't have A New Zealand man has revealed the surprising reasons he thinks living in Australia is 'better' than his own country - including the cost of living, higher wages and drinking culture

This ultimate Australia vs. New Zealand showdown compares tourist sites, hiking, nightlife, & more to help you decide which country to visit Who has the better wine drinkers? We've got Australia's AC/DC and New Zealand's Flight of the Conchords keeping score. Follow the results below: 1. Quantity. Alright, Australia, we get it. You're bigger than New Zealand. With over 160,000 hectares of wine regions, you crush New Zealand's 35,000 hectares New Zealand is about a million times better than Australia. Now that our two currencies are almost at parity, NZ needs to start standing up for itself. Yong Hian Lim / Getty Image

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  1. America's daily new cases topped 100,000 on Wednesday, and its death toll exceeds 234,000, a staggering figure even accounting for its greater population than Australia, which has recorded 907 deaths
  2. But if cases of the virus in Australia (or South Korea, or Japan - which also have lower rates than New Zealand) continue on their current track and those countries come out of this with results similar to (or better than) our own - it will be time to ask some very serious questions about the wisdom of our approach and whether it was worth.
  3. Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand New Zealand. New Zealand is a country consisting of the North Island and South Island, both of which are completely surrounded by water. This beautiful island country has always maintained an air of unspoiled grace, but it was the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies that really showed the world just what they're missing out on
  4. Both countries have a tremendous amount to offer, with each offering a high standard of living. Costs of goods and services in New Zealand are higher than Australia, but the country is not ravaged.
  5. Australia has roughly five times the population of New Zealand and more than 10 times the number of COVID-19 cases - with at least 2,398 people confirmed to have the virus and eight deaths
  6. Australia is WAY better than New Zealand!! 169 likes. The challenge has been issues. AUSSIES UNITE
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But with the latest statistics showing Australia in a better position than many predicted — and almost on-par with New Zealand's cases per head of population — some, like Victoria's Chief. New businesses registered > Number: New businesses registered are the number of new firms, defined as firms registered in the current year of reporting. Oil > Consumption: This entry is the total oil consumed in barrels per day (bbl/day). The discrepancy between the amount of oil produced and/or imported and the amount consumed and/or exported. There is no simple answer to which system is better. Even though the Australian system may lead to more in retirement, and is better targeted to those in need, there is a lot to learn from the design of the New Zealand retirement system. The New Zealand system is a lot simpler than Australia's. Because of the way superannuation is taxed and. When it comes to coronavirus cases, deaths and tests, Australia is performing better than many other countries with comparable populations and geographies, a new COVID-19 data visualisation reveals In Australia milk is sold as a loss leader product ie sold below cost of production. And supermarkets purchase directly from farmers in several instances where as nz has co-operative structure for farmers then middleman processors - Goodman fielder for instance then the supermarket adds a profit margin on top of it

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New Zealand has less than 20 coronavirus deaths, and in the last week, single-digit newly diagnosed infections. Today, the reopening was announced by the country's symbol of success, and vigilance. It is two weeks since Jacinda Ardern closed New Zealand for non-essential business, claiming that a hard, early lockdown was the surest way to defeat the coronavirus. On Friday the countrys Chief.

Cairns is 350km from Townsville and only slightly smaller than it. Townsville is one of the very cities you included in your consideration on post #4. Cairns and Townsville are #13 and #14 in the list of highest population cities in Australia. So Cairns, not too isolated(by the real definition) relative to Perth, but yes, less people and jobs New Zealand is a pardise in good weather of course, But how often do you like walking out in gale force winds and raining for days on end . Not me. There is more opportunity in Australia Thousands more people flock to Australia from New Zealand for a better lifestyle. But saying that many people have a good lifestyle in New Zealand Key Takeaway: Australia scores better than Canada when it comes to job security. 5. Taxation in Canada & Australia. Canada. There is a higher average practical tax rate of 28% in Canada. The average take-home salary of Canadian employees is approximately $35,500 per annum. Taxes usually make a huge difference On March 31, 313 new cases were diagnosed in Australia; a week later on April 7 that was down to 119 new cases. Yesterday there were 20 fewer cases than the day before with 85 new infections

Australia and New Zealand are two popular destinations for international students. Both are English-speaking, safe and beautiful countries to live in and further your studies and careers. As most international students would like to stay to work after study we have compared both countries visa options after you finish your studies and how they. I see New Zealand is the Elephant grave yard, if you just want to exist and wait for death it is ideal. The big problem for New Zealand now, is immigration being Asian, as white Europeans don't see New Zealand as a better opportunity anymore. This will bring even more racism and in the not too distant future, most school children will be Asian

Australia travel bubble with New Zealand and Singapore: Why Singapore's a better bet Anthony Dennis For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript

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Read on to know which among the two a better country to immigrate is. New Zealand immigration: New Zealand is a clean and peaceful country. Great climate, beautiful sceneries, great economy, and lifestyle make it a wonderful place to live in. New Zealand also provides great opportunities for study, work, and business This means the average New Zealander is about seven times more well off than the average South African. Australia and Canada's populations are also not that large compared to SA's almost 58. Canada:2 Australia:1; Where is it easier to get a job?‌ Both countries have excellent job opportunities and working culture. One advantage you get with Australian PR is that you can also work in New Zealand. The pay in Australia is slightly higher than in Canada. But, when it comes to job searching, none of the country is that easy Whilst there might be a little corruption in Australia, the Government seems more transparent and more accountable. If a budget is not approved - they have to re-elect a new government. Income. Australians get paid more; the average hourly income in Australia is $17, where as in America it can be as low as $5.15 (Georgia) New Zealand on Sunday announced nine new confirmed and probable coronavirus cases, down from 18 the previous week and 89 a fortnight earlier. Some 900 patients have recovered, and more than 83,000.

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  1. New Zealand is better than Australia. The parts of Aussie where people go are simply overrun with tourists. The beaches are controlled by an SS-style force of lifeguards who scream at the bathers like they are children. Don't get me wrong, the Aussie people are gems, very outgoing and generous to a fault. But in New Zealand, there's a laid.
  2. P.64 Australia's and New Zealand's climates a very different. New Zealand's is cooler than Australia's because New Zealand is farther from the equator. All of New Zealand is no more than 80 miles from the sea. As a result of that, New Zealand has a mild climate and plenty of rain
  3. Australia's Aboriginal people lived in small hunter-gatherer groups who never developed agriculture despite 65,000 years in the country. New Zealand's Maori people arrived only 500 years before the white people, but they already had farms, lived in proto-states (chiefdoms) and built hill forts all over North Island
  4. How New Zealand does income support better than Australia By Rachel Siewert Updated September 24, 2016 — 9.47am first published September 23, 2016 — 4.48p
  5. Australia is both a continent and a country. It is located to the south of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, in the southeast part of the Indian Ocean.New Zealand lies to its east, and most of the Indian Ocean lies to its west. Antarctica can be found to Australia's south
  6. Comparing the New Zealand and Australian tax systems. Here we provide a very basic comparison between the New Zealand and the Australian tax systems in order to assist you conduct a Trans-Tasman business
  7. Iceland, New Zealand, Austria, Portugal, Denmark, and Canada make up the top five safest countries in the world. Also on the list is the Czech Republic, Singapore, Japan, and Ireland. Out of the 25 countries topping the list of the globe's safest, the majority are European nations

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Hell, even women among fellow Anglosphere countries like Australia, Canada, and the United States are consistently better looking than Kiwi girls. The website World Tinder Women even commented about how sub-par the women were in Auckland , insinuating how often they needed a left-swipe before good enough talent was found Australia's hard-line approach to deporting foreign criminals is tougher than the United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand, international law experts say New Zealand: withdrawals can be made (tax free) after age 65. 1.1.4 Decumulation options Both Australian and New Zealand superannuation withdrawals (other than KiwiSaver) can be taken in lump sum or pension form. But in Australia, unlike New Zealand, minimum annual withdrawals apply. In both countries annuitie 36. Raglan - New Zealand's famous surf beach - is way more cooler than Byron Bay. 37. There are no nuclear power stations in New Zealand. 38. New Zealand was one of the first countries to give women the right to vote. 39. There are more vending machines in Japan than there are people in New Zealand. 40 New Zealand is in the enviable position of having fewer than 20 deaths, while Australia has managed to stay under 100. With early physical distancing measures and border control, and aggressive.

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This story was originally published on the discussion forum Expatexposed. A US migrant in New Zealand tells how grinding penny pinching becomes a way of life in NZ with nothing to compensate it, rather than a short term measure to get ahead. The poster also tells of how carefully 'Brand New Zealand' is manipulated t Our honey is a lot better than theirs.'' If we combine all of the Manuka we produce in Australia and New Zealand, we still wouldn't be able to supply the world, he said To choose an overall winner, we summed each country's film and TV show counts to get the total number of titles. Japan wins, having the largest library overall at 6,032 individual titles, 32% more than New Zealand. New Zealand comes in at eighth place, just behind Australia, with 4,568 titles in total

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  1. New Zealand is better than Australia for many reasons. It's not just pavlova (they really did invent it). The skiing is better there. So are the roads. So is the adventure tourism, if jumping.
  2. In Australia, which has a population of close to 25 million compared to New Zealand's nearly 4.9 million, there have been roughly 6540 recorded cases and 67 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins.
  3. But Australia, Canada and New Zealand also appear in the top 10. New Zealand, a country recognized for managing the COVID-19 pandemic, improved particularly well compared to 2020, moving up four.
  4. Consumer Prices Including Rent in New Zealand are 6.96% lower than in Australia: Rent Prices in New Zealand are 8.18% lower than in Australia: Restaurant Prices in New Zealand are 3.90% lower than in Australia: Groceries Prices in New Zealand are 9.47% lower than in Australia: Local Purchasing Power in New Zealand is 17.17% lower than in Australia
  5. Jacinda Ardern has weighed in a Australian lamb advertisement that in the spirit of trans-Tasman rivalry suggests New Zealand is doing Australia better than Australia, but suggests Aussie lamb is.
  6. More than 500,000 New Zealand-born people choose to live in Australia among Australians. About 70,000 Australians choose to live in Enzed among Kiwis. Nuff said
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Australia and New Zealand are neighbouring countries. Both were colonised by the British, and both had a pre-existing indigenous population who suffered at the hands of the new arrivals NOTE: In Australia and New Zealand the prices tend to be similar no matter where you go, so all 6 cities below are very well bunched. Australia & New Zealand Backpacker Index for 2020 1 - Cairns, Australia (Cheapest) Cairns is most popular as the staging area for visits to the nearby Great Barrier Reef

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Canada is considered the safe haven for families, on the other end the fast and energetic lifestyle of Australia suits the individuals with high ambitions, competitive approach, and higher career goals. Geographical Aspects: As discussed above, Australia provides easy access to New Zealand as well, so it's an advantage for Immigrants. On the. The New Zealand lockdown was implemented on 26 March, at a similar time to Australia, but was much stronger (up to 96.3% on their stringency scale) compared with Australia (75.9%). In New Zealand. Although many people think that Australia and New Zealand are the same, the island nations coexist in the South Pacific as close neighbors with completely different personalities As a result Australia, with a case fatality rate of 2.9%, has conducted on average 254 tests before returning a positive result compared to Italy's 20, and its percentage of positive tests (0.4%) is more than 10 times lower (5%)

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  1. WHY HAS AUSTRALIA DONE BETTER THAN NEW ZEALAND?GOOD LUCK OR GOOD MANAGEMENT? Graeme Davis and Robert Ewing Treasury Working Paper 2005 — 01 January 2005 This paper is based on a presentation to the Productivity: Performance, Prospects and Policy workshop held in Wellington, New Zealand on 29 July 2004. Th
  2. In New Zealand, the average household net-adjusted disposable income per capita is lower than the OECD average of USD 33 604 a year. In terms of employment, 77% of people aged 15 to 64 in New Zealand have a paid job, above the OECD employment average of 68%. Some 82% of men are in paid work, compared with 72% of women
  3. The average migrant arriving since 1996 performed better than Australian-born employees, with positive spill-over effects on GDP and the living standards of all Australians. IMF estimates show that Australia's current migration program will add between 0.5-1 percentage points to annual GDP growth from 2020-2050
  4. FijiFirst General Secretary Aiyaz Sayed‑Khaiyum says if people give them another two terms they can make Fiji better than overseas countries like Australia and New Zealand
  5. February 2015 will be our first trip to Australia and New Zealand. We have never flown on either Air New Zealand or Qantas and would appreciate any advice regarding the comfort of both airlines premium economy and business class seats on their various planes, e.g. 777,747 etc., as well as your ov..
  6. New Zealanders prize modesty, and are suspicious of anyone who seems to consider themselves better than others; hence what is called Tall Poppy Syndrome: chopping down someone who thinks.

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[Sign up for the Australia Letter, a weekly dispatch from our Australia bureau chief, Damien Cave.] 'Voting in Australia is like a party' Since 1924, Australian citizens over the age of 18. It goes without saying that one who gets the access to Australia gets an access to New Zealand as well. Canada is also called as world capital when it comes to immigration with maximum attraction. Perhaps lesser known than the continents of Asia or Europe, Oceania is a continental grouping in the Asian Pacific. While Australia and New Zealand are the best-known countries in the region, Oceania is also home to thousands of islands Consumer Prices Including Rent in Canada are 6.20% lower than in New Zealand: Rent Prices in Canada are 3.01% lower than in New Zealand: Restaurant Prices in Canada are 5.41% lower than in New Zealand: Groceries Prices in Canada are 4.03% lower than in New Zealand: Local Purchasing Power in Canada is 0.96% higher than in New Zealand

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